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Fingal Roman Catholic Cemetery










Abel Catherine Chesshire Harriet Sarah Egan Marion Cecelia Lattin Mary Frances Parker Alice Elizabeth
  Chesshire John Egan Patricia Mary Lattin Michael Parker Thomas John
B Chesshire William Egan Wilfred George Lattin Teresa Anne Purdy Charles William
Baldwin Arthur James Clancy Edward Egan Wilfred John Lowe Mark Raymond Purdy Dorothy Ellen
Baldwin Elvie Clancy James   Lynch Mary Ellen Purdy Isabell
Baldwin J W Clancy Mary F    
Baldwin Mary Clancy Patrick Freeman George M S
Baldwin Mary Mabel Clancy William Freeman Helen Meehan Alexander James Sales Edward Basil
Barnes Maxwell George Collins Agnes Emily Freeman James Meehan Jeremiah Smith Cyril L
Blair David Sebastion Collins Catherine Freeman Margaret Emily Meehan Mary Jane Smith Eliza Mary
Blair David W Collins Mary Jane Freeman Mary Morrison Henry Smith Francis
Blair Susan Elizabeth Collins Michael   Morrison Mary Smith Henrietta
Blair William Croft Isabel G  

Stanfield John

Bosworth Essie May Croft James Walter Green William A O Street Arthur Laurence
Bosworth Helen Mary Croft William   Odea Louisa Street Eliza Mary
Bosworth Henry George   H Oliver Aub David Street Reginald Arthur
Bosworth Henry John D Hall James Oliver George Wilfred  
Bosworth Ivy Isabel Dineen Bridget Hall Mary Elizabeth Oliver Kenneth Ronald T
Bosworth Leslie Dineen John Hall Mary Mollie Oliver Mary Jean Tatlow Margaret

Brady Alice

Dineen John (2) Hall Robert Oliver May Laing Tatlow Raymond William
Brady Mary Catherine Dineen William Hefford Elsie Elvie Oliver Roma Gertrude  
Burt Alice Dore Walter Herbert   O'Loughlin Anne W
Burt Harriet   L O'Loughlin Bernard Gerald

Ward Alexander Tasman

Burt Honorah E Lattin Emma O'Loughlin John Daniel Ward George Henry
Burt Lawrence James Egan Betty Mary Lattin Francis Michael O'Neill John Joseph Ward Hazel
Burt Unknown Christina Egan Cyril Clement Lattin Joseph C   Ward James William
Burt William Egan Dora Cecilia Lattin Joseph Michael   Ward Joseph Campbell
  Egan Eric John Lattin Mary   Ward Joseph Francis
  Egan Greta Anne     Ward Mary
        Ward Nonarh Marion
        Ward Thomas
        Wells Mary
        Willey John Thomas
Unknown1 Unknown6 Unknown11 Unknown Dineen  
Unknown2 Unknown7 Unknown12 Unknown Robert Clement  
Unknown3 Unknown8 Unknown13 Unknown Robert Clement2  
Unknown4 Unknown9      
Unknown5 Unknown10      





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