Gravesites Of Tasmania

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Allen Lucy Dawes Thomas Kenmure John Alfred Taylor Kate Harriet Vincent Millist Clarence
Andrews Henry Dewhurst Alice Alicia Kenmure Katherine Tucker William Vincent Millist
Atkyns Edward Dobson Alice Ramsay Kennerley Alfred    
  Dobson Georgiana Kennerley Jane U W
B Dobson Lambert Kitani J Unknown Walker John
Bastian Elizabeth Driscoll Rupert Knight Charles Eagle Unknown 1 Warner Horace R
Bastian James     Unknown 2 Watchorn Elizabeth
Bastian William E L Unknown 3 Watson John
Bathe Stephen Kerslake Egerton Edward Percy Lempiere T J Unknown 4 Watson Mary
Batt Cecil Hilmer Ellerton David Lilley Edward Mulhearin Unknown 5 Webster
Batt Jane Espie Maria Lipscombe Edward Unknown 6 Westbrook Charles Patterson
Batt Roland Joseph   Lipscombe Frederick Toogood Unknown 7 Westbrook Fanny
Batt Rose Alberta F Lipscombe Henry Unknown 8 Westbrook Thomas
Batt Tasman Percival Finney Lipscombe Mary Unknown 9 Westbrook Fanny
Batt William Folder Catherine Lovett Unknown 10 Wherrett Amy Louise
Bellamy Hannah Folder William Lucas Elizabeth Unknown 12 Wherrett Charles
Bellamy James Fooks Samuel Berjew Lucas Richard James Unknown 13 Wherrett Ellen Marwood
Bellstead Charles Torrens     Unknown 14 Wherrett Willimina Blanche
Belstead Margaret Jessie G M Unknown 15 White George
Benson George Percy Maning Alfred Frederick Unknown 16 Whitehouse Mildred E
Berks Thomas E Gloucester Bernard Maning Augusta Sophia Unknown 17 Whitehouse
Bertram Joseph Gloucester Blayney C Manley Edward Johnstone Unknown 18 Wilkinson Edward
Boyd Martha Gloucester Edward McDougall Unknown 19 Wilkinson Ellenor Sarah
Bradford William Gourlay McLaren Agnes Unknown 20 Wilkinson Florence Mabel
Bright Amy Ambler Grahame John Charles McLaren Andrew Unknown 21 Wilkinson Mary
Bright Richard Graves James William McWalker Mary Jane Unknown 22 Wilkinson Peter W
Buchanan Elsie Vera Graves Woodcock Mitchell William Unknown 23 Wilkinson Peter
Buchanan Lydia Gray Lucy Grace Mouncher John Unknown 24 William
Buchanan Mary E Gray Marianne M   Unknown 25 Woodhall Lavington
Budd Mary Ann   O Unknown 26 Woodhall Sarah
Budd Thomas H O'May Eliza Emma Unknown 27  
  Harrison Thomas John O'May Robert Unknown 28  
C Hearson William Osborne Johanna Unknown 29  
Canning Robert Wenam Henslow Osborne Joseph Unknown 30  
Chapman Hill Albert   Unknown 31  
Conliff Margaret Hutchings John P Unknown 32  
Coyle Eugene Owen   Port Unknown 33  
Crane R V I Preist Deborah Unknown Anna Elizabeth  
Crow Alice Ide Charles H Preist Mary Ann Unknown Elizabeth  
Crow Charles F Inches Arthur Robert   Unknown Harold  
Crow Ella Louisa Inches Lillian May R Unknown William Henry  
Crow Frederick J Inches Percy Roland Reynolds    
Crow John Inglis Ann Richards Frederick W    
Crow Louisa Inglis Henry Davidson Minnis Roberts John    
Crow Mary Emma Inglis Peter      
Crow Rosina E   S    
  J Sansom Caroline    
  Jackson Sansom Henry    
  Jane George H Shaw Albert    
  Johnson Robert Staples Lyla Myra    
  Johnston Robert McKenzie Steele Mary    
    Stephens Jane Maria    
    Stephens Mary Charlotte    
    Stephens Thomas    





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