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St Mary's General Cemetery

A E M S Cont W
Adams Alexander Robert Eager Kathleen Madden Daisy Semmens Charles William Wagner Caroline
Alexander Jack   Madden Edward Semmens Henry Walker Daisy Elizabeth
Ambrus Emmerick Luawig F Madden Eunice Semmens Jack Walker George Ernest
Aulich Agalia Rubina Faulkner Alfred Douglas Madden Frances Semmens Kathleen May Walters Arthur John
Aulich Baby Faulkner Baby Madden Jane Semmens Mary Ann Wardlaw Beryl Elizabeth
Aulich Bessie Faulkner Bessie Madden John Leonard Semmens Matilda Wardlaw Catherine Marian (2)
Aulich Charles James Faulkner Cynthia Madden Mary Ellen Semmens Maxwell Kingsley Wardlaw Dora Dove
Aulich Charles William Faulkner Grace Elizabeth Maney Agnes Veronica Semmens William Henry Wardlaw Elizabeth
Aulich Charles Faulkner Lillian Winifred Maney Alfred Joseph Semmens William John Wardlaw Emma
Aulich Charlotte Faulkner Lydia Mary Maney Arthur Ernest Sheean Isabel Mary Wardlaw Florence Louise
Aulich Emily Josephine Faulkner Nancy Maney Charles Lawrence Shepherd Gwendoline Ivy Wardlaw James 2
Aulich Ernest William Faulkner Phyllis Ena Maney Edwin Leonard Shepherd James Henry Wardlaw James B
Aulich Geoffrey Edward Faulkner Ronald Rupert Maney Elizabeth Singleton Leeanne Wardlaw James
Aulich Henry John Faulkner Rupert Maney Emily Louisa Singline Blastus Wardlaw Malcolm
Aulich Henry Faulrner Grace Eliabeth Maney Ervan Joseph Singline Catherine Clara Wardlaw Robert 2
Aulich Isabella May Fenton Emmeline Maney Jane Lydia Singline Clarice Wardlaw Robert
Aulich L May Fenton Robert Charles Maney John Adrian Singline Doris M Wardlaw Unknown
Aulich Leslie Fenton-Smith Rosaleen Adelaide Maney Joseph Singline Elizabeth Mary White Colin Douglas
Aulich Louisa 2 Ford Arthur Edward Maney Lawrence Joseph Singline Frank 2 White Dorothy May
Aulich Louisa M Ford Daphne Eliza Beatrice Maney Leona Ailsa Singline Frank White Douglas Colin
Aulich Louisa Ford Daphne Maney Lewis Alfred Singline Gavin Bernard White Ella May
Aulich Mary 2 Ford David D13 Maney Lillian Jean Singline Grace White Ernest Gordon
Aulich Mary Veronica Ford Ellen Julia Maney Linley Claudia Singline Hannah Theresa 2 White Phyllis Edna
Aulich Mary Ford Florence Rachel Maney Mary Ann Singline Herbert 2 White Raymond Franklin
Aulich Olga Jean Ford Florence Maney May Frances Singline Herbert White Sylvia Ella May
Aulich Oscar Ford Henry Maney R P Singline John White Theresa Mary
Aulich William A Ford Min Maney Rhoda Singline Lucy Wikowski Wladyslaw
Aulich William Oscar Ford Percival Henry Maney Rose Leech Singline Marjorie Joyce Wilkins Anna Maria (2)
Aulich Franklin Donald Edward Maney Sydney Singline Mary Wilkins Bertha Louisa
  Franklin Ivy Maney Terence Michael Singline Ronald Wilkins Clarence Joseph
B Franklin Judith Elaine Maney Vernon Arthur Singline Roy E Wilkins Gerald Maxwell
Bantick Harriett Franklin Madge M Manley Lillian Jean Singline Walter Issac Wilkins John Maxwell (2)
Bantick Linda Franklin Phillip Manley Vernon Arthur Singline Walter Leslie Wilkins John Maxwell
Bantick Pearson Freeman Fay Olive Maon William Archibald Skeggs Robert Arthur Wilkins William
Barnes Alice Edith May Freeman Glady Irene Margison Arthur John Slatter Daisy May Williams A
Barnes Baby Freeman Gordon William Margison James Thomas Slatter Leslie John Williams Alice
Barnes Ella May Freeman Minnie May Margison Martha Smith Allan Williams Fay Aileen
Barnes George Freeman Neil Thomas Margison Phyllis Joan Smith Annie Ina Williams Florence Irene
Barnes Stanley Ralph Freeman Ricky Margison Ruby Smith Annie Louisa Williams Gladstone Frederick
Barnes William Freeman Rosalind Judith Marshall Alfred William Smith Annie Williams Gregory Harold
Barr Irwin Louis Freeman Wayne Marshall Catherine Margaret Smith Daisy Williams Harold Henry
Barr Jessie May   Marshall Eldred William Smith Elizabeth Williams Janice Lilian
Barr Kevin James G Mason Ada Mary Lillian Smith Florence Williams Roy
Barr Louis James Gamble Dylan John Mason Beryl Mary Smith Frederick William Williams Troy Adam
Barr Patience Gardiner Mary Elizabeth Mason Claude Smith Henry Otto Williams Vera May Faith
Bean Holly Phillis Gatty Laurence Francis Mason Gertrude Smith James Gilbert Williams Walter Edward
Bean Terry Ivan Gatty Lucy Mason John Charles Smith James Otto Williams William H
Bean Thomas Ivan Gatty Rona Mason Lawrence Smith James Wilson Clement Samuel
Beddy Robert Gatty Roy Mason Margaret Smith Jean Dulcie nee Margison Wilson Sheila Claire
Benneworth Elizabeth Gavaghan Olga Mason Peter Smith John Wilson Sheila
Berwick Arthur James Gavaghan Peter R Mason Rachel Edith Smith Linda Mary Withington Maxwell W
Berwick Catherine Gill Geoffrey Alva Mason William Archibald Smith Rachael Wright Alice Blanche
Berwick Clive Arthur Gillies Andrew Mason William John Smith William Henry Wright Annie M
Berwick Dorothea Gillies Anne Louisa Mawdsley Geoffrey William Smith William Wright Bessie
Berwick James Gillies Baby McCarty Brian Edward Speers A Ernest Wright D
Birckett Mary Frances Gillies Bruce McDonald Lesa Jane Speers Andrew Wright Emma
Birckett Mildred Lucy Gillies Christella McGee Gwendoline Barbara Speers Elizabeth 2 Wright Ethel Ellen
Birrell Alice Vera Gillies Denis Athol McGee J F Speers Elizabeth Wright Frank H
Birrell Catherine Gillies Eileen Mary McGee John Frederick Speers Elsie Linda Wright Goldie
Birrell Doris Daphne Gillies Ethel Florence McGiveron Charles Leslie Speers Fannie Wright James Edward
Birrell H S Kelly Gillies Gilbert Gordon John McGiveron Elsie May Speers Frederick Wright James Michael
Birrell Jacob Gillies Gilbert Gordon McGiveron Ernest Alfred Speers John Wright Kenneth Vernon
Birrell Stanley Gordon Gillies Gladys McGiveron Harold Speers Lila M Wright L
Blair Graeme Leslie Gillies John McGiveron Joan Catherine Speers Margaret Isabella Wright Mary Ellen
Board Dallas John Gillies Mark Rhuben McGiveron Lillian Grace Speers Mary Wright Muriel Edith
Board Donald Aubrey Gillies Ronald Henry McGregor Andrew Wayne Speers Robert 2 Wright Percy William
Board Stephen Aubrey Gleeson Laura McKenzie-McHarg James A Speers Robert Wright Sydney John 2
Bolton Cordelia Gordon Jean McKenzie-McHarg Wilhelmine Spilsbury Baby Wright Sydney John
Bolton G T Gower Bridget McLean Baby Spilsbury John Wright
Bolton George Gower Charles McNeil Dorothy Emily Spilsbury Linda Harriett  
Bolton Joyce Veronica Gower Reginald McNeil Elizabeth Spilsbury Tony Y
Bolton Viva May Gower Reginald Henry McNeil William Donald Spratt Ella D Young Edward
Bomford May Graham Agnes C Meinas Friedereke Spratt Harold Young Emma
Bomford Richard Claude Graham Amy Menear Thomas Spratt John William  
Bosworth Jean Gwendoline Graham Helen Menear William John Spratt Louisa  
Bosworth John Joseph Graham William T Midon Edward John Spratt Margaret  
Bradbury Hilda Graham William Midson Charles Arthur Squires Dawn Elizabeth


Bradbury James George Grant Horace Clifton Midson Edward John Squires Dwayne Berwick Clive Arthur
Bradbury Rosie May Grant Joyce Valeria Midson Merle Nancy Squires Lexie Lydia Bolton Joyce Veronica
Bradbury Stewart James Grant Joyce Miller Leonie Dudley Squires Thomas William Burkett Stanley George
Bradbury Stewart Gratzer Johann Mitchell Barbara Ann Steel Dudley Chartrain Bernard A M
Bradbury Valerie Leita Gray Alma Beatrice Mitchell Charles James Steel John Chartrain Denise M A
Breadmore Samuel R Gray Win Mitchell Craig Sydney John Steel Leslie John Gill Geoffrey Alva
Britton Adrian John Greaves Alice Evelyn May Mitchell Elizabeth Steel Mary Adelaide Gillies Ronald Henry
Britton Henry Greaves Douglas Mitchell Linda Mary Steel Olive Frances Gordon Jean
Britton Ida Hannah Greaves Walter Mitchell Sydney Albert Steel Phyllis Madeline Hayes Gladstone Charlie
Britton James Arthur Greenwood Peter Beresford Mitchell Trevor Raymond Steel Selina Isobel Hayes Madge Emma
Britton Mary Ann Gregson Harold Mitchell Wilfred Sydney Steggall Nell Lutwyche Margaret A
Britton Maxwell John Gregson May Mitchell William George Steggall Percey Ralph Maney Terence Michael
Britton Rex Griffiths Phyllis Isabel Monkhouse Frederick Stewart David Sneddon Newman Thomas William
Brouch Daniel Griffiths Ronald William Morris Claurine Beatrice Stewart Elizabeth Singline Gavin Bernard
Brouch Ivy Irene Grose James Ronald Morris Cliften Stone Alice Singline Marjorie Joyce
Brouch Robert Henry Grubb Rima Winifred Morris Dallas Bryant Stone Daphne Ellen Stone Sydney
Brouch Ruby Winifred   Morris Francis George Stone Daphne Stuart Richard
Brouch Thomas William H Morris Merven Stone Dorothy Emma Wright Bessie
Brown Cedric Arthur Haas Albert F Mott Agnes Stone Emily Wright James Michael
Brown D V Haas Annie Louisa Mott John Stone George Offord  
Brown Horace Keith Haas Bessie Munley A M Amy Stone Lyell V  
Brown Iris Fay Haas Cavell Munley CDJ Stone Nancy Emily  
Brown Jabez Haas Doris Munley Jane Stone R L  
Brown Milton Noel Haas Dulcie Munley John Stone Stella Mary  
Brown Neita Mary Haas Emily Charlotte Murray Joseph William Stone Sydney  
Brown Susan Haas Ernest Arthur Murray Lillian May Stone William George 2  
Bryant Frank Haas Ernest Frederick   Stone William George  
Bryant Nellie Haas George Edward N Strochnetter Broham Charles  
Bullock Alfred Haas Gertrude Nailer Albert John Strochnetter Dudley Vernon  
Bullock Clive Anthony Haas Kenneth Nailer Babies Strochnetter Eliza  
Bullock Doris May Haas Lindsay Herbert Nailer Ethel Alfreda Strochnetter Hazel Olive May  
Bullock Elizabeth Louise Haas Pearl Irene Nailer Marion Sheila Strochnetter Joan  
Bullock Elsie Irene Elizabeth Haas Robert Vincent Nailer May Strochnetter Leah Estelle  
Bullock Elsie Haas Sarah Ann Nailer Percy Strochnetter Ralph Arthur  
Bullock Frank Haas Valerie Susan Hannah Nailer Richard Strochnetter William  
Bullock Keith Leslie George Haas Walter Herbert Nailer William Charles Stroghnetter William  
Bullock Margaret Haas Walter Newman Edward Cornelius Stuart Richard  
Bullock Raphael George Linton Haas William Alfred Newman Frank Sumner Ray Ann  
Bullock Una Pearl Halmkin Chloe Newman Harold Edward Sumner William  
Burkett Stanley George Hamilton Eileen Newman John Suter  
Bushing Harold Basil Harris Evelyn Nancy Newman Mary Grace (2)    
Bushing Hilton S Harris James Newman Mary T  
Bushing Jade Bradley Harvey Baby Newman Thomas Leslie Tapp Alice Mary  
Bushing Jessie Veronica Harvey Charles H Newman Thomas William Tapp Basil Edgar  
Bushing Louis Henry Harvey George William Nichols Charlotte Lillian Tapp Doreen May  
Bushing Louis John Harvey Gladstone Nichols William George Tapp Edgar Frederick  
Bushing Olive Isabel Harvey John Nicholson Allen Targett Alfred William  
Bushing Winnifred E Harvey Lucy Irene Nicholson Annie Targett Annie  
Butt Ernest Harvey Rosetta Amelia Nicholson Edwin George Targett C F  
Byatt Florence Louise Harvey Sydney Nicholson Lucy Matilda Targett Clara Isabella  
Byatt Helen Joyce Harvey Ivy Lillian Nicholson Phillip Henry Targett Edith Barbara  
Byatt Robert Hayes Adrian Brian Nicholson Roxie Targett Eth A  
  Hayes Amy Eliza Niel Martha Fanny Targett George  
C Hayes Donald Arthur Niel Martha Lavinia Targett Ida Beatrice  
Calof Joseph Hayes Gladstone Charlie Niel Mary E Targett John Thomas  
Calof Josephine Hayes Guy Douglas Niel William J Targett Joseph  
Calvert Ivan Tasman Hayes Gwen Niel William Targett Leonard Robert  
Campbell-Mackay Iain James Hayes James Edward Nillson Tasman George Targett Louis Gordon  
Camplin Ronald Hayes Madge Emma Nolan Annie Targett Maxwell Francis  
Camplin Una Amy Hayes Robert (2) Nolan Arthur Targett Pauline Elfreda  
Carroll Myrna June Hayes Robert Nolan Douglas Targett Richard  
Carroll Myrna June Haywood A R Nolan Frederick Targett Ruth Elsie  
Causby Gwendoline Daphne Haywood Alice Mary Nolan Thomas Claude Targett Selby  
Causby S G Heise Ottilio   Targett Sidney  
Cavaghan Daphne Gwendoline Heise Unknown O Targett Stephen Hector  
Cavaghan George Hinds Robert Josh Oliver Cyril George Targett William  
Cavaghan Olga Hogan Elizabeth Oliver Fanny Targett Winifred Beatrice  
Cavaghan Peter R Hogart George Oliver George R Thomas Alfred  
Cavaghan Robin Hogart Marjorie Oliver Jean May Thomas Beatrice Madeline  
Chapman Charlotte Mary Hogarth George Oliver John Terry Thomas Clarice  
Chartrain Bernard A M Hogarth Marjorie Jean Oliver Keith Thomas Emma  
Chartrain Denise M A Hollis C J Oliver Marion Thomas Glenn  
Cheshire Charles Hollis George Joseph Oliver Marjorie Thomas Harold Ernest  
Cheshire Malcolm Hollis Kathleen T Oliver Marjory Ellen Thomas P J 2  
Cheshire Margaret Ethel Hollis Nita Bertha Oliver Sandra Helen Thomas Thelma Lorna  
Claridge Joan Hollis William G Oliver Vince Thornbury Charlotte  
Claridge Raymond Charles Holmes Michael Ovenden Mark Peter Thornbury George William  
Clarke Rebbecca Horne Frances Rebecca   Thornbury James  
Cocker Alice Matilda Horne Robert Henry P Thornbury John  
Cocker Herbert Frank Hoskinson Athol William Parsons Alice Thornbury Sylvia May  
Cocker Hilary Ida Hoskinson Trudi Parsons Charlotte Matilda Thornuury Charles Henry  
Cocker James House F E Parsons Harold Thorold Reginald Charles Charleswood  
Cocker Leonard John House James William Parsons Raymond Tomes Maria  
Cocker Stella Mary House Lilian Sarah Parsons Roderick Charles Toombes Katherine E E  
Cook Alfred Hughes Susannah Parsons Vera Toombs Charles L  
Cook Gregory Sean   Payne Graeme Leslie Toombs Ella  
Cook Henrietta I Perger Ethel May Toombs John Henry  
Cook James Unknown Izard David Reginald Peters Agnes Margaret Toombs Reg  
Cook Lucy Amelia   Peters Caroline Mary Trinder Anthony  
Cook Ruby J Peters Caroline Turner Helen Janet  
Cooke Kathleen Jackson Mary Peters Trevor Turner James Hurst  
Cooke Leon E Jackson Peter Peters William Turner Leah  
Cooke R A Jarvis Amy Isabelle Phillips Vivian Charles    
Cooper Anthony John Jarvis Raymond Roy Pilgram Baby U  
Cooper Arthur Edward Jocmbs Catherine Pilgram Maxine Unknown 17  
Cooper Austin Herbert Jocmbs George Pilgrim Archie Unknown 20  
Cooper E G Johnson Cliff Pilgrim France Maise Unknown 21  
Cooper Florence May Johnson-Targett Jesse James Pilgrim James H Unknown 31  
Cooper Frances Amelia Jones Albert Edward Pilgrim Lance Unknown 40  
Cooper Linda Lillias Jones Eric Allen Pilgrim Nellie M Unknown 41  
Cooper Roy Tasman Jones Frederick Reginald Place Florence Unknown 50  
Cooper Tasman Douglas Jones Margaret Purves Agnes Unknown 51  
Crawford Kathleen Muriel Jones Maud Alice Purves William Robert Unknown 52  
Curran Leslie Michael Jones Silas Pyke Evelyn Ada Unknown 53  
Curtis Roy   Pyke Joseph John Unknown 54  
  K   Unknown 55  
D King Arthur Thomas Q Unknown 56  
Dakin Alfred King Barbara Mary Quin Minnie Unknown 57  
Dakin Annie Ada King Constance Marie Quinn Catherine Jane Unknown 58 2  
Dakin Charlotte King Edward John Quinn H W C Unknown 58  
Dakin Constance King Elsie Hilary Quinn Harold Reuben Unknown 59  
Dakin Ethel Ellen King Hannah   Unknown 60  
Dakin Francis Stephen King John R Unknown 61  
Dakin John King Linda Monica Rainsford Clifford Unknown 62  
Dakin Joseph King P F S Ramshaw Bert Unknown 63  
Dakin Leslie King William Henry Ransom Betty Unknown 64  
Dakin Martha Koglin Herman Ransom Robert Irvine Unknown 65  
Dakin Stanley Koglin Jane Rawnsley David John Unknown 66  
Dakin Sydney Koglin Merton Herman Rees Doris Emily Unknown 70  
Dakin William Boyd Kohl Gordon Arnold Rees George Harefield Unknown 71  
Dakin William Joseph Kohl Mary Victoria Rees Martha Unknown 72  
Davern Allan Thomas Kohl Walter James Rees Roy Thomas Unknown 73  
Davern Claude Kremmer Allan Victor Rees William Unknown 74  
Davern Crosby James Kringle Albert Reid Jennifer Mary Unknown 75  
Davern Dorothus Kringle Hannah Ridgers Raymond Russell Unknown 76  
Davern Elizabeth Kringle Ivan Rigby Anna Mary Unknown 77  
Davern James Kringle Michael David Riley Margaret Unknown 78  
Davern Leslie J Kringle Ron Riley Maxwell George Unknown 79  
Davern Lionel William   Roberts Amy Jane Unknown 80  
Davern Louisa L Roberts Arthur Thomas Unknown 81  
Davern Mary Langley Ethel Sabeena Roberts Ethel May Unknown Agnes  
Davern Rita Lawrie Mary Roberts Gwenda Joan Unknown Anthony  
Davern Timothy Leech Amy Roberts John Philip Unknown B5  
Davern William Francis Leech Charles William Robertson Baby Unknown C11  
Davern Winifred Pearl Leech Tasman John Ronan Alice Unknown C12  
Davey Barry John Lehner Alfred Ronan Herbert James Unknown C13  
Davey Leonard Roger Lehner Alice May Ronan Louisa Unknown D3  
Davey Patrick Robert Lehner Basil Gordon Ronan Philip Unknown D9  
Davies John Luther Lehner Douglas Ronan Phillip Unknown D10  
Davies Minnie Lehner Eveline Louisa Rosier Emma Unknown E1  
Davies Winsome Mary Lehner Evelyn May Rosier Harry Unknown E3  
Dawborn Hilton Clark Lehner Gwendoline C Ross Gordon M N Unknown E7  
Dawborn Lucie May Lehner Ivy Victoria Rowe A C Unknown E9  
Dawson Ada Amelia Lehner Jean Isabell Rowlings Ada Amelia Unknown E14  
Dawson Alfred E Lehner John Clement Rowlings Baby Twins Unknown E15  
Dawson Alfred Ernest Lehner John Rowlings Leslie Jack Unknown Emma Olive  
Dawson Colleen Joan Lehner Keith Royle Colin William Unknown F8  
Dawson Elizabeth L Lehner Lionel Royle Emily Ethel Unknown F11  
Dawson Joan Lesley Lehner Otley Walter Royle James Unknown F14  
Dawson Kenneth Raymond Lehner Peter Lindsay Royle John William Unknown G1-2  
Dawson Lionel Cyril Lehner Rennie Royle Louisa Caroline Unknown G3-4  
Dawson S Lehner Ruth Russell Ellen Marion Unknown G12  
Deans Betty Fay Lehner Alice May Ryan Baby Unknown G13  
Death Harry Alexander Lewis Avina Emeline Ryan Elma Lillian Unknown G14  
Denney Amy Florence Lilley Ronald Stephen Ryan Jeremiah Unknown Gower  
Denney Robert William Llewellyn Charlotte Ryan Leslie Unknown I12  
Dennis Emily Llewellyn David   Unknown James 2  
Dewhurst Wilfred Gordon John Lodge Dawn Irene S Unknown James  
Down Elizabeth Lohrey Albert Dean Salter Ada Unknown K3  
Doyle Albert Vincent Lohrey Baby Salter Charles Frederick Unknown K11  
Dudley-Miller Leonie Lohrey Dean James Salter Elsie Ethel M E Unknown L8  
Dunn Florrie Lohrey Elizabeth 2 Salter Louisa Unknown Margaret  
  Lohrey Elizabeth Salter Louisa Unknown O2  
  Lohrey Eva May Elizabeth Salter Simeon E Unknown O3  
  Lohrey Frederick William Salter Una Unknown O16  
  Lohrey Jane Say Viva Unknown Tasman John  
  Lohrey Kingsley John William Scales Geoffrey David Unknown William 2  
  Lohrey Lila Myra Scales Walter Alfred Unknown William  
  Lohrey Lionel Bernard Schier Beatrice May Unknown4  
  Lohrey Lorna Schier Bessie Vera Unknown5  
  Lohrey Peter Ronald Schier Edith Unknown6  
  Lohrey Phillip Schier Elsie Eva Unknown7  
  Lohrey R K Schier Louis Gilbert Unknown8  
  Lohrey Sadie Schier Ludwic Selwyn Unknown9  
  Lohrey William Thomas Schier Ludwig CS Unknown10  
  Lohrey William Schier Mary CS Unknown11  
  Love Barbara Schreck Elsie May Unknown12  
  Love Robert Schreck Frederick Herman Unknown13  
  Lovett Cyril Albert Schreck Herman William 1 Unknown14  
  Lovett Hazel Josephine Schreck Robert William Unknown15  
  Luck Henry James   Unknown16  
  Luck Joy Evelyn   Unknown17  
  Lutwyche H   Unknown18  
  Lutwyche Margaret A   Unknown19  
  Lynch Alan David      
  Lynch Julie Hazel      
  Lynch Leo      
  Lynch Peter John      









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