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Fingal New Anglican


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Abel Susannah Clark Thomas W G B Haas William Frederick Maney Charles Lawrence Smith Emily Caroline
Abel Unknown Freeman Clark William H B Hall Catherine Maney Lexie Sylvia Smith John T
  Clayton Henry Hall James Mann Alfred John Smith Julian


Clayton Samuel Hall James 2 Mann Bridget Smith Louie
Baker Arthur Clayton Sarah Hall John Mawby Christopher W Smith Percival John
Baker Arthur J Clayton William Hall Robert McKercher Amy Dora Smith Peter Byron
Baker Grace A Clerk Dorothy Isla Hepford Annie McKercher William Smith William J
Baker Laura Florence Clerk Dorothy Isla Harbroe Hepford John Mills Elizabeth Stevens Eliza
Baker Raymond Clerk Frederick Malcolm Hill Charles Mills George Stingle Nellie
Baldwin Ian Clerk Vivienne Pauline Hill Edna Eileen Mills William  
Baldwin John Thomas Cocks Laurence Victor Hill Louisa Moore Gilbert Everard T
Baldwin Mary Beatrice Cocks Thelma Rose Hill Maggie Mary Moore Jane Agnes Targett Mary
Balmforth Alfred James Cotton Fanny M Hill Mansell Clyde Moore Jean Wallace Targett Stephen
Balmforth Evelyn May Curtis Alice Homan Jane Ellen Moore Nigel Thorne Hannah
Balmforth James John Curtis Arnold Homan Leslie George Moore Reginald Harold Tolhurst Margaret Virginia
Balmforth Zillah A A Curtis Florence Homan William C Morris Montagu George  
Barber Albert R   Howe Ellen Mullins Alma Jean U
Barber Catherine D Hughes Nancy Miriam Murray Lavinia Emma Unknown Annie
Barber Edward Davis Margaret Hume Elizabeth Murrell Charles Unknown Eliza
Barber Hannah Dodge Eda     Unknown Thomas
Barber James Dodge Ellen J O  
Barber Vincent B Dodge Ellen Bridget Jay Albert George Oliver Eliza V
Barber William Dodge Emy Jay Fanny Oliver George Vincent Desmond Darrel
Barnes Barbara Jane Dodge James W Jay Herbert O'Toole Lerlene Anne Vincent Garry Michael
Barnes Daphne Alice Dodge Rosina Johns Alan   Viney Annie
Barnes Frederick Edward   Johns Claude P Von Stieglitz Charles Frederick Lyne
Barnes Hector Neil F Johns Francis Parker Allan Von Stieglitz Henry Gordon
Barnes I Freeman Mona June Johns Herbert Parker Doris Bessie Von Stieglitz Unknown Matilda
Barnes Ida Grace Freeman Stephen Michael Johns Lola Parker Douglas James Von Stieglitz Gordon Lewis Lyne
Barnes J A French Joseph Johns Ruby May Parker George William  
Barnes Linda Jane French Mary Johns William Parson Thomas W
Barnes Oswald Dennis     Peck Sophia Ware Rose
Barnes Robert G K Perkins-Curtis Zillah May Williams Anna
Barnes Ruby Eva Goff Eliza Kaye John Poynton Ann Williams Arthur Thomas
Barnes Sarah Goff Reginald John Kaye John (2) Poynton Samuel Williams Charles
Barnes Walter Goff William Kaye Rose Ann Purdy Alfred Robert Williams Clara May
Bean Elizabeth Emily Gough William John Kercher Sarah   Williams Frederick
Bean Leonard Grant Esther Kirkwood Helena


Williams Jane Ellen
Bean Mercy Grant G H L Kuschkow Victor Rapp Bertha J Williams Jessie
Bean Robert Greaves George   Rowlings A H Williams Robert
Bellinger Ethel Greaves Sophy L Rowlings Grace Maud Woods Daniel
Bellinger William Grueber Caroline Isabella Legro Arthur Rowlings Henry Woods Eliza
Bosworth C W H Grueber Elizabeth Legro Harry Rowlings Jessie Dora Woods George
Bosworth Gwendoline Pearl Grueber Stephen Henry Legro Harry (2) Rowlings Leslie Joseph Woods Henry George
Bosworth Margaret J Grueber Stephen Henry 2 Legro Isabell Rowlings Mary Woods Laurence
Bosworth William J Guthrie Sylvia Maud Legro Leslie    
Brodribb Felicity Mary Guy Annie Legro Muriel Francis S Y
Brodribb James Alfred Guy Emma Louisa Legro Thomas Saunders Mary Ann Yates Allan William
Brodribb John Keith Macleod (2)   Legro Vida Adeline Saunders Samuel Yates Arthur
Brodribb Keith Alfred


Lutwyche Lurine Smart Beulah May Yates Irene Maud
Brodribb Laura Bright Haas Donald Maurice Lutwyche Sylvia Naomi Smart Geoffrey Frederick Lewis Yates Louisa
  Haas Florence Adelaide Lyne Henry Smart Geoffrey William Charles  


Haas Francis Charles Lyne Martha Smith Alfred Henry  
Campbell Hilda Haas Frederica   Smith Caroline E  
Childs Richard George Haas Gilbert Charles   Smith Charles Robert Ward  
Clark Ada Jane Haas Lila Jean   Smith Elizabeth  
Clark Eliza A Haas Mona      
Clark Thomas H Haas Stella Elizabeth      

Thank you to  John Cannon for supplying an updated version of George and Eliza Olivers grave.


There are 29 Unknown headstones





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