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St Peters Church Oatlands

Plans for the church were drawn up by John Lee Archer and Robert De Little with construction beginning in 1838. with the stoneman being George Aitcheson.  The Rectory was built at the same time.  

Land for the building was donated by Thomas Anstey with the condition that the tower was visible from “Anstey Barton” and who was later responsible for obtaining the services of the Reverend George Morris for Oatlands. 

It was officially opened and dedicated by Bishop Nixon in 1844 although the church had been in use before this date. 

This church is well known for its amazing collection of tapestries, stitched over many years by members of the parish.

The Church has been restored in 1958 and at night is now floodlit.

A C H Cont M Cont S Cont
Able Charles Dr Cashion Gwendoline Maise Harris Isaac Cecil Mason Constance Sawford Henry John
Adams Elizabeth Catherine Cashion John Herbert Harris Mary Mason Henry Malcolm Sawford Kellie Jane
Adams John Riching Cashion Kathleen Claire Harris Richard Roger Mason Ivy Mary Sawford Peter John
Allen Alice Margaret Cashion Steven Edward Harris Thomas Matthews Denis Eric Sawford Reginald William
Allen Arthur Daniel Cashion Terence Geoffrey Harrison Elizabeth May Rev Joseph Sawford Ruby M
Allen Charles Clark Alexander George Harrison Ellen Mayne A G Sawford Susan Lee
Allen Douglas Roland Clark Martha Harrison Madeline Laura Mayne Helena Ruby Sawford Sydney James
Allen Foncy Ellen Clarke Ada Sarah Julia Harrison Mary Mayne Keith C Scott Charles
Allen Francis Roland Clarke Ernest Charles Harrison Robert Mayne Mary Ada Scott Rose Sarah
Amelia Taylor Clarke Maise Ella Harriss Irene Mayne Ronald Geoffrey Shadwick Leila
Anstey Thomas Clarke Nancy Florence Harriss Nancy Dawn Mayne William Shelvey Andrew Joseph
Archer Albert Francis Clarke Rose Ida Harriss Noel Spencer McCauley Una Maud Shelvey Andrew
Archer Clive Lyndon Clarke Walter Joseph Hart Arthur McConnon Ellen Mary Smith Cherie Gordon
Archer Myra Grace Claydon Thomas & Robert Hart Christina Elizabeth McDermott Celia Smith Cyril
Armstrong Margaret Elizabeth Clifton Darren Hart Clyde Charles McDermott F W Smith Elizabeth
Arnold Helen Colgrave Francis James Hart Emily Harriett McGee Charles Smith Ellen
  Colgrave Lorna Nancy Hayden Lucy McGlone Cecily Smith Emily Jane
B Collins Emma Hayden Thomas James McGowan Frances A Smith Ernest John
Bailey Alice Ann Collins John Headlam Allan Slade Medhurst Phyllis Faye Smith Ethel 2
Bailey Charles John Coombes Charles Albert Headlam Anthony Richard Millar Leanne Grace Smith Ethel
Bailey Jane Cooper Ernest John Headlam Beatrice Eleanor Miller Desmond Charles Smith George 2
Bailey John Cecil Coppleman Sylvia Headlam Charles Mitchell Jean Smith George T
Bailey Larry Corey Lucy Arden Headlam Charles Leonard Mitchell Kate Reidey Smith George
Bailey Maud Cornish Geoffrey Charles Headlam Christine Watson Mitchell Milescent Elizabeth Smith Gwendoline Betty
Bailey Ruby Annie Cornish Sydney Headlam Clifton John Mitchell William Fielder 2 Smith James
Bailey Ruby Emmeline Cornish Winifred Headlam Doreen Wilson Mitchell William Fielder  Smith John Emanuel
Bailey Sydney Richard Cottrell William Oster Headlam Doris Monks Sarah Eliza Smith John
Barwick Amy Evelyn Cowell Hubert John Headlam Ellen Carlotta Montressor Charles Stuart Smith Katherine M
Barwick Andrew Joseph Cowell Marjorie Mary Headlam Emilie Patricia Moorhead Hercules B Smith Michael
Barwick Andrew Cox May Isabel Headlam Emily Morrison Charlette Frances Smith Norman Thomas
Barwick Ann S Craig  Leslie C Headlam Frances Annie Morrison Cicely Thomasine Smith Reginald H
Barwick Arthur Craig Charles William Headlam Hilda Mary Mortyn Mary E Smith Sydney John
Barwick Brian Mitchell Craig Harry W Headlam John Mortyn The Revd S M Smith William
Barwick Caroline 2 Craig Kate Isabel Headlam Kathleen Marie Munnings Ellie Solman Jacouelyn Maree
Barwick Caroline Headlam Malcolm Munnings George 2 Spencer Robert
Barwick Charles William D Headlam Margaret Wilson Munnings George Stacey Anne Whitney
Barwick Conatance L H Dando  Sarah Hopwood Headlam Mary Munnings Mary Stansfield John Unknown
Barwick David Lewis Dando Emma Louisa Headlam Muriel Munnings Ronald Keith Stewart Cyril Keneth
Barwick Don Dando Fred Reginald Headlam Percival C   Street Michael Geoffery
Barwick Edward Joseph Dando Fred Headlam Percival Colin N Stubbs Mary Eva
Barwick Edward Dando Laurence Edward Headlam Queenie Margaret Nelson  Harry Sturgeon Emily
Barwick Elizabeth 2 Dando Lionel Headlam Roy Raymond Nelson  Mary Sturgeon Francis Joseph
Barwick Elizabeth Dando Mary Rose Headlam Roy Raymond Nelson  William Sturgeon George  2
Barwick Ella Jessie Dando Vivian Osmund Headlam Rupert John Nelson Clement Beaconsfield Sturgeon George
Barwick Emily Daniels Edward John Headlam Rupert William Nettlefold Arthur George Sturgeon George Cross
Barwick Eric Henry Davidson John Headlam Tasman Hugh Nettlefold Arthur William Sturgeon George Francis
Barwick Ernest A Davidson Marianne Letitia Healey Unknown Nettlefold David Lewis Sturgeon Henry
Barwick Ernest Rex Davis Barbara Higgins Nettlefold George Richard Sturgeon Maurice George
Barwick Fanny Davis Beverley June Holbing Frank Nettlefold George Sturgeon Richard
Barwick Frances Amelia Davis Colin George Holbing Frank Nettlefold John Dallas  
Barwick Frederick J E Davis Daphne Holland James Avon Nettlefold Mary Anne T
Barwick Hazel Ruth Davis Eliza H Holliday Harriett Adelaide Nettlefold Rose Sarah 2 Tanner Ida Isabe
Barwick Jane 2 Davis Frances Heather Hood Annie Edith Nettlefold Rose Sarah Targett Lavinia Jane
Barwick Jane Davis Gordon Geoffrey Hood Robin Nettlefold Rupert Charles Taylor Jodie Louisa
Barwick John Lewis Davis Harold Horne Charles Edward Nettlefold Sydney Charles Thomas Clifford T
Barwick John Davis Ivy May Horne Linda Evelyn Nettlefold Thomas 2 Thomas Harriet
Barwick Joseph 2 Davis Mervyn E Horne Rita May Nettlefold Thomas Ernest Thomas Ian
Barwick Joseph 3 Denne Phyllis Christina Horne Victoria May Nettlefold Thomas Thomas Isabel Anora
Barwick Joseph 4 Dent Raynor William Howard Noel Keith Nillsen Madeline Thomas Madge Edith
Barwick Joseph Edward Dolan Vivian Howell Jessie Isabel Norris Roseanne Helen Thomas Maude Elizabeth
Barwick Joseph Donnelly Allan Royce Hurd  Louisa   Thomas Raymond Wilfred
Barwick Louis T Donnelly R A Hurd James J O Thomas Ruby Joyce
Barwick Mary Ann 2 Doughty Julia Capper Hyatt Eric Arthur O'Connor Stephen Darcy Thomas Thornton Mansfield
Barwick Mary Ann Dransfield Richard Jack Hyland Cecilia Amy O'May Frances Isobel Thomas William Arnold
Barwick Mary Eliza Dransfield Ruby Beatrice Hyland Jane Elizabeth   Thomas William Merrydale
Barwick Mary Jane   Hyland Jean Alexandra May P Thomas William Thomas
Barwick Mary E Hyland John E Page Ellen Alma Thompson Charles William
Barwick Mervyn Norman Earley Elizabeth Hyland John Edward Page Eustace Anstey Thompson Sarah Jane
Barwick Muriel Keitha Earley John Thomas Hyland William Albert Page Gladys M Travers Ada
Barwick Norman Thomas Eyles Leonard Arthur   Page Ivo Travers Les
Barwick Ralph Clyde Eyles May I Palmer Albert Edward Travers Malcom Vernon
Barwick Richard Alfred Iles Clarence Henry Palmer Albert Tressillian Robert George
Barwick Robert George F Iles Clarence Palmer Alfred Triffitt Alice
Barwick Stephen 2 Farrow Asher Iles Ruby Palmer Beatrice Mary Avis Triffitt Amy Ellen
Barwick Stephen Benjamin Figg Albert Stanley Isles Gertrude Christina Palmer Catherine Triffitt Ida Jane
Barwick Stephen Figg Bill Isles Margaret Ellen Palmer Dennis Findlay Triffitt Maurice
Barwick Thomas G Figg Christina Louisa Isles Sydney Henry Palmer Ernest Turner Arthur Douglas
Barwick Thomas Nichols Figg Michael Stuart   Palmer Florence M Turner Frederick
Barwick Thomas Figg Rex William J Palmer Frederick William Turner Garnet Mervyn
Bean Allan Ivan Finn Andrew Jillett  Amelia Mary Palmer Geoffrey William Turner Harriett Elizabeth
Beard Angela Sarah Finn Mollie Jillett Albert Edward Palmer George Edmund Turner Laurence
Beard David James Fish  Arthur Alfred Jillett Elizabeth Palmer Harriett Maria Turner Malcom John Douglas
Beard Ernest Leslie Fish Catherine Jillett Ellen Palmer Harriett Turner Maude
Beard Helen E Fish Chrissie Jillett Elsie Beatrice Palmer Ida Maude Turner Percival
Beard Jesse Fish Dale Francis Jillett Emma Louisa Palmer John Turner Sandra Leanne
Beard John Henry Fish Ellen Jillett Frank Powell Palmer Maria  
Beard Mary Fish Fay Sherrin Jillett John Palmer L U
Bennett Harriet Phyllis Maud Fish George 1 Jillett Louisa Susannah Palmer Marilyn Lesley Undy Myrtle Elizabeth Rose
Bennett Robert Charles Fish George 2 Jillett Merion Evelyn Palmer Niel Edmund Unknown Albert
Berry Ethel May Fish George Jillett Robert Palmer Pearl Unknown Charles William
Birchenough Philip Samuel  Fish Isaiah Jillett Thomas  2 Palmer Peter Unknown Eliza Mary
Bishop C E Fish Mary Ann 2 Jillett Thomas  3 Palmer Sarah Unknown Elizabeth
Bishop Edmund Fish Mary Ann Jillett Thomas Palmer Tameika Lee Unknown Gertrude Elizabeth
Bishop Elizabeth Fish Maurice Johnson Amy Emily Palmer Thomas 2 Unknown Jane
Bishop Florence Fish Oatlands Frank Johnson Charles Palmer Thomas Unknown Lewis Andrew
Bishop H E Fish Pearl Edith Johnson Ida Eileen Palmer Trevor Moore Unknown Maxwell
Bishop Isabelle Fish Sarah Ann 2 Johnson Ivy Palmer Violet May Unknown Thomas Joseph
Blake C T Fish Sarah Johnson Joseph Park Dr Frederick John Unknown William Henry
Blake Charles Isaac Fish Vida Johnson Lawrence Parker Edward Unknown William Thomas
Blake Rose Lavinia Fish Walter W Johnson Louisa May Parnell Lucy Unsworth Charles James
Blindell A T Fish Walter Johnson Malcom Vernon Parnell Robert 2 Unsworth Edith Jane
Bowerman Amy Evelyn Fisher Amy Johnson Rosemary Anne Parnell Robert Unsworth George Henry
Bowerman Dennis John Fisher Archer J Johnson Samuel James Pearce Joseph Unsworth Isabell Lucy
Bowerman Jessie Vera Fisher Arthur J Johnson Teresa Pickett Alfred Arthur Unsworth James Charles
Bowerman Noel Cyril Fisher Arthur Reginald Jones Alfred Harold Pickett C V Unsworth James
Bowerman Phillip Fisher Arthur Jones Allan Pickett Gertrude F Unsworth Jane Eliza
Bowerman Phyllis Dawn Fisher Celia Grace Jones Amy E Pickett Hetty Unsworth Nolene Gaye
Bowerman Reginald W Fisher Colin Jones Amy Myra Pickett Sarah Ann Elizabeth Unsworth Ruby Eileen
Bowerman Walter Robert Fisher Donald Philip Jones Anne Pickett Susan Upchurch James William
Bradley Ruby Fisher Ida H Jones Benjamin Charles Pickett Unknown Upchurch Ralph
Bradshaw Harold George Fisher James Exton Jones Charles James Pickett William Thomas W
Bradshaw Nancy Victoria Fisher Mary Jones Dorothy May Pool Lucy Clara Wagner Austin Robert
Brain Nellie Alice Fisher Mary Jones Elizabeth Emily Potter Harry Wagner Doreen
Branch Lesley May Fleming Anna Jones Elizabeth Powell Clarice Amy Wagner Kate
Brooks Dorothy May Fleming Charles Jones Elsie Mary Powell James Charles Wagner Leonard Reginald
Brooks Malcom David Fleming Eliza Jones Emily Florence Powell Joseph Thomas Wagner Mary
Brooks Tasman Arthur Fleming Herbert Jones Eric David Powell Roy Watson John George
Brown Ada Caroline Fleming Richard Jones Esther Powell T E Webberley Kathryn Claire
Brown Benjamin Flemming Lavinia Jane Jones Francis T John Powell T W Webster Evelyn Alice
Brown Bradley Ford Eunice Lima Jones Frederick George Priest John Hamilton Unknown Webster Ida Mary
Brown Charles Ford Walter Luke Jones Harriette   Webster Ronald James
Brown Clarence R Franklin Mabel Louisa Jones Isabelle Constance R Webster William Allan
Brown Jean Gladys   Jones James Radford Jacob Westell William
Brown Leonard Thomas G Jones Jane Rainsford Amy Margaret Whitney Norma Isabel
Brown Nell Gwyne Gard William Jones Joan Rainsford Edith May Whitney Ronald Alcie Kele
Brown Ruby Kathleen Garwood Elsie Jones John James Rainsford Edward Wickham Clive Richard
Budge Edward John Garwood Mary Jones L R J Rainsford Florence Isabel Wickham Dorothy Grace
Bumford Edith Cavell Geard A S J Jones Lina Robertha Rainsford Henry George Wickham Edward
Bumford Leonard W Geard Ashton Samuel Jones Lionel John Rainsford Phyllis Z Wickham Eric
Bumford William Henry Geard Clara Lydia Jones M L Rayner Clem Wickham Isabel Mary
Burbury Frederick Malcolm Geard Lodwyck Alfred Jones Mabel Evelyn Reid Emma Sara Jane Wickham James
Burbury John Vaughan Geard Roy Jones Oscar Charles Reid Lucy Georgina Jane Wickham Joan Elizabeth
Burbury Keitha Frances Geard Samuel Jones Percy Henry Renault Molly Jean Wickham Lawrence Murray
Burbury Lily Erica Geard Thelma May Jones Philip Murray 2 Reynolds David W Wickham Lyndon Eric
Burbury Mark Vaughan Gellie Helen Frances Jones Rex Arnold Reynolds Marie Elizabeth Wickham Richard
Burbury Vernon Glover Ismay Gertrude Jones Richard Alfred Reynolds Michael Wickham Susan
Burns John Roland Glover Margaret E Jones Royal Samuel Richards Carleen M Wickham Thomas
Burns Joshua Christopher Glover Mervyn John Jones Ruth Grace Richards Cyril Kenneth George Wickham
Burns Kathleen Anne Golder Elizabeth Jones Sarah Ann Frances Richards George E Wiggins Alma Sawford
Burns Rachael Anne Goldsmith Mary Ann Jones Sarah Richards John Stanley Wiggins Kevin Walter
Burrill Annie Goss Donald Maxwell Jones Stuart Philip Richards K E Wiggins Raymond Joseph
Burrill Arthur Green Arthur Edward Jones Susan Rebecca Richards Myrtle Ivy Wiggins Rose Sarah
Burrill Barbara Caroline Green Douglas Jones Thomas Alfred Richards Rose Wiggins Stanley Joseph
Burrill Eva Green Lance Raymond Jude Ann Richards Wanda June Wighton Arthur
Burrill James Green Marjorie   Ritchie Emma E Wighton Daphne May
Burrell Jane Green Shaun Raymond K Roger Louisa Wighton Judith Anne
Burrill Jim Gregg Alice Kay Arthur Henry Rogers Clement Henry Wighton May
Bush Alma Louise Gregg Donald Ross Kay Emily Etta Rubens Jane Wighton Raymond Arthur
Byers H Gregg Elizabeth Jane Kirby Flora Elizabeth Rust Amy Isabel Wighton Rose James
Gregg Hilda B   Rust Walter J C Willatt Nathaniel
C Gregg James Samuel L   Willoughby Horace Stanley
Campbell G C l Gregg Margaret Rigaud Laurence Dorothy Jessie S Wilson Hilda Irene
Cane Ellen Gregg Noel Barbara Lavelle Eileen Minnie Salmon Marjory Edith Wilson Ronald David
Cantwell  Jessie 2 Gregg Rupert Thomas Lavelle Ernest William Henry Salmon Mary Winspear Amanda Jane
Cantwell Charles Gurpaidge William Lee Arthur James Salmon William Winspear Basil Owen
Cantwell Eric Guthrie Stella Minna Lloyd Louie Sanderson  William Winspear Kathleen Elizabeth
Cantwell Esric Wallace Gutteridge Unknown Lloyd Rebecca Sanderson Ann Winspear Vera Florence
Cantwell Jessie Caroline 2   Lloyd Will Sanderson Edward Frances Woodward Dulcie Christina
Cantwell Jessie Caroline   Lloyd William Sanderson Virtue Maria Woodward Kenneth Charles
Cantwell Jessie H Long Charles Sanderson William Wrigley Dulcie Elizabeth
Cantwell Lenora Isabel Hales Mavis Elaine Lord Isobel Saunders Ailiff Basil  
Cantwell Lenora Hales Colin Terrence Luck Ada Saunders Alma Louise Y
Carnes Arthur Donald Hall Alfred Joseph 2 Lyall John Campbell Sawford  William Young Bernard Joseph
Carnes Edith Ida Hall Alfred Joseph Lyall Katherine Maria Sawford Alice Maud Young Douglas Ralph
Carnes Emily louisa Hall Allen Edward Lyne Fanny Lavina Queenie Sawford Andrew David Young Edna Jane
Carnes Louis William Hall Edward Lyne Jessie Helen Sawford Arthur George Young Elizabeth Ida
Carnes Margaret Hall Harry Coverdale   Sawford Bertie George Young George
Carnes Thomas Edward Hall Katie Christina M Sawford Cecilia Young Gerald Thomas
Carnes William Alfred Hall Sylvia Edna Maher  Dennis Sawford Charles Horace Young Graeme Noel
Carter Cis Hall Valerie Alice Maher Catherine Sawford Elsie May Young Jack
Cartledge Catherine Harding Edwin Maher Dennis Sawford Evelyn Maud Young Morris
Harper Henry Maher Gwendoline Sawford George Arthur Young Phyllis Marguerita
Harper Jimmy Mann William   Young Simon Peter
Harper Lucy Mansfield Rupert    
  Harris Gladys Mary     Z
        Ziegeler Phyllis May






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