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St Andrews Anglican Carrick 




H cont


S cont

Allen Robert

Eastoe Alfred

Hill Arthur

MacKenzie Alexander

Strickland Muriel

Aspey William

Eastoe Alice

Hill James

MacKenzie Helen

Strickland Peter

Aspey Jane

Eastoe Charles

Hill Janet

Mann Eliza

Strickland Victor

Ayton Edward

Eastoe Elizabeth

Hill M A

Mann Clara

Stubbs Joan

Ayton Ellen

Eastoe Elizabeth

Hill Rhoda

Mann John

Stubbs John

Ayton Unknown

Eastoe James

Hill W

Mann Thomas

Sullivan Henry


Eastoe James

Hill William

Massey Jane

Sullivan James


Eastoe Maria

Hirst Evelyn

Massey William

Sullivan James

Ballinger Mary

Eastoe Robert

Hirst Paul

Maunders Mary

Symmons Caroline Sarah Ann

Ballinger Thomas

Eastoe Victor

Hogan John

McLeod Daniel

Symmons Elizabeth

Barker  Patricia

Edwards Emma

Homan Mervyn

McLeod Lydia

Symmons John

Barker C.G (Eric)

Edwards Isaac

Hopkins Elizabeth

McLeod Ruth

Symmons R

Bayles John

Edwards James

Hopkins G.S

Millar Alexander

Symmons Thomas

Blanche Violet

Edwards John

Hopkins John

Millar Eve

Symmons Thomas

Blazely Harry


Hopkins Percival

Millar Jane


Blazely Mary

Evans Mollie

Hopkins Richard

Millar John


Blazely Ruben


Hume A R.JPG

Millar Rose

Thorpe Annie

Bosworth Nellie


Hume Albert


Thorpe Elizabeth

Bourke Aileen

Fidler Kathleen (Jean

Hume Arthur


Thorpe Henry

Bourke Beverely

Fowler Reginald

Hume Dinah

Nelson William

Tremlett Alfred

Bourke Beverley

Fox Debra

Hume Elvie


Tremlett Eliza

Bourke  Aileen

Fritzell George Ranson

Hume Henry


Tyson Geraldine

Bourke M J

Fritzell Eleanor

Hume 0

Pascoe James

Tyson Philip

Boyd Cyril

Frost Emily

Hume Patricia

Pascoe Hannah


Boyd Elizabeth

Frost Charles

Hume W R (Bob)

Penwill Dorothy


Boyd Robert

Frost Frances

Hunter Edward

Penwill Leonard

Von Stieglitz Mary

Braithwayt Arthur

Frost Francis

Hunter Helen

Plumbridge Ellen


Broad John

Frost George

Hutchinson Georgina

Plumbridge John


Buchanan Arthur

Frost John


Plumbridge John

Waddington Louisa

Buchanan Frances

Frost Laura


Preece Darrell

Walker Ella

Burk Emma

Frost Mary


Preece Raymond

Walker Frank

Bushby Victoria


Izard Elma


Walker Gwenneth



Izard Reginald


Walker Ian


Gatenby Ella



Walker Irene

Canon Georgina

Gatenby Louis


Ranson Eleanor.

Walker John

Canon John

Gatenby John

Johnston Charles

Rice William

Walker Kenneth

Canon Winifred

Gatenby Nellie

Johnston Charles (Bill)

Rice William

Walker Minna

Chamberlain Doris

Gerke Beatrice

Johnston Charlotte

Rigney Thomas

Walker Norma

Champion Jonathan

Gibson B

Johnston Elizabeth

Robertson Eliza Grace

Walker Reginald

Clarke A.C

Gibson E

Johnston Elizabeth

Robertson Adeline Maude

Walker Stella

Clarke E.G

Gibson M

Johnston George

Robertson George

Walker Winifred

Clarke Elizabeth

Gibson W

Johnston Harold

Robertson Victoria Grace

Webb Harry

Clarke  Reginald

Gillam Dianah

Johnston Henry

Robertson Duncan Cromer

Weedon Ann

Claxton Dale

Gillam Edward

Johnston Henry

Rogers Mary

Weedon John

Claxton  Thelma

Gillam George

Johnston James

Roles Harley

Weedon William

Clayton Shirley

Gillam William

Johnston Karen

Roles Harry

Weedon William

Corney Allan

Godfrey Allen

Johnston Mabel

Roles Harry

Weily Esther

Corney Florence

Godfrey Winifred

Johnston Mary

Roles William

Weller Elizabeth

Cousins R

Goss Alan

Johnston Merle (Peggy)

Rootjes Mabel

Weller George

Cox Mary Ann

Goss Gladys

Johnston Reginald

Rudd Alice

Weller William

Cox Oscar Walter

Goss Olive

Johnston Raymond

Rudd Bertram

Whitchurch Dinah

Cox Mary Ann

Grahame Ellen


Rudd Elsie

Whitchurch William

Crockford Frances

Grahame Frederick

Jones Elizabeth

Rudd G H

Whitfeld Alfred

Crockford Henry

Guest Elsie

Jones Alexandrina

Rudd Ivy

Williams Arthur

Crockford William

Guest Harriet

Jones Henry

Rudd Richard

Williams Louisa


Guest J.T

Jordan William

Rudd William

Williams Mary


Guest Thomas

Jones Elizabeth


Wilson Emily Mary

Dent Annie

Guest William


Sabin John

Wilson Emily

Dent Arthur


Kerkham Jane

Sabin Margaret

Windred Elizabeth

Dent Eliza


Kerkham Richard

Sadler Andrew

Windred Harry

Dent Ellen

Harman Eliza Jane

Kerkham Richardo Emily

Sadler Bertie

Wise Elizabeth

Dent Ethel

Harper Beatrice

Kerkham Richardo

Sadler Frank

Wise George

Dent Florence

Harper Eric (Mick)

kerkham Sarah

Sadler John Tulloch

Wise Henry

Dent John

Harper Herbert

Keygan Lynda

Sadler Milly

Wise Henry

Dent John



Schipper Joan

Wise Hope

Dent Norman

Hawke Beryl


Smith Caroline

Wise Mary

Dodds Henry (Hal)

Hawke Louis

Lawler Jean

Smith Charles

Wood John

Dodds (Walker) Kitty

Hawke Susie

Lee Mary

Smith Charles


Donald Arthur

Hawkins George

Lee William

Smith Emily


Donald Arthur

Hay Harry

Leith Catherine

Smith Frances


Donald E J

Hendley Eileen

Little George

Smith Garner


Donald Evelyn

Hendley Keygan

Little Mary

Stevenson Noel


Donald SIG

Hendley Lynda

LLoyd-Webb Elisabeth

Stone Beryl


Donald Granite Plaque

Hendley Mary

Lockhart James

Stone Holly


Duke William

Hendley Thomas

Lockhart Janet

Stone Ivy




Lockhart John

Stone Mary




Lockhart Laura

Stone William




Lockhart Nita





Lowe Alice




7 unknown graves

Many thanks to Ruth Simmons for taking time out to do these for Gravesites Of Tasmania.






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