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Triabunna St Marys Anglican

Spring Bay

A C cont G cont M R Cont
Adkins Charity May Challenger Leslie Brian Garity M H Mapley Vera Raspin Myrtle Pretoria
Anderton Nicholas Thomas Clark Albert Edward Glover Agnes May McConnon Jay Peter Raspin Ruby
Arnol Bazil George Clark Frank Glover Elsie McConnon Leonie Raspin Thomas
Arnol Benjamin Clark Kathleen Mary Glover Ida McConnon Stella Grace Reisz Lloreen Vivienne
Arnol Christopher Edward Clark Ronald Henry Glover James McNeill Alan Charles Roberts Ronald Richard
Arnol Clarence Ben Clark Ruby Evelyn Glover Louisa McNeill Alan D Robertson Annie Elizabeth
Arnol Elsie Gwendoline Clark Timothy Peter Glover Thomas George McNeill Alexander Robertson Robert
Arnol Emily Clements Ada Gregson Gregory George McNeill Christine Dorothy Robins Doris May
Arnol Eric Herbert Clifford Daisy Bell Gregson Lottie Isobel McNeill Christopher David Robinson Hedley Lorne
Arnol Ethel May Alice Cowie Noel   McNeill D R Rogers Inez Joan
Arnol George Egar Crawford Gregory James


McNeill David J Rogers Oliver Colin
Arnol George M Cusick Clara F Haigh L J McNeill Dorothy Eva Rudd Anna R
Arnol Helen Winifred Cusick Constance C Harwood John Raymond McNeill Emily P Rudd Henry Goggs
Arnol Ida Daisy Cusick Delvis Victor Hayton Percy M M F McNeill John Charles Rudd Henry Thomas
Arnol Julia M Cusick Harold Thomas Hayton Walter W H A McNeill John Joseph  
Arnol Mabel Louisa Blanche Cusick Thomas P Hayton William McNeill Joseph


Arnol Owen Edgar Cusick William Patrick Higgs Roy Erskine McNeill Margarette E Salmon Alfred Henry
Arnol Rhonda Leslie Cusick Wilma Elaine Higgs Stella Mary-Anne McNeill Marjorie Helen Salmon David Graeme
Arnol Richard   Hills Revis Mary McNeill Mary Salmon Edith Constance Eleanor
Arnol Rosina M


Howard Richard McNeill Muriel J Salmon Emma Jane
Arnol Shelia Alberta Dalcity Hendry Lambert Mackay Howell Blanche McNeill Russell Salmon Florence Mary A
Arnol Silas Stanley Dalcity Lillian Marguerite Howell Joseph McNeill William Joseph Salmon John Barton
Arnol Trevor George Dalgity Jan Howells Alfred Morey Ada Jane Salmon Julienne Carr
Arnol Walter Roy Davidson Henry Howells Alfred Joseph Morey Raymond Charles Smith K A
Arnol William J Davidson John Howells Athol Herbert Morley Ellen Sparkes Emma Jane Margaret
Arnol William J H Davidson Margaret Howells Delores Olga Bell Morley James William Sparks Frances
Arnol William Owen Davidson Maria E Howells Dorothy Morton John Sparks Harold H
Arnol Winifred Davies Martha Ann Howells Evelyn   Sparks Ronald F
Ashlin Duane Terrence John   Howells Frank


Sullivan Margaret


Howells George Vincent Norris Eric Dudley Swan Freda Nancy


Fazackerley Brenda L Howells James William Norrish John Thomas  
Barry Keir Schofield Ferguson Alexander Howells Joseph William Norrish Thomas Wray


Batchelor Gavin Anthony Ferguson Ann Howells Joyce Catherine   Tanner William Charles
Bevis Bonita Pearl Ferguson James Howells Laurence Eric


Tapner Lily Amelia
Bishop Myrtle Fergusson Barbara Myree Howells Nellie Olding Eliza Louisa Tapner William
Bishop Thomas Norman Echo Flynch William Howells Sarah Anne Olding Alfred George Ernest Taylor Athol Lewis
Blyth Eric Charles Ford Edward Howells Walter James Vere Olding Louisa Harriet Rebecca Taylor Gary
Bolton Ada Amy Ford Edward E     Taylor Kim Sharee
Bolton Edith Florence Ford Eliza



Taylor Leila Una
Bolton Frederick Ford Emma Jones Amy Parish Edna Thornbury Joy
Bolton James Ford James Jones Frederick J Parker Ernest Maxwell Tunks Evelyn Melva
Bolton James 1 Fox Alfred George Jones James Parker Ida Doreen Grace  
Bolton Thomas Fox Beryl Jones Katherine Anne Parker Peggy Joan


Bolton Unknown Fox Charles Jones Lawrence Pedler Margaret Eugenie Walker Anthony David
Butcher Brian David Fox Ellen Jones Llewellyn Pitt George Walker Mavis Winifred
Byzant Rex Fox Louisa Jones Mary G Pitt Jane Webb Ann
  Fox Mary Ann Jones Richard Pitt Thomas Webb Frederick James


Fox Paul   Ploughman Ivan Lewis Wells Amelia Minnie
Cabb Cuthbert Harrison Fox Sarah Ann


Ploughman Thelma Ellen Wells Emma Elizabeth
Castle Alfred Harcourt Fox Sidney Edward Kean Amy Louise Poole Matthew White Bernard C
Castle Amelia Ann Fox Thomas Kean Clifford Poole Rachel White Elizabeth H
Castle Clara Anne Fox William Kean Ellis William Preston Albert Charles Wills Sarah
Castle Clyde Fullard Charles Kean Harriet Preston Winifred Ethel Wilson John Andrew
Castle Clyde Sydney Fyfe Ross Gregory Kean Horace Robert Pyke Unknown Woolley Frederick Henry
Castle Edward Theodore   Kean Ian Silas   Woolley Ida Hilda
Castle Ernest


Kean June Doreen


Castle Ethel Gadd G Kean Silas Warwick Quinn Emily S Unknown
Castle George Walter Gadd Mary Anne Kean Stan Quinn Lionel Sydney Wilfred Unknown
Castle Henry Sydney Gadd Sheila Peace Kean Stanley Clifford   Unknown2
Castle Hursey Newman Gadd William Francis  


Castle Laura Elma Gadd William Robert


Radford Alfred Albert Unknown4
Castle Lola Joan Gamble Ebenezer J Laird Ian Craig Radford John Unknown5
Castle Loyal Stuart Gamble G W Lamont Mikaela Jean Radford Thomas Henry Unknown6
Castle Myra Carlyne Gamble George Willis Lindley John Rainbird Jenny Unknown Unknown7
Castle Robert Ernest Gamble Minnie Malvina Luttrell Albert Frederick Raspin Charles Unknown8
Castle Victoria Louise Gamble Minnie Melvina Luttrell Edgar Raspin Lawrence Alfred Unknown9
Castle Walter Herbert Gamble Oris Edward Luttrell Mary Francis Raspin Mervyn Thomas Unknown10
        Unknown Ethel







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