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Avoca Roman Catholic




R Cont

Bailey Frederick William Egan Bartholomew Hawkins Ethel Rita Pillorem Margaret L Rubenach Laura
Bailey Marie Alice Ellis Athol Hawkins Hector Bernard   Rubenach Louisa
Blair Amy May Ellis Beryl Mary Hawkins Jack R Rubenach Margaret
Blair Edmund Charles Ellis Daniel Thomas Hawkins Mary Richardson Ena Rubenach Marita
Blair Frederick Arthur Ellis Darrel Stanley Hawkins Robert Banham Richardson Horace Rubenach Philip Clement
Blair George Edward Ellis David Athol Hawkins Thomas Richardson Ivan Robert Rubenach Phillip
Blair Lindsay Arthur   Heyward Walter Frederick Richardson Merle Rubenach Teresa
Bosworth Frank F Heyward Walter George Richardson Rex Rubenach Yvonne Patricia
Bosworth Hilda May Fitzallan Beatrice   Richardson Thomas Rubenack Bernard Frederick
Bosworth John W Fitzallan Thomas Henry K Rigney  
Bosworth Mary Ann Fitzallen Janice Mary King John Rigney Hannah Theresa T
  Fitzgerald Christopher   Rigney James Francis Travis Ellen
C Fitzgerald Thomas J A M Rigney Leslie James  
Clarke Cyril Walter   McCarthy Robert Rubenach Alfred W
Clarke Joan Isobel G McCarthy Robert Daniel Rubenach Allan Louis Walters H I
Clarke Kerrin Frederick Gillies Andrew McCarthy Roy Rubenach Allan Tasman Walters Harold Irvine
Clarke Nita Anne Gillies Mary M McCoy Leslie Baden Rubenach Betty Margaret Watson Marie Delemere
Connell John Gray Charlotte Ann McEwen Josephine Rubenach Carl Watson Maxwell George
  Gray Joseph Kyle   Rubenach Ernest Watson Michael James
D Gray Roy Angus N Rubenach Everline Emma White Graeme Lesley
Davies Irene Louise Green Constance Mary Nehls Gerhard Gunter Rubenach Florence White Peggie Kathleen
Davies John Murray Green Phyllis Joan Nehls Justin Rubenach Henry John  
Duncan Mervyn Green William James Nehls Kathleen Margaret Rubenach Jessie  
Duncan Molly Greig Guy Florence   Rubenach John  
Duncan Rita Guy Harold O Rubenach John 2  
Duncan Thomas Elliott   OConnor Rod Rubenach John 3  
Dwyer Nellie May   OConnor Vault Rubenach John Wilfred  





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