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Addison Adye Andrew Burgess Annie Hillier Frank Edward Nichols Jean Bonney Turnbull Ian Bruce
Addison Alfred Burgess Annie2 Hillier Grace Ivy Nichols Linden Turnbull Isabella
Addison Alice Maude Burk Agnes Marion Hillier Harold O Turnbull John Richardson
Addison Arthur Nathaniel Burk Walter Leonard Hillier William George Oakley Jane Maria Turnbull Mary
Addison Arthur Seymour Campbell Ellery Corona Hoare Marcus Richard Oakley John Turnbull Mary 2
Addison Blanche Campbell Frederick G Hogg William Oakley Mary Turnbull William
Addison Edwin Chamberlen Florence Martha Holder Judith Mary P Turnbull William Richardson
Addison Ernest Joseph Chaplin Evelyn Hortle Eric Ernest Parsons Guy Turner John G R
Addison Frances Georgina D I Parsons Guy H Memory Plaque  
Addison Hannah Amelia Davis Ellen Susannah Iles Arthur Henrey Parsons Lydia Ellery U
Addison Hannah Maud Davis M L Iles Margaret Parsons Tasma Beverley Unknown Flora
Addison Herbert Washington Dawson Alexander Iles Sarah R Unknown Jane
Addison John Henry Dawson Henry J Rafferty Trevor Anstice Unknown Janet
Addison Mabel Patience Sweetnam Dawson Marjorie I Jones Randolph C Reynolds J K Unknown John
Addison Margaret Dawson Sarah K Reynolds Oscar Henry Stephen Unknown Lizzie Isobel
Addison Margaret 2 Dewhurst David Robert King Annie Reynolds Rebecca  
Addison Maria Amelia Dewhurst George Kink Unknown Reynolds Sarah V
Addison Mary H Dewhurst Mildred L Richardson David Geoffrey Viney George
Addison Percival Dewhurst Sarah Ann Lambert Lewis Turner Richardson Esme Elizabeth Viney Leah
Addison Thomas Wright Douce Alice May Lambert Mary Robinson Elizabeth Viney Tasman J
Addison William John Douce Benjamin James Loane Alexander Walpole Robinson George  
Aitchison Mary Jane Douce Maie Loane Arthur Derrick Walpole S W
Appleby Edith May Douce William Loane Frances Eliza Slater Ethel Caroline Wescombe Alice May
Appleby Robert William Douglas Adella Mary Loane Isabel Maude Slater Ida Amelia Wescombe Emma
B Douglas Annie Isabel Loane Isabella Slater Lewis William Wescombe Gilbert
Baker Ada Hilda Douglas Bertha Agnes Loane Lewis D D Slater Thomas Wescombe Sarah
Baker William George Douglas Evelyn Loane Marcus Arnold Spencer Mary Wescombe Walter Langdon
Balfour Caroline Douglas Henry Loane Marcus Richard Spencer William Wescombe Walter Langdon 2
Balfour Frank Barnard Douglas Jessie Loane Richard Duncan Spencer William 2 White Amy Doreen
Bauld Frances Douglas Mabel M Stevenson John Williams Jocelyn Ellery
Bauld Harold Douglas Millicent Daisy Martin Alma Susan Stevenson Margaret Willie Ethel May
Bingham Maxwell Douglas Peter John Martin Isaac Story Eileen Ruby Wilson Ellen Bethone
Bishton John Douglas Rupert Oswald Martin Jon Joseph Story Norman Maxwell Wilson Henry John
Booen Elizabeth Amelia Downie Gladys Martin L A Sykes Carl R Wilson Louis Neville
Booen Elsie Maud E McDonald Elizabeth Jane Sykes Ethel Leonora Wilson Louisa Sophia
Booen Ethel May Edwards Emily McDonald Thomas Sykes George Wilson Mary Louisa
Booen George Ewart H H Mitchell Annie Sykes Maie B Wilson Unknown
Booen George Harry G Mitchell Josiah Hudson T Wilsoncherry Archibald
Booen Mary Edith Green George Morris Janet E Thomas Annie Elizabeth Wilsoncherry Margaret
Booen Nellie Kathleen Green Grace Morris Janet Elizabeth Thomas Gloria Ellen Wragg Katherine Helen
Bramich Ann Green Horton Dewhurst Morris John Thomas Jocelyn Douglas  
Bramich Arthur Joseph Groom Bertie Morris Mary Thomas Jocelyn Langslow  
Bramich Hilda May H Morris Unknown Thomas Richard J Turton  
Bramich John Hardstaff Catherine Morris William Thomas Unknown  
Bramich Joseph Hardstaff Samuel Murdoch Leslie Thomas Unknown 2  
Bramich Joseph 2 Harrison Hannah Murdoch Lila Thomas Turton Samuel  
Bramich Leonard Thomas Harrison Jessie A Murray George Unknown Thomas Kate Gertrude Douglas  
Bramich Mabel Elizabeth Harrison Thomas Murray Kathleen Barbara Turnbull Albert John  
Bramich Martha Harrison Thomas 2   Turnbull Annie  
Bramich Thomas Hewitt Agnes Elizabeth   Turnbull Caroline  
      Turnbull Eliza  
      Turnbull George  
      Turnbull Harriett  
Unknown 1 Unknown 4 Unknown 6 Unknown 8 Unknown 10
Unknown 2 Unknown 5 Unknown 7 Unknown 9 Unknown 11
Unknown 3        

Thank you to Sue Burville for correcting the name for Thomas Turton Samuel and Thomas Kate Gertrude Douglas





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