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Snug St Mary's Catholic Cemetery









Abrami Radmila Denehey Terence Ian Jarvis Frederick Henry O'Brien Thomas Taylor Christine
Adams Barry Dennehey Margret Jarvis Mary Ann 1 O'Brien Unknown Taylor E R
Adams Bertram Dennehey Mary 1 Jarvis Mary Ann O'Brien William Thomas Eric Benjamin
Adams Byron Kenneth Dennehey Mary Jarvis Ronald Frederick O'Reilly Arthur Leslie Thomas Margaret Louise
Adams Clarice Sarah Dennehey Phillip Jarvis Unknown O'Rourke Iris Mary Torpy Arthur Harold
Adams Kevin Dickson Allan James Jarvis William 1   Torpy Catherine Cicely
Adams Laura Sophia Dickson Daphne Jarvis William P Torpy Catherine Mary
Adams William Dickson John James   Palmer Betty Dawn Torpy Edward Joseph
Aitchison William Fayne Dillon Timothy Harold K Palmer Eric Alexander Torpy Ernest James
Archer L J Douglas Anthony Scott Keating Harold John Palmer John Edward Torpy Helena Margaret
  Douglas Dorethea Lilian Keating Nellie Irene Patterson Brian John Torpy Julia Teresa
B Douglas George Kemp Brody Anthony Pearce Colin Joseph Torpy Mary
Baker Ian Basil   Kemp George Francis Pearse George Edward Torpy Michael Cornelius
Baker Lorna Joan F Kemp Leonard Perrin Ann Torpy Michael Joseph
Baker Ralph Jeffrey Fletcher Tarnia Larnie Maree Kemp Olive Cecilia Perrin Charles Patrick Cocoran Torpy Sylvestor Henry
Baker Stephen Charles Fletcher-Jones Geoffrey Leon Kemp Rose B Perrin Charles Torpy Teresa E
Baker Valma Mary Fyfe James Bruce Kemp V Perrin James Torpy William Dennis
Balcombe Donald E Fyfe Violet May Kiearnan Margaret Theresa Perrin John Thomas Triffitt Edna
Balcombe Silve Joyce   Kiearnan Mary Ann Perrin Raymond Richard Triffitt Lorna Linda
Bannerman Diana G Kiearnan Michael Peterson Muriel Triffitt T
Bannerman Valentine Alex Garth Jamie Rex   Peterson Percival William Turnball Stanley Raymond
Barrett Patricia Jean Garth Jodi Theresa L Petterd Nancy Turner Jack Hulston
Batchelor Algy Albert Garwood John Abraham Langdale Valerie Phillips Edward  
Batchelor Millicent Grace Garwood Michelle Lee Lawless Bruce Phillips Rhoda Harriett U
Bates Alicia Marian Garwood Pheobe Rebecca Lawless Frederica Price Henry Underwood Allan Lionel
Bates Joan Garwood Phillip Gordon Lawless Oswald Price Margaret Underwood Annie Louise
Bates Norman Geoffrey Garwood Sheila Mary Lawless Ronald Dudley Purton N P Underwood Carmel Nancy
Bates Oliver Garwood T A Lenz Michael Pybus Alan Bruce Underwood E M
Bates Vernon Lyal Garwood William Edward L'Hoste Anne Simone Pybus Kyra Faith Underwood Francis William James
Bedford Coila May Geard Yvonne Edith Linton Susannah   Underwood Sarah Ellen
Bedford William Allen Gibbs Elaine Long Henry Norman George R Underwood W
Benbow Caroline Gibbs Jean Lynch Grace Gwendoline Rabbitt Annie Jane  
Bluett Ella May Goodwin George John   Rabbitt Patrick Joseph V
Bond Frances Marion Goodwin Phoebe Florence M Rainbird Todd Gregory Venetsanakos John
Bond John Edward Gerard Gordon Ralph Oscar MacQueen George Ross Rees Doreen Sophia Vicary Clifton Trevor
Bones Alice Gordon Ruby Jane MacQueen Louisa Rees James Douglas Vicary Donald
Boon Cecil Leslie Grace Aileen Monica MacQueen Noeleen Louise Reynard Arthur J Vicary Joyce
Boon Ivy Mary Veronica Grace Bill W J Martin Christopher Reynard Elizabeth Vince Michael
Boswood Rose Grace Derrick Francis Martin Mary Ann Reynard Grace Margaret Vince Peter James
Boulter Rex John Grace Janet Patricia Martin William Reynard William  
Bourke Donald Groombridge Amanda Louise Martyn Lauren Therese Roberts Bertha Amelia Jane W
Bourke E L Groombridge E M McAuliffe Catherine Roberts Milford Edwin Waldie J B
Bourke Nicholas Groombridge Fay Patricia McGowan Alice Mary. Roberts Unknown Waldie Pearl Winifred
Bowden Avonia Rosa Groombridge L V McGowan M J Rogers Elsie Wallace Bejamin Joseph
Bowden Karen Marye Groombridge Lola May McQueen Leonard Stanley   Wallace Jennifer Anne
Bowes Colin Osbourne Groombridge Patrick Michael McQueen Leslie Albert S Whayman Elsie Mae
Bowker Wynne William Groombridge Tasman Midson Alexander Eli Shepherd Douglas Whayman Herbert H A
Bowles Frank   Midson Anne Shepherd Emily Wheatley Joyce
Brennan Raymond W H Midson Esme Doris Sinnitt Anthony White Craig Allan
Brennan Royce Harris Audrey Elizabeth Midson Nancy Slattery Emily A. Wisby Florence Mary Iris
Brereton Leonard Roy Harris Charles Thomas William Millhouse Eric Roy Slattery Ian Hamilton Wisby Gerald Henry
Brittain George Henry Harris Cyril Palmer 1 Millhouse Mary Elizabeth Slattery Jerimiah Wisby Kenneth Robert
Brittain Kenneth Raymond Harris Cyril Palmer Millhouse Roy Arthur Slattery Massey May Wisby Varley Henry
Brittain Lily May Harriss Halon Rex Millhouse Thomas Edwin Smith Alice May Wolf Roger Michael
Brittain Pamela Maree Hart Agnes Julia Catherine Minehan Ambrose Arthur Smith Amy Joy Wood Ambrose
Brockman Penny Maree Hart Albert Hibbard Minehan Barry Lyell Smith Helen Florence Wood Eliza Clara
Bryan Kathleen A 1 Hart Catherine Ann Minehan Charles Michael John Smith Leonard James Wood James
Bryan Kathleen A Hart Charles Sinclaire Minehan Cyril Smith Olga Phyllis Woods Ada Margaret
Bryan Keith J Hart Clive Minehan Doreen Smith William Robert Woods Charles James
Bryan Keith James Hart Freda Alison Minehan Eric Smith William Woods Charles
Bryan Lily Annie Hart Harriet Christina Rose Minehan Eva Ann Soden Vera Woods Clara Frances Cecily
Butcher Fred O Hart Irene Minehan Herbert Somers Beverley Alice Woods Clare
Butt Daisy Marion Hart Joseph Burns Minehan John Sparks H D Woods Margaret
Butt John Walter Hart Juanita Doris Minehan Keith Sparks S Woods Mary Jane Cecily
Butt Vance Jason Hart Kathleen Minehan Leissa Maree Spotswood Michael Worsley Catherine Unknown
  Hart Margaret Minehan Lottie Kathleen Sproul M V Worsley Patrick William
C Hart Maria Jane Minehan Lyell Sproule Alma Gladys Wright E R
Chaplain Jack Hart Mervyn Minehan Mary Gertrude Sproule Benjamin Myrtle Wright M J
Chapman John Hart Rose Maria Olive Minehan Mary Sproule Edward 1 Wright M V
Clarke Dianne L Hart Roy Dudley Minehan Michael Keith Sproule Edward Wright R R
Clarke Johanna Hart Selina Margaret Minehan Michael Thomas Sproule George William Wright V E
Clarke Mary Ann Hart Thomas Sinclair Minehan Michael Sproule Olga Gwen  
Clarke Sarah Honora Hart Vernon Seymour Minehan Raymond Joseph Stankovic Roza Huckel Y
Clarke Unknown Hart Warren Victor Minehan Rodney Thomas Steedman John Archibald Young Annie
Clifford Donald William Hill Beryle Margaret Minehan Sylvia Steele Wendy  
Coad Graham Arthur Hill Beverley Juanita Moynahan Julia Styles Bernard James  
Coad Shelley Frances Hill Henry Harold Mulvehill Ellen Teresa Styles Margaret Rose  
Coleman Leola Hogan Enid May Mulvehill Thomas Sward Phillip John  
Coombe Doris Rhonda Holt George James Mulveill Margaret Sward Robert John  
Coombe Eric Richard Hudson Adaline Louisa   Swards Alan Albert  
Cross Albert Hudson Albert W J N Swards Brian James  
Cross Glen Hudson Fred Septimus Henry Newman Theresa Margaret Swards Claude There are 13 Unknown
Cross Marie Lily Hudson John   Swards Dulcie Vera Headstones in this cemetery
Curtain Hannah Hudson Minnie Lavinia Jane O Swards Monica Lorraine  
  Hudson William Thomas Oakley John Lenard    
D Hughes C V O'Brian Mary Ann    
Daley Teresa Hughes Peter O'Brien Bridget    
De Caterianca Manuela Rosa Hughes Selina Eliza O'Brien James    
Denehey Anastacia   O'Brien Margaret Mary    
Denehey Hilda May   O'Brien Mary    
Denehey John   O'Brien Thomas 1    
Denehey Tasman   O'Brien Thomas 2    




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