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                                    Ranelagh St James Anglican

The first church at Ranelagh was constructed out of bark but was replaced in 1853 with a brick church which was consecrated in 1854.  The next building was a Hunter designed timber church which was built at a cost of 360 pounds.  Unfortunately this was destroyed by bushfires in 1885. 

The current church was designed by James Fagg and built at a cost of 500 pounds and was consecrated by Bishop Montgomery on November 8th 1896. 

This stunning little church is now heritage listed.



P Cont

Aitchison Edward Davis Bertha May Leitch Laura Edeline Page Edna May Talbot John
Aitchison Olive Davis Brian Jack Lewis Bernard Lindsay Page Edwin Samuel Tanner Harry Clarence
Aitchison Reginald Neal Davis Eric Lincoln John Page Edwin Taylor Colleen Elizabeth.
Albury Lillian Cecilia Davis Louisa Linnell Edward Isaac Page Eldred Reginald Terry Unknown Jack
Albury William George Davis Roy Linnell Edward Page Emma Thomas Alice Louisa
Ayers Florence Annie Davis Warren Linnell John Page Florence Violet Thornton Thomas Arthur
Ayres Russell Douglas Ivy Sarah Linnell Rose Isobel Page Harry Glen Thorp Cecil Cameron
  Linnell Unknown Page Horace Charles Thorp Kathleen Gwen
B E Lovell Albert Page Lily Rose Thorpe Amy
Baily Brydge Harry Tatlock Earley Janet Lovell Alice May Page Myra Grace Thorpe Clarence Hubert
Baily Cecil Charles Evans Sonia Ann Lovell Ashley Arthur Page Oswald Titmus Hedley Cyril
Baily Donald Bennett   Lovell Jeanetta Ann Page Pearl Hilda Turfrey Albert
Baily Dulcie Josephine F Lovell Marjory June Page Percy Turfrey Betty
Baily Freda Fletcher George William Lovell Sandra Kaye Page Reginald Turfrey Hilda
Baily Hugh Thomas Fletcher George Lynch Rixene Tamara Page Rowland John Turfrey Richard
Baily Kenneth Cecil Flynn George Victor   Page Rowland Turfrey William David
Baily Reginald Frank Francomb Harry C M Page Samuel Turfrey William Louis
Baily Ruby Purser Frankcomb Amy Frances Mansfield Rita M Page Sarah Heley Turnbull Donald Calkin
Baily Sheila Doreen Frankcomb Arthur A Marsh Hilda Caroline Page Walter Archibald  
Baily William John Frankcomb Arthur John Marsh Ralph Osborne Page William Charles. U
Bashford Selina Frankcomb Barbara Mary Marsh Ronald Huon Page William Unknown Albert
Baxter Agnes Frankcomb Betty Marsh Valerie Evelyn Parsons 1 Unknown Annie Elizabeth
Bell Ellen Frankcomb Courtney George Mawdsley Thomas Parsons 2 Unknown Charles Ernest
Bell Elvie Louise Frankcomb Dora Evelyn McCoy Arthur Parsons 3 Unknown Charles
Bell Ernest C Frankcomb Dora Susan McCoy Clyde Walker Parsons Alexander Charles Unknown Dorothy
Bell Freda Coral Frankcomb John Clarence McCoy Cyril. Parsons Charles James Unknown Edward Isaac
Bell George   McCoy Edith Dallas Parsons Frank Unknown Elizabeth
Bell John2 Frankcomb Max Amesbury McCoy Elizabeth Parsons Jean Olwen Unknown Emily
Bell John Henry Frankcomb May Elizabeth McCoy Hazel Parsons John Alexander Unknown George
Bell John Frankcomb Thomas Amesbury2 McCoy Helen Joy Parsons John Unknown Kathleen Mary
Bell Laura Jane Frankcomb Thomas Amesbury McCoy John William Parsons Lizzie Unknown Rosina Olive
Bell Lyla Frankcomb Thomas Jabez Amsbury McCoy Joy Parsons Madge Unknown Sarah
Bell Matilda Furminger Guy McCoy Lillian Grace Parsons Maria Unknown Wilhelmena
Bell Nancy Rhyllis Fyfe Dulcie Leila McCoy Lyla Mildred Parsons Mimosa Patrecia  
Bell Phyllis   Medbury Charlotte Parsons Silas V
Bell Rodney John G Medbury Kenneth Horatio Parsons Walter Silas Voss Daniel
Bell Victor Geeves Mollie June Menzie Alfred George Paul Bernel James Voss Emily Frances
Bell William James Geeves Mollie Menzie Ivy Joyce Perry James Voss Florence
Beltz Emily Goodwin Bertram Menzie Rosina Elizabeth Phillips Emily May Voss Garnett
Bennet Isobel Goodwin Florence Grace Mitchell Arthur James Phillips Trevor George Voss Gordon Harris
Bennett Ada Mary Gray Neville Selwyn Mitchell Betty Marguarite Picone Beatrice Voss Olga Pearl
Bennett Alfred Charles Griggs Augustus George Mitchell Frederick James Picone Robert Voss Samuel James
Bennett Catherine Griggs Basil Frederick Mitchell Unknown Lillian Prescott Selina Florence  
Bennett Elsie May Griggs Hedley Augustus   Proverbs Adye W
Bennett Eric Mansel Griggs Henry William N Proverbs Pearl Wagg Alfred Edward
Bennett George Griggs Joyce Daphne Newbon Algie Clarence R Wagg Gwenderline Amy
Bennett Grace Griggs Leslie Ralph Newbon Fanny Richards Ada Elizabeth Sophia Wagg Lucy Eliza
Bennett Henry Griggs Olive C Newbon George Richards Charles Ernest Wakefield Lilian May
Bennett Jessie May Griggs Olive Rose Newbon Mary Pain Richards Clara J Walch W George
Bennett Kate Griggs Ralph Newbon Mervyn Albert Richards Gertrude E S Walker Edwin
Bennett Kevin Edgar Griggs Unknown William Newbon Myrtle Cecilia Richards Harold Charles Walker Fanny
Bennett Mildred Grimsey Susannah Newbon Nigel Frank Richards Jane Victoria. Walker Hannah
Bennett Neil Edgar Grimsey William Newbon Richard Richards William Charles Walker Lorna Mary
Bennett Robert   Newbon Sarah Robert Charlotte Elizabeth Walker Thomas
Bennett Rosa Pearl Maud H Newbon Sylvia Doreen Roberts Edward H Wallis Alan
Bennett Unknown Vernon Harper Robert William Newbon Wessen Richard Roberts Herbert Wallis Alvenia
Bennett Unknown Harris Algie E G Newbon William (Son) Roberts Unknown Wallis Anne
Bennett William T Preston Harris Amelia Eliza Newbon William Rumney Anthony Wallis Benjamin
Bennett William Harris Arthur Newman Caroline Rumney Mavis Lily Wallis Bertha Louisa
Bond George Harris Birdie Nichols Alice Maud Russell Kevin Wallis Clifford E I
Bond Hugh Harris Charles Nichols Arthur John   Wallis Ebenezer
Bond Lila Harris Charlotte Nichols Arthur William S Wallis Elizabeth Ann
Bond Lucy McChristie Harris Daphne Hazel Nichols Bernard Allen Salter Andrew Raymond Wallis George
Bond Richard Harris Douglas Harry Nichols Dulcie Violet Salter Christian Raymond Wallis Grace Maria
Bond Rose Harris Eliza2 Nichols George Charles Salter Nina Annie Wallis Hilda Leonara
Bond Walter J Harris Eliza Nichols Sarah Schmidt August Wallis James Silas
Bone Malcom Leslie Harris Freda Joyce Nicholson Christina Schmidt Clotilda Victoria Wallis Linda Kathlyn
Bowcher John Crocker Harris George 2 Nicholson John Schmidt Fanny Wallis Mary Gertrude
Brittain Unknown Margaret Harris George   Schmidt Lester Harold Wallis Michael John
Brown Charles Harris John O Schmidt Louisa Wallis Nathaniel
Burgess Allan Harris Margaret Oates Ada Teresa Schmidt Marjory Daw Wallis Preston Nathaniel
Burton Marion Harris Ronald Huon Oates Allan Thomas Schmidt Mary Annie Wallis Richard 2
Bygrave Betty Harris Sarah Elizabeth Oates Allan Schmidt Mildred Estelle Wallis Richard
Bygrave Frederick George Harris Sarah Oates Allen Unknown Schmidt Rupert Wallis Rosa Maud
  Harris Unknown Oates Amy Jane Schmidt Unknown Wallis Ruth Louisa
C Harris Wilfred Oates Ann Eliza Sharland Marion Wallis Sybil Victoria
Calvert Anthony Fairfax Harris William Oates Archie F C Sheppard -Ann Wallis Tachel Rex
Calvert Douglas Fairfax Harriss Charles Ryan Oates C Sheppard Arthur John Wallis Tasman John
Calvert Rowena Harriss Charles William Oates Charles Sheppard Elsie May Wallis Teena Evelyn
Calvin Emily J Harriss Irene Myrtle Oates Clara Frances Sheppard James Wallis Terry David
Cannell Reginald Wallace Harriss Thomas Myles Oates Clarence Henry Sheppard Mary Wallis Trevor Keith
Clark Gertrude Maida Harriss Unknown Oates Darcey Robert Sheppard Samuel James Wallis Una Grace
Clark Gregory John Heckscher Jocelyn Amy Oates Douglas Frank Sheppard Spencer Heriot. Wallis William John
Clark Jane Elizabeth Heckscher Norman Edgar Oates Ernest Sheppard Thomas 1 Wallis William
Cleaver Betty June Herman Edward Oates Eveline Sheppard Thomas Walton Unknown 1
Cleaver Sonia Marree Heron Elizabeth Oates Gloucester Sheppard Unknown 2 Walton Unknown
Conlan Dora Elizabeth Heron Emily Oates Gwendoline M Sheppard Unknown Webb Graham
Conlan Sylvia Beryl Heron John William Oates Hilda Sheppard Walter Aiken Webb Winifred
Coombe Garnet Heron William Oates Joan M Skinner Bruce Risby Weldon Effie
Cooper Dorothy Hughes Ann Maree Oates Leslie Sherwood Skinner Carl Pearse Wells Charles William
Cooper Richard Hughes Enid Eleanor Oates Leslie W J Skinner Eileen Amy White H C
Cooper Stanley Hutchins Edna Eileen Oates Lionel Barry Skinner John Ernest Wilson Sabella Jane Elizabeth
Cordwell Beatrice Hutchins Jack Oates Lottie Smith Unknown Woods Ada Jane
Cordwell Bertha Gladys   Oates May Catherine Smith William Woods Charles William
Cordwell Edward Henry J Oates Noreen Stanley George Edward Woods Dorothy Doreen
Cordwell Eliza Jane2 Johnstone Carl Oates Phyllis Jane Stanley Leila Violet Woods Ellen Louisa
Cordwell Eliza Jane Jolly Lillian E Oates Rosetta Stanley Mabel A H Woods Harold Charles
Cordwell Florence Z E Jones Archibald C Oates Thomas Stanley Mona Eunice Woods Helen Rebecca
Cordwell Francis Jones C J F Oates Unknown 2 Stanley Roy Albert Louis Woods Huon Tasman 2
Cordwell Gail Ann Jones Ellen Oates Unknown Stilwell Geoffrey Thomas Woods Huon Tasman
Cordwell Harold Arthur Jones Florence Oates Violet Stubbings Claude Woods Joyce Evelyn
Cordwell Horace William Jones Frank B K Oates William John Stubbings Olive Georgina Woods Kenneth Leslie
Cordwell Jeffrey Cecil Jones Lily   Stubington Cyril Woods Leslie Kenneth
Cordwell John Walter Jones Mary Ann Pearl P Sutton Ruby Woods Percy John
Cordwell Katherine Jones Norman Packer Alfred John Edward   Woods W A
Cordwell Leila Beatrice Jones Violet Daphne Packer Denis   Woods William Charles
Cordwell Reginald Marcus Jones William J H Packer Fanny Isabel   Woods William
Cordwell Ronald James   Page Alfred H   Woolley Albert Henry
Cordwell Rosina Jane K Page Alma Victoria   Woolley Carl
Cordwell Thomas Kibbey Jean Ross Page Amelia   Woolley Tasman Westly
Cordwell Violet Olive Kibbey Nigel Clifford Page Annie   Woolley Zillis
Cowmeadow John Joseph Kile Jack Lindsay Page Arthur John    
Crowder Arthur Beaumont Knights Amelia Victoria Page Coral    
Crowder Theodora M Knights Charles Page Dora Violet    
Knights Sarah Elizabeth      

Many thanks to Bruce Page for the following Page information

My great great grandfather Samuel Page was born in Wimbotsam, Norfolk, England in 1814,

was transported to Tasmania in 1841, he died at Ranelagh on 9.09.1895. 

My great great grandmother Sarah Healey Page, nee Jackson, was born on

14.09.1832 in Tasmania, she died at Ranelagh on 19.01.1878. 

Both are buried at St James Anglican cemetary in Ranelagh

Rowland Page and Amelia Page are children of the above Samuel & Sarah Page. 

Rowland John Page and Dora Violet Page are children of Rowland Page.







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