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Sassafras Baptist Cemetery

B H M R Cont R Cont
Barber Amy Florence Horne Arthur Charles Murphy Herbert William Rockliff Enice Thelma Rockliffe Doris
Barber Christopher George Horne Daisy Victoria   Rockliff Francis Rockliffe John
Beveridge Alice Horne Ferdinand N Rockliff Francis2 Rudge Gladys
Beveridge Allan Robert Humphrey Matilda Amelia Nicholas Ethel Rockliff Frederick  
Beveridge Ivy Esther Humphries E K Kate Nicholas Hannah Elizabeth Rockliff Geoffrey William S
Beveridge John   Nicholas Richard Rockliff George Sheean Jill Maree
Beveridge Kenneth Allan K   Rockliff George L Sidwell Amos
Beveridge Mabel Frances Knight Arthur Henry O Rockliff Hannah Sidwell Jane
Beveridge Mary Ann Knight George Henry Owen Melvena H Rockliff Hannah2 Sidwell Joseph
Beveridge Norman Robert Knight George Henry2   Rockliff Harriett Sidwell Keitha
Beveridge Phyllis Georgina Knight Mary Ann P Rockliff Harry Spilsbury Nancy Clara
Beveridge Robert   Pearn Henry Edward Rockliff Hedley Thomas Spurr Allen John
Beveridge Ronald Sterling L Poole Lance Rockliff Henry Spurr Ann
Bramich Adye John Lamprey Albert Pyke Harold Rockliff James Spurr Ann Deakin
Bramich Elsie Valeria Lamprey Andrew John Pyke Lela Pearl Rockliff John William Spurr Frances
Bramich Eva Harriett Lamprey Arthur Walter   Rockliff Laurence Tim Spurr Geoge
Bramich Reginald Arthur Lamprey Clifford Arthur R Rockliff Linda Constance Spurr Hannah Maria
Brown Helen Elizabeth Lamprey Ena Sylvia Redpath Clifford George Rockliff Margaret H Spurr James
  Lamprey Henrietta Mildred Redpath Elizabeth Jane Rockliff Mary Spurr John
C Lamprey Holly Redpath Sylvia Celia Rockliff Mary Amelia Spurr Sybella Lillias Emma
Clark Thomas A Lamprey Kate Elizabeth Redpath William Rockliff Mary Matilda Spurr Timothy Donald
Crocker Edith Henrietta Kate Lamprey Letitia Mary Josephine Rockliff A W Rockliff Matilda Amy Spurr William
  Lamprey R T Rockliff Ada Jane Rockliff Norman Cyril  
D Lamprey Selina Rockliff Alice Harriett Rockliff Osborne U
Donnell Harriett Hannah Lamprey William Rockliff Alma M A Rockliff Stephen Henry Unknown Ivan Murray Frederick
Duncan Vivian Lamprey William Henry Rockliff Ambrose Walter Rockliff Thomas  
  Lampry Maria Rockliff Annie Rockliff Todd Leslie  
E Lunson Edward Rockliff Arthur F W Rockliff Victor H  
Enslow Alma Ruby Lunson Isaac Rockliff Barry Frederick Walter Rockliff Violet Elizabeth  
Evison Isaac Lunson Leslie Rockliff Catherine Rockliff W F Wilfred  
Evison Lizzie Lunson Lucy Rockliff Clarice Amelia Rockliff William  
Evison Mabel Sarah Lunson Sarah Elizabeth Rockliff Donald George    
  Lunson Watkin Rockliff Edith E    
G   Rockliff Edna Clarice    
Gardam Noel   Rockliff Elizabeth    

There are 8 Unknown Graves in this cemetery





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