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                                               Osterley St James Anglican




Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 10th June 2008

B C J P Cont T
Bannister Alexander Clements Amy F Jenkins Ann Pearce Peter Phillip Temple Alfred John
Bannister Alexander2 Clements Francis E Jenkins Elore Minnie Pearce Thomas John Temple Keverall
Bannister Arthur Clements Francis Joseph Jenkins Robert Pearce Thomas William Temple Richard
Bannister Edmund Clements Janie Jenkins William George Pearce Unknown Triffett Adelaide
Bannister Elizabeth M Cracknell Alice Ellen   Pearce Wayne John Triffett Athol Thomas
Bannister Elsie Edeline   L Pearce William Lewis Triffett Denis Owen
Bannister Ernest Bernard


Lane Norma Gwendoline Presnell Annie Triffett Dennis Charles
Bannister Harriet Davie Myrtle V   Presnell Edward J Triffett Jean Christine
Bannister Mervyn Geoffrey Davie Ronald M   Triffett Keith Reginald
Bannister Roland Dadge   Moore Amy R Triffett Mervyn Iric
Bannister Vera Ada Grace E   Reggett Barry John Triffett Vicki Margaret
Bannister Whybert Charles Eyles Reginald John


Reggett Coralie Eileen  
Bannister William   Pearce Alfred Keith Reynolds Charles Lawrance William W
Bannister William2 F Pearce Alice Frances Maud Reynolds Elizabeth Wrigley Hilton Keith
Batchelor Geoffrey Lance Farrow Clarrie Pearce David John Reynolds George Rowland Guildford  
Berry Alfred Farrow Gwendoline Alice Pearce Doris Melba Reynolds Lawrence Saxon  
Berry Alice Margaret   Pearce Elizabeth Reynolds Lawrence Saxon2  
Berry Charles Frederick H Pearce Ella Regine    
Berry Charles James Harrex Ann Elizabeth Pearce Ena Sylla Lititia S  
Berry Claude H Harrex Charles Proctor Pearce Flo Saunders Charlotte Annie  
Berry Coralie Eileen Harrex Ella Mary Pearce Geoffrey William Saunders Douglas George  
Berry Fanny Harrex Emmeline E Pearce George Patrick Saunders Frederick Hector  
Berry George V Harrex Esward John Pearce Hilda May Saunders George R  
Berry James Alfred Harrex George Pearce Jean Saunders Kenneth Eugene  
Berry James Guildford Harrex John James Pearce John David Saunders Melbah  
Berry Mirim Kate Harrex Matha M Pearce Katherine Saunders Rowl E A  
Berry Rowland George Harrex Minnie Isabel Pearce Lilly May Saunders William  
Berry William C Harrex Philip George Pearce Linda Phyllis Scott Waverley Joyce  
Bissett R J Harrex Sidney Roland Pearce Lindsay Gordon Stokell Unknown  
Burris Edward James Holzworth Martha Mary Pearce Lois Faye    
Burris Eleanor Howe Evelyn May Pearce Nannette Judith    
Burris William        

There are 8 Unknown headstones
Unknown1.jpg (56220 bytes) Unknown2.jpg (173398 bytes) Unknown3.jpg (55765 bytes) Unknown4.jpg (61572 bytes) Unknown5.jpg (58593 bytes) Unknown6.jpg (60017 bytes) Unknown7.jpg (61626 bytes) Unknown8.jpg (58972 bytes)
Unknown1 Unknown 2 Unknown 3 Unknown 4 Unknown 5 Unknown 6 Unknown 7 Unknown 8


Williams Elizabeth Ivy

A family member of Peter Heziakah Forbes asked us that his uncle be recorded as being in this cemetery he died 10th May 1950 (no photo)

Thank you Vera Spencer for sending through a notice through from Trove that could be a very big possibility for Unknown 8 as dates match.

WILLIAMS.-On June 12, 1951, at Ouse,

Elizabeth Ivy, dearly beloved youngest daughter of James and Phyllis Leila Williams, of Ouse, aged 7 days. \ Funeral will arrive at Osterley ceme-tery, Tomorrow (Thursday), at 2.30pm.


Funeral Directors,

Phone 29. New Norfolk.

Saunders  William Frederick

Dear Sue – Doing family history  Saunders: On the 21st October 1929 at his brother’s residence Osterley William Frederick Saunders aged 63 years.

Friends of the late William Frederick Saunders are informed that his funeral will move from his brother’s residence, post office, Osterley for the Church of England Cemetery Osterley at 1.45 pm Wednesday October 23rd.  His name does not appear on Osterley Grave site (un marked grave)

Would it be possible to include.  Kind regards Andrew Forbes – Launceston.









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