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St Stephens Hamilton





Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 28th March 2008

H Cont

S Cont
Adams, Florence Elsie Geard, Albert Hills, Unknown Smith, George Henry 2
Adams, Lawrence Russell Geard, Lois Ann Hills, Unknown 1 Smith, Joyce Olive
Allwright, Bessie E Goggins, Emma Amelia Hills, William Henry Smith, Mark
Allwright, Sydney Richard Gunn Goggins, James Hodge, Ellen Smith, Mark Sylvester
  Goggins, John Hodge, George Henry Sonners, Barbara K
B Goggins, Margaret   Sonners, Edward Albert
Bailey, Barry William Goggins, William J Sonners, Ethel Hannah
Bailey, Iris Cecilia   Jackson William Robert Sonners, George Asia
Bailey, Kaylene Julie H Jameson, Grace Sonners, Rosy May
Blackwell, John Hanley, Harold Vincent Jameson, John Sonners, Walter William
Blackwell, John Daniel Hanley, Mildred Doris Jenkins, Mary Ann Story, Ann Isabell
Blackwell, Olive Emily Hanlon, Annie Jones, Harold John Sullivan, Ann
Bolton, Alfred Hanlon, Frances   Sullivan, George Rory
Bolton, Catherine Hanlon, Frances 1 K Sullivan, John
Bolton, John Hanlon, James Hamilton Clyde Kelleher, Unknown Sullivan, John 1
Bolton, Mary Hanlon, Lawrence King, Frank Sullivan, Margaret
Bolton, William Hanlon, Margaret King, Maury Sullivan, William Thomas
Booth John Ralph Hanlon, Thomas King, Melanie Jayne  
Booth, Clara Elizabeth Heawood, Margaret Rebecca Kitchin, Maxwell Keith U
Booth, Ella Eugenie Heawood, Raymond Francis    
Booth, John Ralph Heawood, William Trevor L Unknown, Mary Ann
Booth, Ralph Edward Hills William Langdon, Annie Unknown, Maxwell George
Booth, William John Hills, Alan Joseph Langdon, Annie Mary Unknown, Minnie Eileen
Bowerman, George Hills, Annie Gertrude Langdon, Oliver Unknown, Samuel
Bowerman, William Hills, Claude Langdon, Rosy H Unknown, Walter John
Boyce, Lenna June Hills, Colin Langdon, William C  
Bridget Bowerman Hills, Eden Thomas Lockley Ada Jane W
Brown, E. H. Hills, Edgar   Webberley, Alfred Mervyn
Bryant, Charles Hills, Emily Jane M Webberley, Beryl Olive
Bryant, Lillian Hills, George Manning, Amy Victoria Webberley, Florence Lomey
Bryant, Unknown Hills, Harold Lloyd Manning, Ellen Webberley, G.M.
Byrne, Edward Hills, Ida Matilda Manning, George Thomas Webberley, Leo George
  Hills, James Manning, Herbert Webberley, Leonore May
C Hills, James Eden Manning, Kevin Joseph Whiting, S. M.
Carlisle, Mary Hills, John Joseph Marszalek, Jan Williams, Cecil Louis Claude
Clark, A. J. Hills, Joseph Meissner, Bertha Williams, Rose
Clark, Amy Muriel Hills, Joseph Norman Meissner, Harry Williams, Theodore
Clark, Unknown Hills, Kathleen O Williams, Vida Victoria
Clark, Unknown 1 Hills, Keith George O'Shaughnessy Marie  
Cooper, Margaret Arabella Hills, Lewis P  
  Hills, Marion Parrissons, Anthony James  
D Hills, Mary Anne    
Dickenson, Elizabeth Hills, Maurice Alan R  
Dickenson, William Hills, Noel Graham Rayner, Annie Eliza  
Dillon, Margaret Hills, Norah B Rayner, Charles Edward  
Dillon Mary Hills, Norman Reeves Winifred Emily  
Downie, Ellen May Hills, Rachel Reynolds, Geoffrey  
Downie, Hilary Ann Hills, Robert Reynolds, Stanley Caswell  
Downie, John Frederick Hills, Ronald Harold Roe Ida Lillie Irene  
Downie, K. T. Hills, Roseline Violet    
Downie, Roy Glenelg Hills, Ruby S  
  Hills, Sarah Smith, Azana Jane  
Hills, Terence Henry Smith, Billy
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, David
Smith, George Henry

Smith, George Henry 1


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