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Cairns Bay Church of England Cemetery

The columbarium at the former St Peters Church in Geeveston has been relocated to the Cairns Bay Church of England Cemetery.

Information supplied by  Rev John McQuillan 26/08/2017 click here for list and photos



Ashlin Hedley James Leslie Dent Desmond James Grace Gladys Quinn Ella
Ashlin K N Dickson Isabel May James William Allen Quinn George
Ashlin Phyllis Dorothy Dickson James James William George  

Dickson Minna Estelle

Jarvis Avis May



Diers Arnold Edmund Jessop George Riley Anne
Bennett Albert Diers Dulcie Fisher Johnson Cyril Strahan Roberts Daphne
Bennett Edward Arthur Dillon Graham Douglas Johnson Elizabeth Roberts Eileen Carol
Bennett Elizabeth Clarice Dillon Ila Johnson Lillias Mary Roberts Sydney Albert
Bennett Frederica Wilhelmina Dillon Ila May Johnson Richard Robertson Ada Leslie
Bennett George Dunn Dillon Keith Douglas   Robertson Alma Alice
Biggins Robert J Duncuff Basil George


Robertson Clyde
Bone Bert   Killingback Frances Robertson Clyde 1
Britcliffe Eric James


Killingback Geoffrey Thomas Robertson David H
Britcliffe H E Eaves Arthur Killingback Ross John Robertson Donald

Britcliffe Lona Mavis

Eaves Dorothy Mabel Killingback William Robertson Dorothy Eleanor
Britcliffe Marie Josephine Eaves Elizabeth Kube Noeleen Jeanette Robertson Gertrude Lillian
Britcliffe Mavis Joyce

Eaves Henry

  Robertson Mary Ann
Britcliffe R J Eaves Henry (Bill)


Robertson Myrtle Barbara
Britcliffe Robert Dale Edmands Daphne Joan Lambert Joanna Robertson William
Brown Cheryl Evans Albert William Lambert Robert Henry Rowe Leah Elizabeth
Brown Elwin Llyod Evans Glen H Liberty Pearl Royce Victor
Brown Mary Evans Hannah Liberty Thomas  
Brown Ronald Evans Josephine Barry  


Burgess Alan Evans Trevor Arnold


Sainty Arthur
Burgess Alice Jane Evans Trevor Keith Martyn Grant David Sainty Elizabeth
Burgess Alice Madeline   McLaren Brian Mark Sainty Elizabeth 1
Burgess Allan John


McLaren James Alec Scott Douglas William
Burgess Charles James Fielding Agnes Maude McLeod Annie Eliabeth Scott Evelyn Elizabeth
Burgess Charlotte Fielding Richard Charles McLeod Zena Blanche Sharp Brendan William
Burgess Colin Bruce Ford Brandon James McRae Geremey William Sharp Frances
Burgess Daphne Eileen Lillian Ford Ethel W Monks Essie Leslie Sharp Peter Mervyn
Burgess Edward Athol   Monks Hilda Sharp Sophie Louise
Burgess Hazel Maria


Monks Jack Sharp William
Burgess James Edward Gardam Gerald Norman Morris Alice Small Ellen
Burgess Joseph Gardam Gregory Morris Obey Small William
Burgess Louisa Geeves Clifton Leeland Murrell Lesley Jean Smith Ken Leslie
Burgess Myra Muriel Geeves Doris Irene   Smith Kenneth Leslie
Burgess Rex William Geeves Dorothy Maud


Stenhouse Myrtle
Burgess Richard Leslie Geeves Garnet Clifton Nicholas Arthur John Stork Ranji John Benjamin
Burgess Robert Geeves Osborne Ernest Nicholas Leonard Arthur Ivan Strong Gary Graeme
Burgess Robert Harold Geeves Osborne Evans Nicholas Minnie L Strong Hazel Dawn
Burgess Sally Gillie Roland Colin Nielsen-Beck Niels Strong Leslie Lawrence
Burgess Sheila Alice Glock Alice Harriet Nielsen-Beck Mary Ann Studley Kenneth Lindsay
Burgess William Glock Edward    
Burgess William 1 Glock Edward John



Burgess William Henry Glock Ernest Oakley Janette Cheryl Thiessen Carl Gordon
Burrell Josephine Glock Gertrude Mary Oldham Hubert Henry Thiessen Edith Emma
Burrell Unknown Glock Janet Oldham Phyllis Pearl Thiessen Marion Kate
  Glock John Oman Nancy Thiessen Stephanie
C Glock Kate O'Neill Kelly Thompson Arthur Martin
Cairns Daisy Stella Glock Katherine   Thompson George William
Cairns Lionel Daniel Grainger Faye Patricia


Thompson J R
Calvert David Charles Hedley Griggs Janet Theresa Parker George Thompson Sarah
Calvert Edith Emily   Penwright Dan Thompson Sarah 1
Calvert Emily Maud


Penwright Mary M Malcolm Thorp Sydney Roland
Calvert Mary Martha Hankin Arnold Rupert Pepper Albert George Troman Max
Calvert Thomas Hankin Ivy Alice Pepper Bridget Helen Turner Ada Victoria
Calvert Walter Hankin Trissy Jean Pepper Catherine Turner Frederic William
Carpenter Lily Evelyne Hardy Graham Walter Pepper George Turner Herbert John
Carpenter William Huon Hardy William Pepper Joanna Rosary  
Clark Edward Hardy William Victor Pepper John William


Clark Ernest Harris Brian James Pepper Nellie Eileen Vincent William Carthew
Clark Florence Amy Harwood Daphne Phillips Ada Elizabeth old cross  
Clark Stella Lucy Harwood James Phillips Ada Elizabeth new Plaque


Coulson Arthur Harwood Samuel Phillips B R (Mary) Wells Moina Kathleen
Coulson Hannah Harwood Sarah Phillips Blanche Lillian Wells Sydney Herbert
Coulson Henry Harwood Sarah 1 Phillips Ernest John Henry Wilcox Annie Olive Blanche
Coulson Irene Harwood Susan Catherine Phillips Eva Ellen Wilcox William
Coulson John Hinton Annie Phillips George Dudley Bertram Wilson Clarence
Coulson Maude Hohne Elizabeth Ann Phillips J H (Jack) Wilson Mary Alice
Coulson Tasman Hohne Max Francis Phillips John Old Cross Wilson Sydney Adrian
Coulson Wayne Hollaway Maxwell Keith Phillips John New Plaque Wilson William Richard
Cowmeadow Amy Margaret Hutchison Jessie D Phillips Lynette Judy  
Cowmeadow Henry James Hyndes Francis James Pilling Sarah  
Coulson Frederick George Hyndes Gertrude Alice Pilling Thomas Henry  
  Hyndes Martha Graham Price Ernest  
  Hyndes Sarah Price Ruby  
  Hyndes Sarah Anne Purdon Colleen  
  Hyndes W    

There are 23 unknown graves in this cemetery.






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