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Fingal General Cemetery



Adams Adams Mary E Davenport Stephen Gregory Jackson Margaret Parker Allan Anthony Walker Geoffrey William
Adams Harriet Davenport William Roy Johns Cecil Leslie Herbert Parker Cherryl Anne Walker Robert
Adams Louisa Davis Phillip Johns Ethel May Parker D J Walker William Henry
Adams Margaret   Johns Fanny Rosina Parker Jack Walters Allan Geoffrey
  E Johns Kenneth Lionel Parker John Thomas Walters Allan John
B Eberhardt Charles Henry Johns Murray Leslie Parker John Thomas 2 Walters Ernest Albert
Bailey D Eberhardt Elizabeth Johns Olive May Parker Marlene Elizabeth Walters Ernest Leslie
Bailey Donald Charles Eberhardt Eric Johnson Isla Marion Parker Violet Ethel Walters Sarah Ann
Baldwin Henry James Eberhardt Faith Johnson K A Parsons Colleen Ward Alexander
Baldwin Mary Mabel Ecan Joseph Francis Johnson Kenneth Albert Parsons David William Ward John J
Baldwin William Henry Ecan Mary Ellen Johnstone William Parsons Donald Ward Kevin C
Barber Bertie James   Jones Ada V Parsons Ernest William Ward Marlene Ivy
Barnes Dallas Henry F Jones Rev D Parsons Isabella Jane Ward Nellie
Barnes Ernest James Francis Ada   Perkins Richard Rundle Webb Beryl Maisie
Barnes George Francis Andrew Morton K Platt Cyril Richard Webb Thomas Edward
Barnes Mabel Elizabeth Francis George Morton Kirby Katherine Louisa Platt Emily Helen Westbrook Mary Grace
Barnes Noleen Dawn Francis Maxene Dale Kirby Thomas James Allan   Whelan Algie Dennis
Barnes Sandra Ann Francis Raymond Sebastian   R Whelan Doris Eileen
Bean Arnold Keith Freeman Elizabeth L Reynolds Amy B D Williams Alwin Arthur
Bean Charles Freeman Elsie Millicent Larthorn Lorrelli Davis Rigby Lucas Max Williams Freddie
Bean Children of James and Valerie Freeman John Douglas Leedham Lorna May Rodman Harold Wise Ethel May
Bean Colin Freeman John Edward Leedham Stanley Joseph Rowlings Percival Reginald Wise Robert Lindsay
Bean David Freeman Maurice John Legro Allan Roy   Woods Athol Clyde
Bean Eileen May French Agnes Mary Legro Ida M S Woods Bert
Bean Elizabeth May French Brian William Lohrey William Arthur Saunders Colin Hayward Woods Elizabeth Mary
Bean Ernest French Emily Jane Lowe Everline Mary Margaret Saunders David Bruce Woods Ernest Alfred
Bean Frederick Vincent French Gordon George Lowe Gordon Sutton Saunders Douglas Woods Eva May
Bean George French Joseph Lowe Laurence John Saunders Montague Charles Woods Flora Elizabeth
Bean Grace   Lowe Ronald Douglas Saunders Olive Blanch Woods George Grant
Bean Leonard G Lunson Jean Mary Saunders Oscar George Woods Ida Winifred
Bean Louis Leslie Gillies Peter Lynch Leon Raymond Saunders Phyllis Aileen Woods John Grant
Bean Lucy Isobell Godfrey George   Saunders Ruth Joan Woods Leslie
Bean Mary Graham Charles H M Saunders William Frederick Woods Mary Agnes
Bean Mervyn James Graham Ethel May Mason Allan Milton Saunders William Percy Wrankmore Ada
Bean Olive Catherine Greaves Ernest George McBride Anna Semmens Rosemary Heather Wrankmore Leitha John
Bean Robert Henry   McGowan Peter Douglas Shephard Percival Henry Wrankmore Marjory Joyce
Bean Sylvia Norma H Mcleod Anne Shepherd Eileen Wrankmore Oscar James
Bean Valerie Hall Barry McLeod Donald Shepherd George Wrankmore Unknown
Beck William Jacob Hall Charles Richard McLeod Unknown Shepherd Unknown  
Bird Mary Lucy Hall Gerry McLeod Vera Barbara Smith Claude Harold Y
Bishop Baden Bruce Hall Hazel Annie Midson Thomas Smith Edith Amy Yates John William
Bishop Bert Hall James Jeremiah Millar Mary Aleya Madeline Smith Eric Arthur Yates Michael Tasman
Bishop Ethel Mary Hall Kenneth Charles Millar Rex Smith Evelyn Daisy Yates Robert Henry
Bishop Rex Hall Kim James Miller Niree Hilda Smith John Francis Yates Thelma Jean
Blisst Anthony Hans Hall Leon Jeffrey Mills Alfred Smith Margaret  
Boultbee Jane Hall Ruby Estelle Mills Heather Dawn Smith May  
Burbury Lewis Arthur Holder Ada Mercy Mills Rosaline Myrtle Smith Mildred Florence  
Burt Margaret Ann Holder Grace   Smith Nancy Eileen  
Burt Patrick Holder Henry N Smith Stanly Gordon  
Button Barbara Holder Owen Norcott John Speers Victor Roy  
Button Joseph Holder Thomas Norcott Lucy Street Alice Maria Jane  
  Hughes Bernarnard Eric   Street Elsie May  
C Hughes Robert Bernard O Street Henry Michael  
Cabalzer Christopher   O'Toole Arthur William Street Leslie Joseph  
Cooper Harold Lindsay I   Street Michael Ambrose  
Cooper Lindsay Claude Irvine Lily Ann   Sulzberger Debbie Maree  
Cooper Thelma Beverleen Irvine Mary   Sulzberger Frances Peace  
Cowie Kevin John Irvine Peter   Sulzberger Jack Ralph  
Cowie Lena Mary     Sutton N E  
Cowie Patrick Joseph        
Cox Patricia Dawn        





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