Gravesites Of Tasmania

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Cullenswood Anglican Cemetery






Abrahams Albert Gough Elizabeth Lacey Charles Napier Frederick Scales Jane
  Graves Elizabeth Lacey Elsie Muriel Napier George Robert Singline Elsie
B Groom Charles Doyley Lade Susanna Rose Napier Henrietta Elizabeth Singline Robert
Badbury Dellanndra Narelle Lynette Groom Charles Doyley 2 Legge Arthur William Napier Marion Inglesant Slatter Annie Harriet
Becker George Groom Francis Legge Elizabeth Frances Eleanor Neil John Slatter Charles
Becker George 2 Groom Francis (2) Legge Robert Vincent Neil Mary Speers Catherine
Becker Joseph Henry Groom Helen Edith Legge Robert Vincent (2) Newman John Couzens Speers Catherine Lucinda
Becker Mary E Groom Matilda Emma Legge Robert William Nicoli Catherine Speers John
Becker Philip   Legge Robert William (2) Nicoli Philip Speers William
Becker Unknown H Legge W V   Stieglitz Christina
Becker Unknown 2 Haas Anne Legge W V L P Stingle Henry
Berry Eric Leolin Haas James Lewis William Parry David Stingle Margaret
Berry Winnie Hall Emily Jane Lohrey Albert Parsons Edith Styles Richard
Birrell Alice Hall Lilian Maud Lohrey Dora Phillips Arthur Unknown  
Birrell Henry Hall Thomas Lohrey Elizabeth   T
Birrell Samuel Hall Thomas James Lohrey Henry


Talbot Frances Anne
Bolton John Thomas Hammond Lillian Lohrey John Railton James Talbot Frances Anne (2)
Britton William Handley James Lohrey John (2) Ransom Ada Rose Targett George
  Handley Unknown Lohrey Julius Augustus Ransom Arthur Targett John
C Hardy Caleb Samuel Lohrey Phillipina Ransom Bertram Targett Lydia
Campbell Infant Hardy Robert Thomas Lohrey Phylis Ransom Charles Eric Targett Margaret
Cook Charles Henry Hardy William Floyd Lohrey Unknown Ransom Edith Thomas William
Cordell Robert James Heaps George H Lohrey William Ransom Edith Mary Jessie  
  Heaps Michael   Ransom F T V
D Hineham John M Ransom Marie Jessie von Stieglitz Casper H
Dennis Janet Hineham Mary Ann McDonald Duncan Ransom Mary Jane  
Dennis Thomas Huett Minnie McDonald James Ransom Mary Janet W
Dore John F   McDonald James Grant Ransom Sarah Warner John
  K McDonald Jane Ransom Vernon Warren Hubert Ernest De Mey
E Keating Julia Mitchell Ann Rilat Mary T White John James
Ellis Elizabeth   Mitchell George Rowe Frances Mary Williams Cordelia Annie
    Mitchell George H Rowe Henry Williams George
      Royle John Wood Unknown
      Royle Mary Jane Woodberry Henry
        Woodberry Henry W
        Woodberry Sarah
        Woodberry Unknown
        Woods Thomas




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