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All Saints Anglican Margate



Located on the corner of Van Morey Road and the Channel Highway the foundation stone was laid in June 1933 and the church was consecrated the following year.



B F G Cont L R
Barrett Arthur Maxwell Fagg Rose Ann Groombridge Mabel Cicely Lawless George Thomas Roberts George W
Barrett Beryl Gladys Amy Fahey Beas Perry Groombridge Margaret Mary Lawless Jannetta Rollins Caroline
Barrett Edward Alfred Fahey Victor Wm Perry Groombridge Oscar Clyde Lucas Albert Rollins Caterine
Barrett Esther Elinor Fazackerley Gregory Mervyn Groombridge Paul Trevor Lucas Charles Thomas Rollins Eliza Emma
Barrett Florence May Iles Frederick George Lucas Frank Ernest Lucas Clement Rollins James Cecil
Barrett George Edward Minehan George Thomas Groombridge Richard J Lucas Elizabeth Rollins James Richard
Barrett Ronald William


Groombridge Richard Lucas Florence Rollins L V
Barrett William John Joseph Thomas Groombridge Roger Michael Scott Lindsay Gilbert Rollins Louisa
Barrett William Michael Norman Audrey Faith Groombridge Thelma Lucas Henry John Rollins Richard Charles
Barton-Johnson Edward     Lucas Walter Charles Ryle Frederick Charles
Barton-Johnson Emily



Beadle Ivan George Goodwin Ethel Mary Hansson Donald Murray



Beadle Jessie Griffith Edward Gerald   Meredith Charles A Scott Arthur John
Beadle John William Griffith Isabel May


Meredith Mary Scott Eileen Bridgett
Beddome Addie Grimsey Allan Edward Iles Amy Meredith Rose Scott Vere Alan Richard
Bryan Elvie May Grimsey Barbara May Miller Phyllis Rose Meredith Eliza Suckling Frank Victor
Bryan James Grimsey Frederick Charles   Midson John Suckling Sylvia Ismay
  Groombridge Trevor Michael


Miller George Edwin U
  Groombridge Albert Raymond Kelleher Albert P Miller Lena Lance Underwood Dora Isobel


Groombridge Andrew Kelleher Elizabeth Dawn McKay Paul Unknown Amy
Denehey Helen Jane Groombridge Angelina Margaret Kelleher Graham


Unknown Gilda Louisa
Denehey John Unknown Groombridge Edith Isabell Kelleher Minnie M Worsley Donald Unknown Sarah
Denehey Walter John Groombridge Elizabeth Kelleher Verna Fay Worsley Evelyn Unknown Violet
  Groombridge Henry George Kemp Maria Louisa    
  Groombridge Raymond Sydney Knott John William


    Knott Rebecca Matilda Perrin Adeline  






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