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St Saviours Anglican Meander







B B cont L P S
Berne Mabel Lily Bradford Unknown Lee George Walter Philpott Ethel May Sullivan William Timothy
Berne Marjory Jane Bradford Unknown2 Lee Louis Daniel Proverbs George Sutton John William
Berne William   Lee Mary Ann    
Bowles Alice Mary C Lee Samuel R T
Boxall Alice Maude Chellis Ellen Amelia Lee Samuel Moore Reifer John George Taylor Evelyn
Boxall Ellen Chellis Henry Linger Elizabeth Sarah Ritter Louisa C E Taylor Harold
Boxall John Chellis Joseph Lisle Hubert Ernest Rowe Edna May  
Boxall John2 Chilcott Aubrey L   Rule Walter George W
Boxall Joseph Douglas Chilcott Minnie C M   Watson Emily May
Boxall Maud Evelyn Costello S Robert McGregor Annie S Watson Frank
Boxall William   McGregor Isabell Saunders Ellen Mary Whiteley Alfred Allan
Boxhall Charles Thomas D   Smith Arthur Whiteley Joseph
Boxhall Ellen Donohue Michael Joseph N Smith Esther Woodberry Eileen Margaret
Boxhall Jean Eleanor   Nutting D&E Smith John Woodberry William Arthur
Boxhall Sandra Jean E Nutting Emily Stagg Coral Myrene Worner Emanuel
Bradford George E Elmer Ernest Nutting Gertrude Eileen Stagg Cyril Alfred  
Bradford Henry Elmer Maud Evelyn Nutting Henric Stagg Elizabeth Biven Y
Bradford Louisa   Nutting Henry Harold Stagg Frederick Young Harriet Hazel
Bradford Samuel H Nutting Joseph Stagg Frederick George Young Harriet Jane
Broomhall Leslie Clifford Hugo Maria Nutting Lucy Caroline Stagg Hedley George Young John Charles
Burns Florence   Nutting Raymond John Stagg Henry  
Burns Harry J Nutting Tasman Charles Stagg Lillias Edna  
Burns John Johnston Henry John   Stagg Priscilla  
Burns Lydia Johnston Margaret Anne P Stagg Robert William i
Burns Perc Johnstone Lenna Ivy Pask Edmund Sullivan Malcolm Walter  
Burns Vera Mary Jordan Emily Pask Elsie Elizabeth Sullivan Michael John  
Butler Daphne Jean Jordan Joseph Payne Edith Alice Sullivan Susan R  
Buttery Daniel Grant Jordan Thomas Frederick Payne Unknown Walter Sullivan Walter James  

There are 18 unknown graves n this cemetery






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