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Gretna St Marys Anglican



Consecrated June 1 1848 by Bishop Nixon on land donated by Edward Terry of “Askrigg”

The Church is built of stone with cedar furnishing and was financed by donations from the congregation.

A feature of the church is its window erected in memory of the late John Walker of “Clarendon” whose wife was organist for the church for 50 years.

Widely known as The Woolpack Church” because of its proximity to the hotel of the same name which was the scene of an encounter between bushranger Martin Cash and the local police

Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 10th August 2008

A C Cont J P S
Abel Caleb Cashion Jackson, Ethel Parsons, Cecil Francis Smith, Leslie Samuel
Abel Mary Ann Chappell, Angus Malcolm Jarvis Elizabeth Parsons, Cecil John Smith, Viola Clare
Abel Russell Clarke, Caroline Jarvis, Henry Parsons, Elizabeth Smith, Vonda Elizabeth
Abel Sophia Clarke, Gertrude Jarvis, William Parsons, Esther Almena Spink Thomas
Abel William Clarke, Joseph Jarvis, William John Parsons, Frances Anita Stander, Aubrey
Abel William 1 Clarke, Lewis Jenkins, Daphne Mona May Parsons, Mary Anne Stander, Mary
Adams L.R.J. Clarke, William John Turner Jenkins, Jack Southy Penny, Henry Cecil Stevens, Albert George
  Clements Fanny   Pepper, Ivy Stevens, Alicia Maude
  Colbeck, Arthur Wayn L Phillips Virginia Mary Stevens, Glenn Lindsay
B Colbeck, Eliza Lowe, Amelia Alice Pilkington, Louisa D Stevens, Louisa Maud
Bannister Elizabeth Colbeck, Ellen Elizabeth Lowe, Amy Clare Pilkington, William J  
Bannister Errol V Colbeck, Elvin George Lowe, Amy Louisa Ploughman, Alma Grace T
Barker Albert Colbeck, Henry Charles Lowe, Annie Ploughman, Alwin Collins Terry Edward
Barker Edwin Colbeck, Hester Mary Lowe, Elsie May Ploughman, Denis Charles Terry, Dora Beatrice
Barker Elizabeth Macquarie Colbeck, Olive Selina Lowe, George Ploughman, Edward Terry, John
Barker Emily Colbeck Sarah Agnes Lowe, Graeme John Ploughman, Eliza Isobel Terry, John Edward
Barker Francis Frederick Colbeck, Wilfred Hobart Russell Lowe, Iris May Ploughman, Frederick George Terry, Marius
Barker Matilda Elizabeth Coleman, Arthur Edwin Lowe, Mary Ann Ploughman, Ruby Florence Terry, Robert Winspear
Barker Richard Coleman, Eileen Eunice Lowe, Ray John Ploughman, Trevor Collins Terry, Ruby
Barker Richard Edward Coleman, Faye Lowe, Richard Price, Ruth Terry, Thomas
Barker Sarah Frances Coleman, Mervyn John Lowe, William   Terry, Thomas 1
Bass Amy Cooper, Ada Annie   Q Terry, Unknown
Bayles Myrtle Lorie Cooper, Walter William M Quinn, Muriel Inez Thorpe, Elvina
Blackwell Leonard Courtney John Edwin Maddox, David Brian   Thorpe, Frederick C
Blackwell Walter John Cunningham, William Maddox, Elizabeth Patricia Mary R Triffitt, Arthur James
Bond Phillip   Maddox, Emma Rainbird, Aileen Beryl Triffitt, Auriel Ursula
Born Charles Wilfred D Maddox, Gary James Rainbird, Albert E Triffitt, Cyril Max
Bowerman Cleave Alexander Davies, Sheila Mary Cecil Maddox, Herbert Charles Rainbird, Alfred Triffitt, James
Bowerman Denzil Oliver Dean, William Maddox, L.A.J. Rainbird, Alice Jane  
Bowerman Dianne Downie, Alicia Alma Maddox, L.A.J Rainbird, Arnold Edwin U
Bowerman Doris Mona Downie, John William Maddox, L.K.G Rainbird, Arthur Thomas Unknown Herbert
Bowerman Dulcie Edna   Maddox, Robert Rainbird, Catherine Elizabeth Unknown Mary Ann Elizabeth
Bowerman Julian Garnett E Maddox, Unice Rainbird, Catherine Mary Unknown, Amy Clarissa
Bowerman Oliver Rupert Evans, David Henry Maddox, Unknown Rainbird Derwent Roy Barron Unknown, Eliza (Robinson See information below)
Bowerman Roy Rupert James Evans, Nigel Rodney Marsh, Anak Samuel Rainbird, Edward Unknown, Emm
Bowerman Ruby Sarah Eyres Unknown Marsh, Anak Wyndham Rainbird, Edward 1  
Bowerman Scott Anthony   Marsh, Bertha May Rainbird, Edward Charles V
Bowerman Trevor Thomas G Marshall, Ivy Ella Rainbird, Edward Ellis Veart Betty
Branch Douglas John Garrard Thomas Marshall, Margaret Aileen Rainbird, Elizabeth Veart Douglas
Branch Mervyn Francis Geard Charles Marshall, Percy Charles Rainbird, Elsie May Viner Ann Maria
Bray Audrey Geard John Marshall, Roy Warren Rainbird, Emily  
Burn Albert Walter Geard Mary Martin, Evelyn E. B. Rainbird, Ethel May W
Burn Bertram St. Clair Geard, Amelia Jane Martin, Evelyn E. B Rainbird, Frances Walker, Alan
Burn Charles Geard, Arthur Lewis McCann, Patrick Rainbird, Frederick Walker, Elizabeth
Burn Charles Arthur Geard, Harriett Eliza McCauley, Amy Rainbird, Frederick Alfred Walker, George
Burn Dora Geard, Jane Sophia McCauley, Harold Rainbird, George Frederick Walker, Maud
Burn Henry Geard, Jesse McKenzie, Emily Joy Rainbird, Gordon Jack Walker, William
Burn Lena Lucy Geard, Myrtle Mary Ann McKenzie, Percival John Rainbird, Harriett Elizabeth Watson, Ernest George
Burn Malcolm Joseph Geard, Oliver McMaster, Cecil William Rainbird, Herbert Charles Watson, Maud Harriet
Burn Mary Ann Geard, Samuel Charles McMaster, Herbert Winson Rainbird, Herbert Keith Watson, Max George
Burn Minnie Jane Geard, Weymouth Charles McMaster, Leslie Clarence Rainbird, Jean Catherine Wilkinson, Edith
Burn Sophia Ellen Gittus, Amy McMaster, Lily Maud Rainbird, Jessie Willson, Unknown
Burn Stanley Willis Gittus, George McMaster, Millie Rainbird, Joan Wilson Unknown
Burn Sybil Gittus, Harriet McMaster, Rachael Gwen Rainbird, John Ephraim Charles Wilson-Haffenden, Clive Lewis
Burn Wyndham Mandeville Gittus, Ida McMaster, Thomas William Rainbird, Joseph Unknown Wilson-Haffenden, Linda Mary
Burns Ada Gittus, John Meadows, Pierrepont Robert Rainbird, Julia Wilson-Haffenden, Marjorie Louise
Burns Alan Russell Gittus, Kenneth James Meadows, Sydney Manvers Rainbird, Kathleen Lavinia  
Burns Hedley John Gittus, Leslie Albert Meers, Aubrey Park Rainbird, Lavinia Ann  
Burns James Glover, Arthur Cyril Milne, Annie Estelle Rainbird, Lawence William (Tom)  
Burns Norman Vane Glover, Ivy Elizabeth Milne, Carrie Linia Rainbird, Lillian Edith  
Burns Russell James Glover, Mary Elizabeth Milne, Ethel Beatrice Rainbird, Matilda  
Burns Sarah Rachel Glover, William George Milne, Frederick Rainbird, Mercie  
Burns Violet Goodsell William Milne, Frederick Antony Rainbird, Mervyn  
  Gray, Cecil Francis Milne, Frederick Edward Rainbird, Muriel Lydia There are 37 Unknown graves in this cemetery
C Gray, May Milne, John Collicott Rainbird, Reginald  
Canfield Unknown Gray, Robert George Milne, Laurence Rainbird, Robert  
Cannan Ada Louise   Milne, Martha Annie Maria Rainbird, Sylvia Isabelle  
Cannan Athol Reuben H Milne, Mavis Jean Rainbird, Thomas  
Cannan Hedley George Hack, Louisa Sarah Milne, Percy John Collicott Rainbird, Valentine Powel  
Cannan Hugh Henry Hack, Susan Milne, Reginald George Rainbird, Vera May  
Cannan Margaret Elizabeth Hack, William   Rainbird, Vincent Jeremiah  
Cannan William Reuben Hanlon, Lionel John N Rainbird, Walter Joseph  
Cannell Edward Arthur James Hannan, Emily Ellena Nicol George Rayner, Edward W.G.  
Cannell Theresa Olive Cannell Hannan, Noel William   Rayner, Edward W.G  
Carmichael Allan Esmond Hannan, Vona Fay O Rayner, Unknown  
Carmichael Clifford Alexander Hannan, William Patrick Oakes, Ivy Grace Readder Ellen  
Carmichael, Edwin Alexander Harrison, Hedley Oakes, Jean Readder Gordon John  
Carmichael, George William Hope, Elizabeth Isabel Oakes, Walter Francis John Richards, Ada Frances  
Carmichael, Louisa Hope, Ella Mary Louise Orr Richards, Joseph  
Carmichael, Mary Anne Hope, Neil Colin Orr, Margarett Robinson, John  
Carmichael, Phyllis Mary   Orr, Sarah Robinson, William  
Carmichael, Raymond Harold   Orr, William Ronelson Helen  
    Orr William Russell, Ella May  
      Russell, William  
      Rutt Madeline  

Thankyou Mark Pilkington for the following information

I have visited the graveyard and can confirm the headstone you list as "Unknown, Eliza" is Eliza Robinson, who died 26 Nov 1860, the  wife of William Robinson who is also buried at the same site, and adjacent. You photo linked below allows faint reading of those details on the image.

Of interest my great great grandmother Sarah Robinson and her husband John Robinson died in the same month August 1869, and I suspect either Sarah is in an un-marked grave at Gretna, or is buried with John in the same grave, but not listed on his Headstone. Sarah was the mother of William James Pilkington, also buried at Gretna, with his wife Louisa.

Thankyou to Lyn for the following information

We had Arthur Wayn Colbeck and Sarah Agnes as  Colbeck Unknown

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Tuesday 12 November 1946 p 12 Family Notices COLBECK.-On November 11, 1946, suddenly, at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Sarah 

Agnes, loved and loving wife of Arthur Wayn Colbeck, of Craigmount, Mt.

Nelson Rd., and loving mother of Phyllis (Mrs C. L. Barnes), Arthur (Melbourne), Mansel, and Victor, in her 69th year. 

COLBECK Sarah Agnes

D: 11 Nov 1946 - 88yrs - SP: Arthur Wayn - See: Colbeck, Arthur Wayn - GRETNA ST MARYS ANGLICAN - HAMILTON - HOBART - HA02/05013 

COLBECK Arthur Wayn

D: 28 Oct 1955 - 80yrs - SP: Sarah Agnes - Also: 1 other - GRETNA ST MARYS ANGLICAN - HAMILTON - HOBART - HA02/05013

Rainbird Unknown is Rainbird Derwent Roy Barron

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Monday 9 June 1941 p 5 Family Notices RAINBIRD - On June 7, 1941 (suddenly) Ray Derwent Barren (Roy) dearly be loved youngest son of Frederick and Emily Rainbird of Derwent View Plenty In 

his 33rd year. Loved by all.

RAINBIRD-Funeral of the late Mr Ray D B (Roy) Rainbird will move from his parents residence, Derwent View, Plenty on Tuesday the 10th, inst at 2 pm arriving at St Mary's Church and Cemetery Gretna at 2. 30 pm.ALEX CLARK AND SON LTD Funeral Directors 

RAINBIRD Derwent Roy Barron




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