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Avoca St Thomas Anglican Cemetery


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Adams Foster Christopher Robert Gough Jessie Malkin Henry Ernest Saunders Elizabeth
Adams Charlotte Foster Fanny A Grey Alan Rodney Malkin W J Saunders Frederick
Adams Jane Foster Maria Grey Catherine Malkin Walter Selby Isabelle Ellen
  Foster Mary Ann Grey Humphrey McGee Elsie Lavinia Shelton Charles William
B Foster Nancy Grey Unknown McGee Keith Gordon Shelton Frederick Charles
Badkin Charlotte Alice Foster Robert Christopher   McGrath Walter Henry Charles Shelton Lucy Ann
Badkin Daisy Foster W H McKane Martha V Shelton Minnie
Badkin Edna Freeman Hampton Geoffrey Samuel Mcshane June Ellen Shephard Elsie May
Badkin Emma Jessie Freeman Alfred Hampton Jack Miller Laura Matilda Shephard James Robert
Badkin Harold George Freeman Amy Harriett Hampton Jack 2 Murray Hazel Cree Shepherd Hubert M
Badkin S Freeman Arthur Hampton John Anthony   Shepherd Roderick Gordon
Badkin Thomas Freeman Arthur William Hampton Philip Gary N Smith Emily Mary
Badkin Thomas (2) Freeman Aubrey Allan Hampton Winifred Alice

Nisbitt Isabella

Smith Florence Isabell
Bean Unknown Harold Freeman Baden Henderson James   Smith John
Bennell Henry J F Freeman Burncie Joan Heyward Dorothy O Smith Rose Louisa
Bester Colin Myles Freeman David George Heyward Elvie Ellen O'Brien Jane Maria Stanley Ada Jane
Bosworth Josiah Freeman Dinah Heyward Hilda May O'Brien John Stanley Amy Pricilla
Brown Freeman Donald Heyward Jack George   Stanley Fanny
Brown George Albert Freeman Ellen Jane Heyward James H D P Stanley Felix
Brown Raymond Arthur Freeman Francis Leon Granville Heyward Leonard Arthur Paice Maria Jane Stanley Jacob William
Brown William John Freeman George Arthur Heyward Rose Pennington Harry Stanley Olive Mabel
Burrows Isabella Freeman George Marsh Heyward Rupert Charles Pitchford Basil Edwin Stanley Unknown
  Freeman Henry Frank Heyward William Alfred Pitchford Thelma Mercy Stingle Mervyn Keith
C Freeman Ivy Maude Hollis Joseph William Pyke H J Stingle Patricia Dawn
Cameron Robert Geoffrey Freeman Jannita Anne   Pyke Nellie Story Ann
Cowie Julia Freeman Lionel W I   Story John
  Freeman Louisa Inderson George William R Story John M
D Freeman Margaret Amy Inderson William Phillip Raake Edith Story Margaret M
Davey Edward Gordon Freeman Mary   Raake Francis Gotthard Story Mary Anne
Davey Gavin Shane Freeman Minnie K Raake Maria Story Sarah
Davey Shirley Irene Freeman Will Kerr Allan John Rasmussen Bo Story Thomas
Davis Tos W T Freeman William Kerr Joy Leslie Reeves Hannah  
Demmocks Elizabeth Furley Edward Kerr Peter Allan Reynolds Florence T
Demmocks John Furley Elsie Emma Kitchin Jeffrey George Reynolds Gladys Targett Albert Charles
Demmocks William Thomas Furley Eric Rederick Kitchin Miriam Elizabeth Reynolds Thomas William Gordon Targett Frances Charlotte
Dolbey Furley Eugenia Kitchin Shane Ashton Reynolds William Gordon Triffitt Corrie Ann
Dolbey Esther Amelia Furley Frederick Eugene Kitchin Vere Herbert Rice Louis Triffitt H J
Duncan Thomas Furley Lewis   Richardson Triffitt Wesley Allan
  Furley Lola Doreen L Richardson Ellen  
F Furley Mervyn Frederick Lamberd Elizabeth Richardson Henry Albert V
Fahey Arthur John Furley Susan Lamberd James Richardson Kenneth Viney Cecily Millicent
Fahey Cyril R J   Lindsay Alexander Richardson Kristy Lee Viney L Gordon
Fahey Glenn Peter G Lodge Merinda Muriel Richardson Marion  
Fahey Louisa Gamble Charles George Lodge Sydney V J Robertson Dorothy Rose W
Fahey Roy Gamble Charles Henry   Robinson Robert Walters George Herbert
Falkiner Daniel R Gamble May Vera M Robinson Samuel Walters Isabel Pearl
Falkiner Margaret Gill Minnie Hilda Madden Daniel Thomas Robinson Susana Watson Trevor Theodore
Field Alfred G Gill Vivian Herbert Cyril Madden Edna May Rubenach Annie L White Charles
Fitz Gerald Henry Gillard Merton Lewis Madden Vida Ann Rubenach Elliott Maurice White Presilla
Fitzallen Claude Gillard Pearl May Malkin Ann Rubenach Sarah Blanche Williams Dulcie Emily
Fitzallen Maggie Gleadow Charlie Malkin Annie   Williams Eric
Fitzallen Thomas Glover Dorothy Rose Malkin Eliza   Williams Ivan Alfred
Fitzgerald Rose Glover Hector Gordon Malkin Frances Ann   Williams Joyce
Fletcher Hamlet Goss Danny Walter Malkin George W   Williams Robert Douglas
Foster Caroline Gough George Frederick Malkin Henry E    





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