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Port Arthur Cemetery

A E M R T Cont
Allen Egbert Eaves Arthur Albert Mason Francis Radcliffe Dora Christine Trenham Alfred Samuel
Allen Lucy Eaves John Frederick McArthur J C Radcliffe William Montague Trenham Esther Midgley
Anderson Maisie Elizabeth Eaves Maise Jean McGinness Albert Arthur Riley Arthur Edward Trenham Family
Anderson Minnie May Eldridge George R McGinness Bertha Maude Riley Bertie Trevor Trenham Harriet Kerrison
Anderson Sydney Harold Everett Maxwell McGinness Daryl Charles Riley Ethel Mary Trenham Henry Reginald
Anderson Sydney James   McGinness Edward Riley Grace Trenham Henry Regld
  F McGinness Evageline Riley Ronald Charles Trenham Samuel Handel
B Frerk Clinton Paul McGinness James Rogers Charles William  
Ballanie Janet Frerk Hans McGinness Josephine A Rogers Charles U
Barnett Anna Mary Frerk Henry McGinness Ronald William Rogers Flora Lillian Unknown 1
Barnett Joseph Frerk Louisa McGinness William Newman Rogers Lillian Mary Unknown 2
Bellette Albert George Frerk Mary McGinniss James Charles Rogers-Nutting Audrey Norah May Unknown 3
Bellette Allan Roy Frerk Peter Wayne McGinniss Joseph   Unknown 4
Bellette Hedley Frerk Ronald August McGinniss Katrine Beatrice S Unknown 5
Bellette Sarah Jane Frerk Violet Hilda McIntyre Leonard Saunders Keith Albert Unknown 6
Bellette Vera Lillian Vestrice Frost Meta Margaret Louise McIntyre Nellie Saunders Phyllis Lillian Unknown 7
Bentley Beatrice Elizabeth Frost William George Michalik Boleslaw Valerian Say Judith Anne Unknown 8
Bentley Frank David   Michalik Weronika Say Leon Kevin Unknown 9
Bitz Michael Edward 2 G Millar Wanda Sly George Mervyn Unknown 10
Bitz Michael Edward Gathercole Alice Esther Mundy Johanna Sly Lily May Unknown 11
Blackwood Elizabeth Moffat 2 Gathercole Betty June   Smith William James Unknown 12
Blackwood Elizabeth Moffat Gathercole Charles N Swan Charles Ronald Unknown 13
Blackwood Elizabeth Gathercole Gerald Anthony Nichols Mavis Jean Swan Olive Blanche Unknown 14
Blackwood Elvena Gathercole Margaret Nichols Norma Daphne Swan Peter Ronald Unknown 15
Boden James H Green Harold John Norman Geoffrey William Sykes Edward Unknown 16
Boden Mary Susannah     Sykes John Cornelious Unknown 17
Briggs Allen Lloyd J O   Unknown 18
Briggs Christopher James Johnstone David Keith Sonley Oldham Lillian Ellen T  
Briggs Christopher Walter Jedanker Sarah   Target M R W
Briggs Ivy Grace   P Tatnell Ada Amy Weldon Jean
Briggs Lloyd George L Palmer Arthur Robert Tatnell Clarence William Wellard Annie Louisa
Brimage Marjorie Joan Little Alfred Ernest Palmer Joseph A Tatnell Fred C Wellard Athol Blackwood
  Little Amy Victoria Palmer Ruth Tatnell Myra Eliza Wellard Christina Annie (2)
C Little James Henry Palmer Thomas William Tatnell Wynn Wellard Christina Annie
Chapman Eileen Jean Lynch Coral Anne   Tatnell-Stacey Alice Louisa Wellard Cyril Garfield
Chapman Ronald Frank Lynch Peggy Joyce   Thompson Barbara Joan Wellard George Howe
Cole Geoffrey Henry     Thompson Darrell Edward Wellard Milford Keith
Cowen Joseph Henry     Thompson Henry Ray Wellard Nicholas Howe
      Thompson Margaret Wellard Samuel Nicholas
        Wenck Constance
      Wenck Ernest John
        Whyatt Nevin Paul
        Williams Doreen Beatrice
      Williams Jack
        Williams Lola Gladys
        Williams Lyla Ethel
        Williams Lynette Ann
        Williams Owen George
        Williams Ronald William






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