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Ellendale St Andrews Anglican

Built on land donated for the building of a church and cemetery by James Clark in 1874 which was part of land that had been formerly granted to him.

The Cemetery was consecrated in 1886 and work commenced on the church shortly afterwards. It was finally completed in 1880 and consecrated by Bishop Bromby.

The chancel was added in 1890 and consecrated in July 1896

A pretty little stone building located on the left hand side of the road as you drive out of Ellendale where a lot of the pioneers of the district are buried.

According to the Rationalisation of Church Buildings Ordinance 1997 St. Andrew’s was listed for closure.

Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 10th June 2008

Barratt Bernadette Clark Henry Dark, Jean Florence Mayne Marina Margaret Tomlin Alice Elizabeth
Barratt Edward Riseley Clark Mary Jane Dillon, Clem McCallum Corrie Tomlin Charles
Barratt Jan Clark, Alice Dillon, Edith McCallum Harriet Luisa Tomlin Cyril Reginald

Barratt Ruby

Clark, Alice 1 Dillon, Edward Brian McCallum Hugh Tomlin John
Bateman Charles William Clark, Alice 2 Dillon, Michael Ross McCallum John Tomlin Mary
Belcher Annie Maria Clark, Beatrice Mary Dillon, Pearl McCallum Seta Mabel

Tomlin Oliver James

Belcher Clarence John Clark, Biddy Dillon, Phillip McCallum Thomas Tomlin Rilda
Belcher Gordon Edwin Clark, Cecil Dillon, Terence Darcy McCallum Vera May Tomlin Sylvia Hope

Belcher Minnie L

Clark, Cecil Claude Dunn, James  

Tomlin Terrence David

Belcher Robert Clark, Charles   Q Tomlin Vera May
Belcher Ronald Robert Clark, Dean Arthur G Quinn Ellis Melville Tomlin W.J.
Belcher Rupert Roy Clark, Deanna Maureen Gleeson, David Wayne Quinn Phyllis Daphne Tomlin William Charles
Belcher Sophia Josephine Clark, Eliza Gleeson, Elvin Arthur    
Belcher Walter Clark, Ena Godfrey, Alfred John R U
Bishop Eileen Amelia Clark, Florence Maria Godfrey, Amelia Ann Rainbird Lola Daphne Unknown 1
Bishop Sydney Basil Clark, George Godfrey, Frank Ransley Catharine

Unknown 2

Blackwell Charles Daniel Clark, George Edward Godfrey, Frederick Ransley Emily Louisa Unknown 3
Blackwell Charles William Clark, Harry Godfrey, George Ransley Eric Unknown 4

Blackwell Dorothy

Clark, Herbert John Godfrey, Marion Ruth Ransley F.C. Unknown 5
Blackwell Frederick George Clark, Hope Godfrey, Unknown Ransley Frances Louisa Unknown 6
Blackwell Hazel Clark, Isaac   Ransley Kenneth Robert Unknown 7

Blackwell Ida Rose

Clark, James H Ransley Margaret Unknown 8
Bock Barac Clark, James 1 Hall, J Ransley Robert Unknown 9
Bock, Lena Clark, Margaret Hanlon Eliza Ransley Sarah Louisa Unknown 10
Bock, Sarah Clark, Martha Hanlon James Ransley Unknown Unknown Edward
Booth Kevin Clark, Mona Victoria Heron, Hugh Rayner Arthur James Unknown Eliza
Booth Leslie George Clark, Pearl May Heron, Jane Mary Rayner Charlotte Unknown Frederick George
Booth, Adrian David Clark, Percy Heron, Mary J Rayner Dorothy May Unknown George
Booth, Evette Clark, Percy James Heron, Mary Jane Rayner Edward Unknown Gordon Edwin
Booth, Grace Clark, Reberta Heron, William Wallace Rayner Elwin Unknown James
Booth, Kenneth Mervyn Clark, Sydney Thomas Holmes Alfred Rayner Ernest Unknown Kevin 1
Booth, Melissa Louise Clark, Thomas Holmes Allan Leonard Rayner Florence J Unknown Rec
Booth, Ruby Florance Clark, Thomas 1 Holmes Amy Rayner George William Unknown Sophia Josephine
Booth, William Keith Clark, Unknown Holmes Amy Josephine Rayner Isabel Lyall Unknown William
Bradley, Ida Annie Clark, Walter Holmes Athol Rayner Isabelle Unknown William Henry
Browning Thora May Clark, William J.E. Holmes Byron James Rayner Ivan  
Browning Vernon Allen Coleman Alfred J Holmes Charles John Rayner Kate W
Browning, Charles

Coleman, Alfred John

Holmes Eliza Rayner Laurence Halyer Williams Adelaide
Browning, Charles W. G. Coleman, Nellie May Holmes Frederick James Rayner Margaret Ellen Williams Adrian Horace
Browning, Desmond Terence Collins, Doris Holmes John Alpress Rayner Martha Williams Frederick
Browning, Eliza Collins, Leslie Hilton

Holmes Kevin

Rayner Martin Williams Henry
Browning, Emily

Cook William

Holmes Lloyd Rayner Mary Agnes Williams John
Browning, Flora Cook, Angus Gordon Holmes May Rayner Raymond Robert Williams Louisa
Browning, Henry Cook, Ella Mary Holmes Phoebe Emma Rayner Unknown Williams Mona
Browning, John Cook, Thomas Arthur

Holmes Reg

Rayner William Halyer Williams Robert
Browning, Louisa Cooper, Agnes Holmes Rhonda Joy Roberts Allan Ronald Williams Thomas
Browning, Mabel Amelia Cooper, Alfred John Holmes Unknown Roberts Amy Williams Unknown Mary
Browning, Royal Tasman Cooper Dennis Frederick Holmes William Seth   Wilson Errol George
Browning, Russell Charles Cooper, Doris Evelyn Horne Katy Louise S  
Browning, Sydney Charles Cooper, Emma Halyer

Hunn Edward

Saunders John  
Browning, Sydney John Cooper, Emma Josephine   Saunders Thomas Edward  
Browning, T.G. Cooper, Gary James I Silvester Gladys  
Browning Thora May Cooper, George William Irvine Louisa Silvester James  
Browning Vernon Allen Cooper, Hannah Irvine Maria Deborah Stanfield Frederick James  
Browning, Vivian Dennis Cooper John Edward      
Busch, Christopher James Cooper Mavis Eileen L    
Busch, Corrie Florence Cooper Margaret Alice Leeson Trevor James    
  Cooper, Walter J Lister Marjorie J    
    Luttrell William C    


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