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Goulds Country Union Church


Abrahams Charles Fitzgerald Caroline Johnston Alexander McGough Maria Meade Singline John
Anderson Fred Fitzgerald George Alfred Johnston Alys Isabella Mcgough Treloggen Duncombe Singline Roberta
  Fitzgerald Harriett Johnston Aubyn Louis McIntyre Brian Joseph Steel Jessie


Fitzgerald Mary Evelyn Johnston George Meech Eleanor Mary Steel Percy William
Barrett Elvie May Fitzgerald Raymond George Johnston Isabella Meech Nelson James Stoltenberg Dylan Robert
Barrett Trevor James Fitzgerald William Johnston James   Styles Maxwell Baden
Bell Yvonne   Johnston James Smith N  
Boden Florence Clare G Johnston Jane Nailer T
Boden Ralph Huxley Gough Constance Evelyn Johnston Janet Nailer Mollie Irene Terry Charles
Bottle Mr & Mrs Grigg Margaret Mary Johnston John Nesbitt Celia Terry Eliza
Breadmore Bill Grigg William Bowe Johnston Maris Jane Nesbitt Mae Terry Fanny
Budgeon Theresa Gunyon James Johnston Minnie Catherine Nesbitt Mr Terry William
Burke Eric B   Johnston Thomas Nesbitt Mrs Treloggen Alice Louise
Burke Mabel E H Johnston V D   Trowbridge John
Burns Kathleen Clara Halliday Gregory Johnston William O Trowbridge Temperance Josephine
  Harlow Anthony George Harrison   Oldham Emily Irving  
C Harlow Else K Oldham Thomas William W
Chapple Isaac Hitchcock Catherine Kirwan Catherine Margaret   Waldron Alice
Chapple Nathalie Isabel Hitchcock George Kirwan Douglas P White Florence Elizabeth Jane
Chapple Ronald Vernon Hodge Arthur Kirwan Geoffrey

Patterson Clinton

Wilkie Ann
Charlesworth Edwin M Hodge Caroline Kirwan John William   Wilkie James Farnie
Charlesworth Louise Hodge George Joshua Kirwan Malcolm Paul   Williams Donald
Coker George Hodge Ida   Richards Beverley Wilson Yvonne Beverly
Coltheart Clare Estelle Hodge Irene L Richards Emily  
Cooper Joseph   Lumsden Clara May Richards George Y
    Loney Isaac Richards Sarah Yost Annie Elizabeth
D     Rowlings Yost Emily Louisa
Duncombe Mollie     Rowlings Joseph Yost Jack
      Rowlings Marjorie Elvina Amy Yost Jane
      Rowlings Wayne Yost Mary Caroline
      Rowlings Wayne Joseph Yost Peter
      Rowlings Wayne Joseph2  






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