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Swansea all Saints Anglican

Appleyard Elizabeth Eaves Albert Baron Kean Alfred Stephen Nichols Alerta Alice Thomas Unknown William
Apps Elizabeth   Kean Dorothy Unknown Hannah Nichols Kenneth Edward Thompson Nicole Jane
Apps John F Kean Elsie Dawn   Thompsons Edwin Francis
Arnol George Feilding Elizabeth Carol Kean Laura O  
Arnol Reginald Arnol Fielding Brian Percy Kean Sydney O'Connell William U
  Finter Annie Louise Kean Unknown  

Unknown Annie

B Finter Reverend Henry Keefer Anne P Unknown Emma
Ball Catherine P Flack A R Keefer Christina Patton Abigail Mary Unknown George
Ball Catherine Penwarne Flack Albert Alfred Keefer Cottfried Phillips Michael Alan Unknown Hannah
Barber Christopher Flack Mary Rose Keefer Frederica

Press Claude Harold

Unknown Robert Francis

Barber Elaine Mary Ford Blanche Keefer Jessie Elizabeth Press Ivy Coral Unknown Sarah

Barber Neil Clifton

Ford Hector Joseph Keefer John

Pyke Charles James

Barber Ruby Freeman Leslie James Keefer Louise Pyke Kathleen Joyce W
Barlow William

Freeman May Maria

Keefer Walter Godfried Pyke Keith Francis Wagner Catherine
Baron Albert   King Alice Maria Pyke Kenneth Bert  
Bartlett Russell Wilmott G King Elizabeth

Pyke Sarah Jane

Wagner John Frederick
Bayles Patricia Margaret

Gamble Sarah

King John Perkins   Wagner Michael
Bird-Cheverton Amy Evelyn Gamble William Knight Gwen Q Walford Elizabeth
Burgess Unknown James Gamble Stephen Koglin Margaret Quinn Leon Malcolm Walford John Reginald
  Gill Arthur Bertram   Quinn Sarah Walford John William
C Gill Elizabeth Mary L Quinn V V Walford Susan
Carpenter E M Gill Francis Morris Large Edward James   Walford Susana Elizabeth
Carpenter Lola Emma Gill Thelma Eileen Frances Large Elizabeth R Walker Elizabeth
Carpenter Phoebe Emma Gill William Henry Large Frances Mary Radford Ellen Walker Herbert James
Carpenter W J Good Rita Linda Large George Rapp Christian Walker Theresa Alice
Carpenter William John Graham Arthur Large Hannah Rapp Christian Dodge Wallace C
Castings Maria Jane Graham John Alexander Large William Large Rapp Emma Jane Wallace D R
Castle Evelyn Margaret Graham John Frederic Leigh-Smith D W Rapp Frederick Wallace Sadie May
Castle Frank Graham Mary Lyne Albert Vernon Rapp Frederick W J Watson Thomas
Castle LLyod Graham Unknown Fredrica Lyne Doreen Rapp Fredericka Webb Amy
Castle Royden Grant Unknown Rosina Lyne Edith Caroline Rapp Harold Gottlob Webb Charles Herbert
Castle Vera Margaret Gray A C Lyne F J Rapp Herbert Christian Webb Darcy
Cherry Stella Gray Coral Campbell Lyne Flora M Rapp Hilda Webb Leila
Coghlan Mary Gray E A Lyne Frederick Rapp Louisa Webb Margaret Jane
Coghlan Thomas Gray George Thomas Lyne Henry George Leslie Rapp Sarah Ann Webb Ronald George
Cook Albert Bertram Gray Gordan Phillip Lyne Kate Rapp William Gottlob Webber Mary
Cook Athol Kenneth Gray N E Lyne Kathleen Rhodes Jerome Michael Webber Walter Valentine
Cook Blanche Gray Phillip Lyne Mary Elizabeth Richardson Ellen Grace Webster Craig Richard
Cook George Percival Gray Sarah Ann Lyne Reginald Barlee Rodman Isaac Webster John
Cook Harold Baden Gunton Bertie Arnol   Ross H Clunies Webster William
Cook Kate Evelyn Gunton Nellie M Rouleston Kathleen Hallam Wellard Theresa
Cook Mary   Mace Mary Rose   Whelan Agnus
Cotton Mary Gwen H Mayson Margaret W S Whelan Charles Ambrose
Crocker Katherine Hall John Maxwell Meredith Charles Henry Samson Daisy Constance Whelan Eileen Ruby
Crockitt Edward Hammond Rose Meredith Clara Sabina Samson Lionel Whelan Maurice Edward
Crosby Brian Travers Harbottle Frank Meredith George Sawford Nancy Ann Whelan Ronald
Cusick May Olive Hewis J H Meredith James Ernest Shaw Edward Bernard Whelan Walter John
  Hooper Clarence Meredith John Shaw Frederick Charles  
D Howard George   Shaw Jane Y
  Hunn Christina Meredith Maria Shaw Lois Mary  
Davern Laura Mary Jane Hunn Jacob Meredith Mary Shaw Rosalie R Young Ada Jane
Dazeley Gordan W Hunn Lila Minsh George Thomas Shaw Thomas Harbottle Young Coraline Ada
Dazeley Jean Hunn Mary Mitchell Catherine Augusta Skeggs John R Young Elvie May
Dick Penelope Jane Hunn William Mitchell Ellie Margaret Skeggs Valerie Young O R
Dilger Arthur William Hunn Winifred Wright Mitchell John Skeggs William Robert Young Victoria
Dilger Augusta Elizabeth   Mitchell John Arthur Smith Alfred William  
Dilger Catherine J Mitchell Mark Septimus Smith Fanny  
Dilger Charles Jacob Johns Flora V Mitchell Sartah Elizabeth Emma Smith Frederick Unknown  
Dilger Christian Johns Irene Dorothy Mitchelmore Lillian Mary Smith Margaret Cinclare  
Dilger Clarence Frederick Johns Leslie R Mitchelmore Trevor Stanley Stephens Dorothy J  
Dilger Elizabeth Mary Johns Murray Norman Thomas Morey Amelia Jane Stuckley Henry  
Dilger Ethel May Johns Norman Rapp Morey Andrew Douglas    
Dilger Francis Christian Jones Audrey Leanore Morey Frank Royden    
Dilger Frederika Jones Elizabeth Morey Maude Ida    
Dilger George Christian Jones Lance R Morey Royden Frank    
Dodge Alfred Charles Jones Robert Morey William    
Dodge Arthur   Morris Agnes Mary    
Dodge James   Morris Joan E    
Dodge Sarah   Morris Ken M    
Downs H A   Morris Maggie    
Downs Mabel May   Mount Thomas    
Drew William        
Duffy Ann        
Duffy Patrick        

Thankyou David Budd for his very valuable additions to this cemetery (Ford Walford Family)

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Lorrie Fisher

For identifying

this headstone

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Unknown Annie Unknown Emma Unknown George Unknown Hannah Unknown Robert Francis Unknown Sarah  





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