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Bicheno General







Allen Albert Gatehouse Dulcie Irene Lacey Henry Noel Nailer Francis Henry Telford Charles Alexander
Allen Anne Gillies Andrew Tasman Leach Mary Ann Nailer Violet Mary Jane Telford Olive May
Allen John Gillies Elsie Margaret Leach William Pickering P Thornbury Charlotte Lavinia
  Gillies James J Long Maurice John Pike Albert Thornbury William
B Gray Alfred Charles Lucas George Leslie Pike Delves Evelyn Mary Thornbury William2
Barnes Neville   Lyne Lillias Childe Pike Violet Evelyn Delves Tillky Hannah
Bowker Edward H   Potter Betty Tredinnick Herbert James
Bowker Thelma Daphne Harvey Henry M Potter Neil John  
Brodribb Betty Harvey Kate Marshall Alvina A V Potter Paul W
Brodribb Marcus T Harvey Mary Ann Marshall Henry Potter Sadie Wardlaw James
Brooks Roy Harvey William Marshall Henry2 Potter Thomas W Wardlaw Jamie
  Hill Alfred Marshall Henry3 Presnell Jane Maree Wardlaw Marion
C Hill Catherine Annie Marshall Mary Agnes Pyke Adam Wardlaw Richard
Connell Esrom Thomas Hill Frank Augustine Marshall Mary Ann Pyke Charles Fredrick Wardlaw Robert
Connell Judith Ann Hill John Alfred Marshall Mary Elizabeth Pyke Clarice Wardlaw Thomas Dove
Cooper George Hill Margaret Marshall Rachel

Pyke Eric

Welsh Carole Anne
Cornish A A Hill Mary Marshall Roger Pyke Henry Whamond Leigh William
Cornish Allen Alexander Hlis Joze Marshall Roger2 Pyke John Winspear Olive Grace
Cornish Elizabeth Jane Hughes Ann Marie Marshall Sarah Jane Pyke William John Woods Algy Roy
Cornish John William Murray Hughes Athol John Marshall Sedina Pyke Fredricka Woods Elsie May Joan
Cornish Vere Aileen Oliver Hughes Margaret May Marshall Walter V R  
Cornish William Edmund

Hume James

Marshall William Robertson Charlotte Amelia  
    Martin Annie Robinson Bessie  
D K Martin Gustave Louis Robinson Gordon  
Davie Kevin David Kinnersly Sandra Maynard Stephen Reginald S  
    McGuighan John Selby Cecil Roy  
E   McKenzie Kaye Denise Selby John  
Excell George Dalton   Mitchell Christine Sheree Selby William John  
    Mitchelmore Cyril Stubbings Joseph  
    Morris Dora Stubbings Joseph2  
    Morris Robert    
    Morris William Albert    


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