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Ouse  Anglican St John Of Baptist

Built in 1842 on land donated by Walter Angus Bethune (1794-1885) who was the son of a presbyterian minister but who converted to the Anglican Church, the building is of stone and rubble and has a small bell turret and was consecrated 9th May, 1867.  Cost of the building was met by local contributions and voluntary labour. 

The stained glass windows in the church are dedicated to early pioneers and another was installed in 1943 to celebrate the centenary of completion date. 

The bell is said to have come from Port Arthur. 

In 1982 extensive renovations were carried out with the north west wall being entirely replaced from locally quarried sandstone.


Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 7th September 2007

 S Cont

Bannister Annie Haewood William Lane Alfred William Parker Edward Squires Thomas
Berris Edward Haewood William2 Lane Annie Parker Ella Rose Stanfield Emily
Bethune Annie Emily Hall Elizabeth Lane Annie Louisa Parker Frank D Stock Elizabeth
Bethune John Charles Harrex Alfred William Lane Christina Parker Jane Stock John Edward
Bethune Louisa Gellibrand Harrex Hannah Rachel Lane Effie Parker Joseph Stock Joseph
Bethune Malcolm Hart Charles H Lane Elsie Vivian Pilcher Esther Lewis Stock Robert
Bethune Mary Louisa Holmes Ada Janet Lane Eva Jane Pilcher Jane Stock Sarah
Bethune Walter Ross Munro Holmes John Lane George John Pilcher John  
Blackwell Daniel Hood John Lane James Pilcher John2 T
Bowerman George   Lane James2 Pilcher John3 Temple Alfred William Clarence
Burns Harold Keith


Lane Sarah Lucy Pilcher Unknown Temple Charlotte
  Jenkins Annie Langdon Annie Pogson George William Temple Robert John David
C Jenkins William Langdon Henry Tyler   Tomlin Mona
Cox Christina Johnston Thomas Latham Ellen R Triffitt Unknown
Cox Edward Jones Annie Latham William Pennefather Rawlinson Fanny  
Cox Edward2 Jones Athol Long James Rodda Albert Thomas U
Cox Edward George Jones Thomas   Rodda Alma Alice Unknown Barbrah
    M Rodda Ernest Henry Unknown Catherine


K McCallum Amy Victoria Rodda Jane Unknown George
Daly Maria Agnes Keats Harriett McCallum George William Rodda Richard Vale Unknown John
Davis Catherine Keats William McIntyre Thomas Edward Rodda Richard Vale 2 Unknown Margaret
  King Emma Louise McKay Elizabeth Weymouth Rodda W J Unknown Sarah Mary
E King John   Rolls Charles Unknown Sylla Eleanor Sarah
Ellis Annie Jane Kitchen Frank Hedley


Rolls John Unknown William
Ellis Jessie F Kitchen Sara Ann Nicholas George Clarence Rolls Margaret Unknown William Henry
Ellis Johanna Kitchin George James Nicholas Henric Rose Alice Florence Unknown Winifred Mary
Eyles Annie Kitchin Hedley John Nicholas Henric Clarence    
Eyles Ellen Louisa Knight Edward Fletcher Nicholas Minnie S W
Eyles George     Smith John Wrigley Doris Eileen
Eyles Lewis Edward   O Squires George Henry Wrigley Robert
Eyles Sarah   Orr Jean Annie Squires Jane  

Unknown 1 Unknown 2 Unknown 3 Unknown 4 Unknown 5
Unknown 6 Unknown 7 Unknown 8    


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