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St Marys Catholic Franklin

B C Cont D Cont K N
Barry Lulu Agnes Carr Peter Donohoe Elizabeth Kile Honoria NcGarry Bernard Gregory
Bell James Carr Robert Arthur Donohoe Jean Kilmartin Mary
Bell Jessie Margaret Carr Tony Donohoe Patrick Kilmartin Unknown


Bell John Casey Annie Doyle Annie Kringle Leigh Gordon Oakford Margaret Mary
Bell Margaret2 Casey Ellen Doyle Catherine Obeirne Julia
Bell Margaret Casey Margaret Mary Doyle John Albert


Obeirne Michael
Bell Thomas Casey Maria Doyle John Latham Athol Graham O'Neil Fanny
Boucher Alan Rodney Casey Pat Dwyer Honora Latham John O'Reilley Denis
Bowes Annie Casey Patrick Dwyer Jeremiah Latham Olive O'Reilley Ellen Frances
Bowes John Clements Eva Elizabeth   Locke Harry W O'Reilley Unknown
Bowes Patrick Cody Elizabeth


  O'Reilly Charles Joseph
Brennan Bernard Benjamin Cody Honorie Eaves Lorraine


Brennan Charles 1 Cody Thomas2 Evans William Alfred MacPhee Roderick


Brennan Charles Patrick Cody Thomas Malone Elizabeth Katherine Ryan Anne
Brennan Charles Cragg Lillian Murial F Malone James Thomas Ryan Daniel
Brennan Edward Benjamin   Fitzparick Martin J Malone Jessie Agnes Ryan Mary Ellen
Brennan Edward


Fitzpatrick Doris Ann Malone Stephan Ambrose Ryan Patrick
Brennan Emma Daly Daniel Fitzpatrick James Thomas Marshall Florence Marie Ryan Rody Patrick
Brennan John 1 Daly Elizabeth Fitzpatrick John Mc Garry Blanche Teresa  
Brennan John Daly John Fitzpatrick Martin Francis Mc Mullen Annie S
Brennan Mary 1 Daly Peter Edward Fitzpatrick Martin McCarthy Jane Josephine Sangster Virginia Edna
Brennan Mary 2 Darcy Denis Fitzpatrick Mary McCarthy Jane Somers Jamie William
Brennan Mary Mable Darcy Eileen Mary Fitzpatrick Michael James McCarthy John Denis Somers John William
Brennan Mary Darcy Elizabeth 1 Fitzpatrick Sarah McCarthy Mary Josephine Somers Rodney John
Brennan William John Darcy Elizabeth Agnes Fitzpatrick William McCarthy Murray Michael Street Peter Raymond
Byrne Henry Darcy Elizabeth Sophia Fulton Archibald John McClay Arthur Street Phillip Raymond
  Darcy Elizabeth Fulton Lavinia Frances McClay Lillian Frances Street Roger Phillip


Darcy Honora   McGarry Ann  
Carr Beatrice Darcy James


McGarry Bernard2


Carr Beryl Jean Darcy Kathleen May Gallagher Sarah McGarry Bernard Unknown Charles
Carr Carlene Darcy Martin 1 Gibbs Patricia M McGarry John Unknown James
Carr Cecil James Darcy Martin Green Andrew McGarry Martin Michael Unknown Jimmy
Carr Edward Darcy Mary Ann Green Jane McGarry Mary Eugenie Unknown May
Carr Ellen Edeline Darcy William2   McMullen Annie Unknown Thomas James
Carr Ellis Darcy William Thomas


McMullen Barbara Elizabeth Unkown Annie Marie
Carr Francis James Darcy William Henzler Andrew McMullen Beth  
Carr George Herbert Dawson Edward Henzler Anna Maria McMullen Emma


Carr Gladys Dawson Florence E J Hollaway Unknown McMullen James Webb Eliza
Carr Margaret Dawson Ivy Holloway Bridget Olivia McMullen Margaret Whelan Mary
Carr Mary Jane 1 Dawson Thomas   McMullen Osmond James Withrington Henry Jonas
Carr Mary Jane Donnell Walter


McMullen Reginald John Withrington Winifred
Carr Michael James Donohoe Edward Jones Bridgit Elizabeth McMullen Vera Rita Woods Lillian Elizabeth
      McMullen William James  
      Mooney Bernard  
      Mooney Danial  
      Murphy Rev John  





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