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Buckland St Johns Baptist

Spring Bay

Built in 1846 from local sandstone and designed by architect Crawford Cripps Wegman its main claim to fame is it East Window depicting the life of John the Baptist.

The wall around the church was built by Fitzherbert Adams Marriott.

There are many stories about the origin of this beautiful window but the most logical is that it was meant for Buckland in England and ended up in Buckland Tasmania.

It is widely accepted that the Reverend F.H.Cox, who was Rector of the church from 1846 until 1848 brought it to Australia when he emigrated from Sussex.

Whatever the story is behind the window it is still remarkable to see a fourteenth century church window in a church that wasn’t built until 1846.  

Charles Kent who managed the mill at Buckland and whose ashes were placed here was a resident of Buckland for over 40 years








Ackerly Digory Dudgeon Kate Kingston Alan Thomas Elvin Olding Amelia Talbot H W
Arnol Clifford Tasman   Kingston Colin Gordon Olding Emily Florence Talbot Unknown
Arnol Elsie Isobel E Kingston Lila Mary Olding Nathaniel Henry Thompson Clement
Arnol Tasman Clifford Emmerton Kenneth John Kingston Maxwell   Townsend Darcy Thomas
      P Townsend Essie Ina
B F L Press Acie Townsend Netta
Balsley Alfred Arthur Franklin Grace Pearl Logan Harold Raymond Press Albert Townsend Sara Minnie
Balsley Darrell Trevor French Murray Logan Mona Emiline Press George Townsend Thomas William
Balsley Derek     Press Lucy Townsend William Roy
Balsley Kele G M Press Sid Turnball Elsie
Balsley George Denis Gamble John Macmichael Dinah Press William Turnbull Paul Clifton
Bellette Arthur Howard Gatehouse Annie McConnon Alfred Rowland   Turney Grace Edith
Bellette Evard Felix Gatehouse Charles Thomas McConnon Alfred Roy R Turvety William2
Bellette Harold McArthur Gatehouse Charlotte Joan McConnon Allan Douglas Raspin Emmaline Louisa Turvey Adrian Alexander F
Bellette Pauline Betty Gatehouse Dorothy Sarah Lyttleton McConnon Amy Isabell Raspin George Albert Turvey Albert Darling
Bellette Zillah Carmen Gatehouse Edith McConnon Arthur Harold Raspin Thomas William Turvey Annie Frances
Blackmore Anne Gatehouse George McConnon Bernard Albert Rodgers Charles Wade Turvey Arthur Leslie
Blackmore Robert W Gatehouse Jane McConnon Bertie Albert Rogers Essie Evelyn Turvey Catherine
Blackmore Thomas Gatehouse John Crocker McConnon Claude William Rogers Frederick H W Turvey George
Broderick John Edwin Gatehouse Silas Alfred McConnon Clifford James Rogers Rooney Arthur Turvey Grace
Broderick Margaret Elizabeth Graham Marcus Kinder McConnon David Ross Rogers Russell Turvey Harriette Julia
Broderick Mary Ann Gregson Clyde McConnon Douglas V Rogers Sydney Arthur Turvey John
Brooks Annie Maria Gregson Constance May McConnon Edward George Rudd George Turvey John Charles
Burdon Amos Mervyn Gregson Fanny McConnon Eric Arthur Rudd Martha Turvey John West
Burdon Doris Annie Gregson Florence Grace McConnon Esther Jane   Turvey Julia
Burdon Laurence Mervyn Gregson Florence Kathleen McConnon Evelyn Mary S Turvey Maria
Burdon Maxwell Amos Gregson Horace Murdoch McConnon Frank Clifford Sculthorpe Rodney James Turvey Maria Amelia
Burdon Phillip Noel Gregson James McConnon George Ernest Skeggs Henry George Turvey Mary Elizabeth
Burgess Cecil Percy Gregson John McConnon Gordon Ronald Thomas Skeggs Laurence Basil Turvey Mary-Ann
Burgess Cecil Rex Gregson Keith McConnon Hannah Jane Skeggs Ruby Turvey Robert John
Burgess Eric Wilfred Gregson Laurence George McConnon Henry Smith George Turvey Sydney Neill
Burgess Ethel May Gregson Melinda McConnon Henry Arthur Smith John Charles Turvey William
Burgess Jean Thora Gregson Olive McConnon Hilda Grace Smith Lola Lorraine Turvey William Arthur
Burgess Kenneth William Gregson Rebecca Florence McConnon Hilda Iris Smith Louisa Emily  
Burgess Wilfred Gregson Thomas McConnon Irvine Jeffrey Swan Alan W
  Gregson Thomas Gordon McConnon James Swan Clifford Vere Wagner Daphne Emma
C Gregson Bernard Oswald McConnon John William Swan Emma Ellen Weeding Felix
Cahill Emma   McConnon Julia Swan Geoffrey Kenneth White Dorothy May
Cahill John R H McConnon Kathleen L J Swan George William Clifford Wiggins Desmond
Cahill Joseph Albert Hall John Francis McConnon Martha Jane Sylvia Swan Ivy Evelyn Wiggins Molly Ida
Cahill Lila Hood Hector McConnon Mary Ann Swan Leonard Thomas Wiggins William James
Castle Margaret Rose Hood Rosemarie Edith Sarah McConnon Matilda Ada Swan William  
Celley George Howell Alise Rosina McConnon Mona Doris    
Celley Susan Howell Edward McConnon Thomas    
Cornish Annie Louisa Howells Trevor Robert McConnon Thyra Maud    
Cornish Cardinal Walter Clarence Hull McConnon Trevor Garnett    
Cornish Emma   McConnon Walter James    
Cornish Florence J McConnon William Albert    
Cornish Gwendoline Alma James Ronald Joseph      
Cornish Hannah Jenkin Clint N    
Cornish James   Nichols Edith    
Cornish John Edward        
Cornish Kathleen Helen        
Cornish William Edward        
Coulson Alan Roy        
Coulson James Phillip        
Crabtree Millie Elizabeth        
Unknown Unknown4 Unknown7 Unknown10 Unknown14
Unknown2 Unknown5 Unknown8 Unknown12 Unknown Dianne
Unknown3 Unknown6 Unknown9 Unknown13 Unknown Eliza
        Unknown Mary Evelyn





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