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Archer Murray W Dale John Wayne Holohan Keith Henry Herbert Minnie Unknown Scott Sydney Ronald
Aulich Joyce Vera Dalwood Millie Hopkins June Mirowski Jerzy Bogdan Searle Eileen Mary
  Dalwood Norm Hopkins Roy Mirowski Margit Alice Shaw Lorraine Kathleen


Dare Sylvia Florence Horne Geoffrey Moles Pearl Ethel Shegog Brett Stewart
Badcock Tom David Colin Horner James Charles Mosley Aylwin John

Shegog Emma Kate

Baker Barbara Jean Davidson Alice Myrtle Hoskinson Peter Thomas Munro Dorothy Shields Tasman
Baker Dennis Davidson Maxwell Theodore Houston Hugh William Munro Murray

Shields Theresa Anne

Baker Valerie Grace Davis George Henry Hunt Athol John   Siggins William Benjamin
Balcombe Beryl Devereux Albert Bernard Hunt Nina M


Sims Maxwell Grayson
Banks Doine Lillian Donaldson Jemima F Hutchinson Shirley Ada Nichols Betty Smith Davis John
Banks Horace Reginald Douglas Patricia M   Nichols Ewen Snell Peter David
Bannister John Downey Paul


Noble Robert Oliver Standen Robin James
Bardwell Helen Joyce Doyle Gordon Isaac George Herbert Norris Alexander Stewart Albert Standring Donald
Bardwell Kenneth Mathew Dresser Ila May   Norris Zoe Mavis Victoria Stanton John Alan
Barry William Sylvester Drew Leo Spencer


Nutting Gwen Steedman Lawrence
Batge Jack Tasman Drew Stephen John Jacks Andrew Paul   Steedman Lily
Behrens Doris Maud Driscoll Verona Margaretta

Jackson Pauline May


Steer Sandra Fay
Behrens Molly Duncan Barbara Mary Jarvis Brett Lyndon Oswin Ronald Stewart Vera
Bennett Albert James Duncombe Alfred Jolley Bruce   Stokes Alan
Bennett David Ian Dunn Edith May Jolley Veronica Rose


Stokes David
Bennett Maxwell Gordon Dutton Jean J Jones Athol Ashton Padman Betty Katherine Sturzaker Annie
Berry Michel


Jones Margaret Rose Padman Necia June


Bevis Arthur Laurence



Padman Wesley Albert


Bickerstaffe Nigel Ian Eiszele Dorothy


Parker Colin Tate Sharni Montanna
Bigwood Nigel David Evans Marie Therese Kearney Robert Charles Parsons Jennifer Maree Tate Stan
Blackburn Lynette   Kelly Terence Robert Pearson Joyce Gladys Taylor Annie
Blaschke Harry J


Kerkham Anthony Ronald Penwright Timothy James Taylor Arthur John
Blenkinsop Jamie Fergusson Dorothy King John George Peters Fred Terry Violet Marie
Boatwright Betty Kathleen Fergusson Peter Kingston Brigette Phillips Ross Thurley Robert Grant
Boatwright Norman Leslie Fielding Rosemary Kingston Leita Christina Potter Marjorie Eileen Thurston Maxwell
Booth Neville Fisher Gerald Lloyd Knight Esme Joan Potter R Geoffrey Thurston Norma
Booth Thomas Edward   Knight Reuben John Powell Mary May Toms Gerald Victor
Bovill William Wingfield


  Pratt Eric Robert  
Boxhall Irene May Gallahar Olga May


Priestley Irvine


Brown Neville Varley Geappen Gwendoline May Labinsky Claus Dieter Purdon Kathleen Vaux John Henry
Brown Reginald Alfred Geappen John Henry Lade Maxine   Verney John
Brown Robert James Geappen Lillian Lampkin Ivy


Verney Margaret
Bruce Madge Gearman Ralph Edward Lane John Anthony Raspin Doris Leonie Verrier Maxwell
Bunyard Paul Gebei Louisa

Lawrence Reginal Alexander

Rean William Vile Louise Anne
  Gibbs Richard Thomas

Lewis David James

Reardon Geoffrey Raymond Vince Ivy Daphne


Goldston Florence Lighton John Hugh Reardon Leo Lancelot Viney Keith Henry
Campbell Mary McLarty Goldston George Livingston Donald Reid Henry Ernest Vineze Frank
Campbell Neil Colin Gottschalk Valma I Lockwood Ronald Maxwell Revell Betty Joan Voss Pauline
Canning Gwenda Elaine Grant James Logan Kay Alice Richardson Cyril Ross  
Cantrell Colleen Mary Grant Sydney John Long Ruby Ellen Richardson Lola Eleanor


Cargill Sarah Elizabeth Gribble Ethel Lynch Dawn Margaret Richardson Marjorie Weav George William
Cashin Joseph Arthur Grommond Ross Andrew   Rigby Geoffrey Kitchener Weeding Phyl
Cheng Dominic Ming Hoi  


Riley Mervyn Weeding Rex
Chung Audrey


Mather Robert Oswald

Ripper Robert

Wertheimer Arnold Kenneth
Clark Christine Frances Haines William Hugh Maxwell Jean Robertson Jason Clifford White Elsie May
Clegg Brian George Hamilton Ian Benjamin Maxwell Ron Robinson Betty White Gerald
Clements Jack Hammer Thelma Nancy Mayne Alice Rita Robinson Reginald Bruce White Keith William
Clifford Frederick C Hanson Noel Standfield Mayne Bessie Lois Robinson Susanne White Marjorie Eunice
Clothier Beatrice Marion Harbottle Frank Leslie

Mayne Robert John

Rogers Laurence White Ronald Rowe
Coleman Jill Estelle Harbottle Una Myrtle Edline Mayne Sydney Rogers Lois Dulcie Wilkins Jayne
Coleman Lilias Ife Harding Alice Joan Mayo Roque Rogers Stephen Lawrence Williams Mavis Evelyn
Conn Allan Hardstaff Timothy John Mazengarb Joyce Rogers Stephen Lawrence 1 Wilson Colin Paterson
Conn June Harper Mary McGinniss Roy Newman Ruddick Philip Wilson David
Connor Beverley Harrison Stephen Lawrence McKean Donald Lindsay Ryan Susan Elizabeth Wilson Terence Harry
Cooper Douglas J J Harrison Wayne Michael McKinlay Fiona Beth   Worladge Brian Lindsay
Coppock Peggy Margaret Hart Audrey Constance McLeod Theona Alice


Wright Kenneth William
Cornelius Robert Henry Hawkins Timothy Leigh Mee Robert Austin Salter Janice Mabel Wright Lindsay
Cowen David Barry Hay Eric Maxwell Middlton Neil Andrew Salter Lani Wright Pam
Cowen Eric William Hayes Michael James Miller Leslie Francis Salter Rupert Henry Edward  
Cracknell Paul Ivo Herbeert Irene Nicol Millhouse Patricia Dawn Salter Sheila Maura Vernon  
Curry Leslie John Hill Davis William Mills Garry John Samarin Vasily  
Cushion Wilma Hobden Neil Francis Mills John Roy Scott Joan Annie  


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