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                                Cambridge Congregational







Allison Ernest Henry Chapman Arthur Heron James Albert Miller Scott Noel Roberts Norman Lewis
Allison Marion Chapman Hedley Hibberd Arthur Milne David Robinson Anne
Arnold Darcy Chapman Joseph R Hibberd Arthur Maxwell Milne Mabel Florence Robinson Geoffrey Robert
Arnold Hilda Chapman Walter Percy Hibberd Elizabeth Margaret Monaghan Irene Rogers Frederick Leslie Charles
Arnold J C Childs Ralph Hibberd Frederick Henry Morrison John Rupert Rogers Sarah Winifred
Arnold Joan M Clark Betty Clair Hibberd Ivy May Morrison Leslie


Arnold John Clark John Frawley Hibberd Leonard Seymour Murdoch Allan Germain Sandman Denis
Arnold Ronald Tasman Cotton Lavinia Hannah Hill Samuel Roe Murdoch Allan Germain2 Sandman Gary John
Arnold Ted Crisp Grace Hobden Alice Amelia Murdoch Amy Una Scott Paul


Cross Raymond Ellis Hobden Alice Amelia2 Murdoch Antonia Shoobert Percy Wilde Joseph
Backhouse Albert James Cumming Flora Violet Ellanor Hobden Bruce Jack Murdoch Arabella Simpson Barry
Backhouse Andrew Albert Cumming Henry Stuart Hobden Charlie Murdoch Clara Smith John Henderson
Backhouse Andrew Maxwell Cuthbertson Alfred Neil Hobden Christina Murdoch Clara Maria Smith William
Backhouse Arthur William Cuthbertson Hazel Hobden Clara Eva Murdoch Colin Capper Straehan Richard
Backhouse Dora Cuthbertson Kathleen Hobden Clarence Fitzgerald Murdoch Dorothy Edna Straehan Margaret
Backhouse Francis Matilda


Hobden Eleanor Murdoch Ellen Ely Suckling Leslie Walter
Bain John Hector Davies Reginald Bryant Hobden Glory Murdoch Elsie Rivers Suckling Margaret Minnie
Barnett Jane Taylor De Salis Ellen Louise Hobden Jack Murdoch Fanny Sutcliffe Athol
Barnett Olive Mary Denholm Alexander Hobden Lena Murdoch George Sutcliffe Edward A
Barnett Osmond Lambert Denholm Henry Gillis Hobden Lionel Joseph Murdoch Grace Sutcliffe Edward George
Barron David Anthony Denholm Olive Mattie Hobden Nita Murdoch Harry Sutcliffe Elsie May
Belbin Ada Denholm Ruth Hobden Philip Murdoch Hilda Ruth Sutcliffe G E
Belbin Anne Denholm Ruth2 Hobden Rex Murdoch Isabel


Belbin Bernard Denny Bertha Hobden Rheuban Arthur Murdoch James Tamlyn Elliott Horden
Belbin Caroline Diprose Colin Leslie Hobden Roy Murdoch James2 Thompson Annie
Belbin Edward Dodderidge James Hobden Valda Jean Murdoch James3 Thurley Geoffrey
Belbin Fanny Maria Doddridge Donald Gordon Hobden Vera Murdoch James Peter Thurley Geoffrey William
Belbin Frederick Doddridge Stanley Norman Hoffman Alfred Murdoch Jane Ellen Thurley Graham Douglas
Belbin George Douglas Dunbabin Mary Hoffman Derwent Keith Murdoch Jean Menzies Thurley Graham Rayphel
Belbin Henry Frederick Dunbabin Sarah Ada Hoffman Donald Murdoch John Thurley Henry Joseph
Belbin James Dunn Dallas Harold Hoffman Stephen Murdoch John2 Thurley June Faye
Belbin John Ronald


Hoffman Violet Murdoch John3 Thurley Marjorie Irene
Belbin Lilla Grace England Harry Holmes John Inkerman Murdoch John4 Thurley May
Belbin Mary English Russell Holmes Sarah Murdoch John6 Thurley Nora Daphne
Belbin Roger James Evans Annabella Hooper Melva Gloria Murdoch John Hugh Germain Townsend Agnes
Bellette James William Isaac Evans Clara Houston Primula Rosemary Murdoch Lawrie George Townsend Maxwell John
Bellette Margaret Ivy


Hudson Harold Murdoch Lieut William Troman Gwendoline Pearl
Bidgood Bertha Caroline Felmingham Alexander J Murdoch Lottie Tunks Ann
Bidgood Dulcie Vere Felmingham Samantha Jeschke Judith Claudine Murdoch Margaret Tunks Arthur
Bidgood Jeannie Gwendoline Figg Martyn Charles Johnson Matilda Murdoch Margaret Betty Tunks Donna Maree
Bidgood John Everard Fitzgerald Albert Edward Johnson William Montrose Murdoch Margaret Emily Tunks Monica
Bidgood Juan Lance Fitzgerald Edwin John Johnston William Louis Murdoch Marie Jean2 Turner Ross Leonard
Bidgood William A M Fitzgerald Hilda Joseph Alan Keith Murdoch Mary Germain


Bidgood William Eustace Fitzgerald Lillian Dorothy Joseph Alice May Murdoch Neil Francis Unknown Annie Victoria
Bignell Edith Lillian Fitzgerald Raymond Joseph Joe Fred Murdoch Peter Unknown Joseph
Bignell Ella Jane Fletcher Reginald Edwin Joseph Merlie Grace Murdoch Peter2 There are 7 unreadable headstones
Bignell George Fletcher Velma Jean Joseph Samuel Murdoch Robert Bruce


Bignell Grace Edith Fraser Margaret Joseph Tamika Jane Murdoch Robert Bruce2 Walker Frances May
Bignell Grace Thompson Fraser Robert A Joseph Thomas Harold Murdoch Robert Bruce3 Ward Minnie
Bignell Isabella Sarah Fraser Simon Joseph Trevor George Murdoch Robert John Ward Ronald Harry
Bignell John Macmichael Free George William


Murdoch Thomas Whelan Colin Charles
Bignell Sarah Free Hebe Kelly Jean Hilda Murdoch Thomas2 Whelan Myra Jean
Bignell William G Kelly Thomas Mervyn


Whelan Thelma Doreen
Bird Kathy Galder Myra Joan Kendrick Dulcie Nelson Ronald H Wiggins Gilbert Henry
Bone Lily May Garth B T Kendrick Frank Roland Nicolson John Wiggins Mona Grace
Bone Osborne William Garth James Leslie Kennedy Edna Mary Nicolson Rowena Caroline Wiggins Trevor B
Bowerman Glen Andrew Geason Francis Xavier Kennedy James Johnson


Willis Ella May
Bowley Phoebe Gilbert Brett Ian Krowing Molly Christine O'Hehir Evelyn Mary Woolford Elizabeth Caroline
Brand Marcus H Gill David Rowland Krowing Starja Ann O'May Ernest Watson Woolford Harold John
Briant Charles A Gill Ian Charles



Wylie Irene
Briant Florence Gill R B Lawler Geoff Parker George John  
Buchanan Amy Jeanette Glover Marc Ronald Lawler Janet Parker Rebecca  
Buchanan Diana Nora Constance Glover Rex Vivian Lay Leslie Parremore Harold C  
Buchanan Henry Gillis Goodwin Arthur Percival Lewis W Owen Parremore Mary A Rebecca  
Buchanan Martha Goodwin Catherine Eva Lockley Edward Donald Paynter Sarah  
Buchanan Peter Goodwin Douglas James Lockley Elizabeth Irene Peart Norman  
Burgess Reginald John Goodwin Edwin Walter Long Dianne Pickett Albert Charles  
Burns Andrew Murdoch Goodwin Jack Earl


Pickett Viola Jean  


Goodwin Mary Manning Ellen Maud Pike Frances Claire  
Calvert Maurice Goodwin Norman Edwin Manning George James Pike Lucy May  
Campbell Goodwin Percival Manning Gwendoline Sarah Prestage Neil John  
Campbell Albert Clarence Gray Noel Douglas Manning Henry William Puna Ka Tuakeu  
Campbell Daphne Laura Green Edna Amy Manning James


Campbell David Vincent Green Jeffrey Manning Louisa Jessie Quin Arthur Henry  
Campbell Dean Charles Green Jeffrey John Manning William


Campbell Doreen Beryl Green Joanne Lee Mapley Diane Victoria Rainbird Madge  
Campbell Edith Lizzie Griffin Albert George Marney Joseph Rainbird Walter Royden  
Campbell Frances Emily Griffin Alice Maud Maxwell Alan Peter Rattray Arthur  
Campbell George E Griffin Frank McDermott Albert Rattray Constance  
Campbell George Henderson Griffiths Tasman Henry McDermott Ivy May Richardson Daphne Doreen  
Campbell Harold Charles


Mcdermott Maxwell Richardson Mervyn  
Campbell Hugh Colin Hanslow Doris Lillian Mcdermott Nellie Doreen Richardson Olive Elizabeth  
Campbell Ian George Hanslow George Trevor McGuire George Alfred Richardson Shane Neil  
Campbell James Maurice Hanslow Ivy Isabella McKay Eliza Richardson Sylvia Lillian  
Campbell Kathleen Dawn Hanslow James McKay William F Riley Albert Victor  
Campbell Robert Hanslow Sarah Mckellar Elizabeth Riley Blanche Virginnia  
Campbell Stephen John Hansson Byron Noel Miller Alston Langley Riley Caroline  
Campbell Thomas Hansson Edmund Percy Miller Doreen Elizabeth Riley Darren  
Cash Kenneth Stephen Harriet Manning Miller Mabel E Riley Denis James  
Cash Leila May Harrod Estelle Ada Claire Miller Osmond R Riley Edward William  
Cash Mary Jane Henry Elizabeth Fanny Miller Roger James Riley John  
Cash Stephen Henry Elizabeth Grace Miller Rowena A Riley Mary Ann  


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