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St Georges Church Of England Sorell Tasmania


The foundation stone for St. George’s was laid in 1825 was built by convict labour and dedicated in 1827.  When it was completed it had a seating capacity of 600 with galleries which were used by convicts to keep them separate from the general population.  

By 1883 it was thought the original building was unsafe and a Mr. C. Quinn was contracted to build a new church.  

The adjoining cemetery shows the name of many of the earliest settlers in the area many of the names are still known in the area today.  

Many of our Kent, Featherstone, Wiggins and associated families are buried in this churchyard.




D Cont K N Cont T Cont
Abbott Henry Derwent Denny Allen Kean Alfred Newitt R D Thomas Harvey Arthur
Alcock Ronald Vivian Dorrell Edward John Kean Bernard John Newitt Ruth Florence Thompson Florence A F
Alcock Sheila Ida Dorrell Ruby Emma Kean Cecil Andrew Newitt Stanley Dundas2 Townsend Elvie Beryl
Allanson Edwin Downham Maud Mary Kean Dorothy Pearl Newitt Stanley Dundas Townsend George William
Allanson Jane Dransfield Geoffrey David Kean Edward William2 Newitt Susan2 Townsend Mary
Allen Alfred Australia Dunbabin Florence Eliza Kean Edward William Newitt Susan Townsend Rebecca
Alomes Dinah Dunbabin John Kean Edward Newitt William2 Townsend William
Alomes Elizabeth Kean Frederick Henry Newitt William Athol Tringrove Albert Henry
Alomes Elwen E Kean George Leslie Newitt William Tringrove Stephen Albert
Alomes Graeme Sydney Eginton Albert Leslie Kean George Trevor   Tudor Edward Frederick
Alomes John Albert Eginton Edward Palmer Kean Kevin O Tudor Rose Ann
Kean Linda Maud O'Rourke Gregory John Tyler Eliza
B F Kean Mary Ann
Bailey Augustive Walter Farley Marjorie Myrtle Kean Peter P U
Bailey Lorna June Farley Nelson John Kean Rose Elizabeth Parker Alfred Baden Unknown Amy Janet
Balsley Albert Faulkner John Kean Sadie Joan Parker Alfred Unknown Annie
Balsley Benjamin Francis Featherstone Doris Kathleen Kean Stanley John Parker Blanche Myrtle Unknown Brenda Annie
Balsley Elsie Featherstone Florence Sarah Kean Thomas Parker Nelson Victor Unknown Charlotte
Balsley Ernest Christian Featherstone George B Kelleher John Douglas Paterson Amelia A Unknown Elizabeth
Balsley Jean Featherstone Ruby Elizabeth Kelleher Madge Paterson Elizabeth Unknown Harry Norman
Banks Neville Roger Featherstone Rupert Gerald Kelly Joseph Paterson Joseph Unknown Robert
Barber Rita Kathleen Featherstone Rupert Kemp Albert Edward Paterson Matilda Unknown Sarah2
Barnard Amy May Featherstone Victor Kemp Earl Vivian Paul Milford James Unknown Sarah
Barnard Walter W Fenner Joseph Kemp Edith Eliza Peacock Christina
Barnes Lucy May Fenner Mary Kemp Eric Reginald Peacock Eliazbeth Agnes V
Barnes Roy Charles Fewkes Thelma Kemp Gertrude Una Peacock Ernest Robert Victor Bryan
Barrett Marjorie Clarice Fitzhugh Charles Kemp Gwendoline Esme Peacock Fanny
Barrett Thomas Fitzhugh Frances Kemp Kay Edith Peacock Frank E W
Barry Ella Alberta Fookes Kate Louisa Kemp Keith Bernard Peacock George S Wagner Arthur
Barwick Adareine Mary Fookes Mary Margaret Kemp Owen Clifton Peacock George Walter Wagner Emma Isabella
Barwick Geoffrey William Ford Kenneth George Kent Edward Peacock George Wagner Ernest Rowland
Barwick Gerald Arthur Ford Kent Kent Hannah Jane Peacock Hartley James Wagner Ettie Christina
Barwick James Forster Emily Blanche Kent Margaret Peacock Jane Wagner Monte Leslie
Barwick Jane Forster Henry Kent Mary Peacock Sylvia Caroline Wagner Percival Gilbert
Bayles Thomas Silvado Forster John F Kent Walter Victor Peacock Veronica Jane Wagner Vera May
Bellette Athol Harvey French Thomas Albert Kent Walter Peacock William Walker Alberta H
Bellette James Albert Frogson May Kregor John Francis Pearce Claude Cecil Walker Alfred Claude
Bellette Kenneth Jacob Fynes Krushka Sarah Ann Pearce Eric Walker Andrew S
Bellette Margaret Jane     Pearce Gladys Kathleen Walker Charles W
Bellette Rodney James G L Pearce Gwendoline Margaret Walker Elizabeth Nancy
Bellette Russell Francis Gangell Elizabeth Larsen Algernon Peter Pearce Pamela Walker Elizabeth
Bellette Unk James Gard Rebecca Larsen Marjorie Pearton Joan Walker Geoffrey Brian
Bennett Sandra Mary Gatehouse Donald Blandford Lincoln Elizabeth Ann Pearton Karen Amanda Walker John2
Bergfield Paul Edmund Gatehouse Duncan Kenneth Lincoln Susannah Pearton Leonard Vivian Walker John Allanby
Bezzant Maxwell Rhueben Gatehouse Gwenneth Marjorie Lipscombe Alice T Phillips Aaron Walker John
Bezzant Percy Jack Lawrence Gatehouse Patricia Mary Lipscombe Donald Robert Phillips Amy Miriam Walker Leslie Collins
Bidgood Ann Gilbert Christine Maree Lipscombe Norman Thomas Phillips Charles E S Walker Myrtle Ann
Bidgood Charles Henry Gill Thomas M R Lipscombe Thomas Phillips Clara Helen Walker Susannah
Bidgood Florence Gillie Hazel Jean Lovell Arthur Phillips David Harris Walker Thomas
Bidgood John Gillie Sarah Jane Lovell Greta Marion Phillips John Henry Walker William Amos
Bidgood Thomas Glennon Anne Phillips Miriam Walker William
Bilton John Lord Glennon Patrick M Phillips Sarah Webb Cecil Ray
Bilton Mary Glennon Fanny Maria Madsen Anna Maria Phillips Victor Ross Webb Christina
Birchall Catherine Gordon Elizabeth Madsen Charles Christian Phipps George Webb Craig Anthony
Birchall Charles Gordon James Esq Madsen Jacob Peter Phipps Susan Webb Leslie
Birchall Edward Grant Edwin George Madsen Keith Horace Price Evelyn Webb Sarah Ann
Birchall John Grant Robert Bertram Madsen Margaret Victoria Pullen Arthur John Weeding Charles Gordon
Birchall Susannah Grant Ruby I Madsen Peggy Irene Pullen Athol Gordon Weeding Maria Harriett
Blackmore Louisa Maria Green Lawrence George Mann Alma Pullen Clarence Edward Weeding William E
Boxall George Arthur Green Vivenne L Marsden George Pullen Harriett Elizabeth Wells Herbert Glen
Braithwaite Arthur Studley Gregson Nita Marshall Clara Eugene Purdon Corrie Alexandra Wells Marjorie Icie
Braithwaite Bertram Zelley Grundy William Charles Marshall Norman George Pyke Jillian Marion Wells Samuel Charles
Braithwaite Fan   Marshall Robert Blyth Pyke Martin William Wells Thomas William
Braithwaite Florence H Marty John Thomas Pyke Maxwell White Francis James
Braithwaite Harriett Hall John Birch Mary Margaret Westbrook Pyke Myrtle Marion White Gladys
Braithwaite Norman Bidgood Halstead Elizabeth2 Matthews Edna Ellen White Mavis Joyce
Braithwaite Thomas Halstead Elizabeth J Matthews John Pascoe R White Rosanna Melinda
Braithwaite Victor John Halstead John McPherson Colin Ronald Rawnsley Florence Maud White Sarah
Braithwaite Vivian Ackland Harding Florence Millicent Merigan Kieron S M Rawnsley Lionel Cecil White William Henry
Brander Peter Harrison Emma Christiana Mitchell Alison Bessie Reading Amy Louise Wiggins Andrew Charles
Brender Florence Rebecca Harrison Geoffrey Bauchop Mitchell Charles Edward Solly Reading Andrew Robert Wiggins Andrew W
Briant Doreen Josephine Hathaway Edward James Mitchell Ian Raven Reardon Albert Cecil Wiggins Annie
Briant Lyle Preston Hayes Lucy May Mitchell Joyce Reardon Albert John Wiggins Bazel John
Broughton Florence Hayton Clarence Arundel Mitchelmore Alice Rosina Reardon Bartle Clyde Wiggins Claude David
Brown Albert Robert Hayton Mary Jane Mitchelmore Lewis Abraham Reardon Catherine J Wiggins Colin Montrose
Brown Edward James Heather William Mitchelmore Linda Victoria Reardon Daisy Pearl Wiggins Elizabeth Caroline
Brown Edwin Keater Higson Edwin Mitchelmore Walter Claude Reardon Edwin J Wiggins Ernest Alvin
Brown Ethel Higson Myrtle Moller Neil Juul Reardon Florence May Wiggins Esther Lavina Jane
Brown Gus Hildyard David Montgomery Joy Maree Reardon Lewis Bart Wiggins George Edmund
Brown Kathleen Selina Hildyard Eleanor Matilda Moore Annie Roberts Juanita Ivy Wiggins Geraldine Mary
Bryan Laural Joyce Hildyard Oscar Mervyn Moore Edward2 Roberts Vera Mary Wiggins Grace Eileen
Bryan Minnie May Hildyard Unknown Moore Edward Rogers Alan Charles Wiggins Harold Leslie
Bryan Vernon Hill Charles J Moore Richard John Rogers Ila Merle Wiggins Harris Norman
Burns Arthur James Hill Ida Evelyn Morey Albert Peter Rollings Albert Archer Wiggins Hazel Beatrice
Burns Arthur Leonard Hodgson Harriett Morey Ella Constance Rollings Julia A Wiggins Horace Edward
Burns George Edward Hodgson W Alfred Morey Fanny Isabel Ross Desmond Clunies Wiggins Isabella
Burns Vida May Hodgson William Morey H A Ross Lola Alice Wiggins James Norman
Burrows Alice M Hope Ivy Doreen Morey Margaret Annie Ross Mollie Clunies Wiggins Kate
Burrows Charles John Thomas Horne Baby Morley Henry Rowland Emily Isabel Wiggins Laurie
Burrows Robert Hudson Helen Morrisby Alfred Rowland Rowland John Davies Wiggins Lawrence Noel
Bywell Alice Hunt Amy Elfreda2 Morrisby Amy Rowland Rosa Jane Wiggins May
Hunt Amy Elfreda Mortyn Keith Lovell Rowles Augustus Wiggins Owen George
C Hunt Ann Muir Raymond Albert Wiggins Robert Henry
Cameron Unknown Gordon Hunt Athol Harry2 Mundy Norman S Wiggins Ronald
Castle Bridget Louisa Hunt Athol Harry Murray Florence Albertha Sampson Ernest Wiggins Ruby Alexandra
Castle George Ernest   Murray Frederick Charles Sawford Lawrence Wiggins Sarah Ann
Castle Hector Murray Kenneth Langslow Schofield Alec Ernest Wiggins Thomas A2
Chipman Ann Maree I   Schofield Alfred Wiggins Thomas A
Chivers Herbert Lawrence Iles Alberta Agnes N Schofield Ernest Charles Samuel Wiggins Thomas Henry
Chivers John Lawrence Iles Aubrey Newitt Adam2 Schofield Jane Isabel Wiggins Thomas
Chivers Vera Olive Iles Catherine Newitt Adam Schofield Martha Helena Wiggins V C
Clark Albert H Iles Claude Thomas Newitt Alice S Schofield Max David Wiggins Velvena Jane
Clark Grace Elbert Iles Ross Newitt Allan William Schofield Nancy Roberts Wiggins Victor Thomas
Clarkson Catherine Florence Iles Samuel Newitt Ann2 Schofield Samuel Wiggins Victor
Clarkson Herbert Charles Iles William Henry Newitt Ann Scott Daphne Edella Wilkins Derrick
Cleburn Norma Innes Charles Edward Newitt Anne Scott Trevor George Wilkinson Gordon Stanley
Cole Thelma M Innes Emma Blyth Newitt Charlie Athol Skrastins Dr Arturs Williams George
Cooper Ivy Elma Innes George Newitt Constance Amy Skrastins Otilija Wills John
Cotton Francis Joseph Julian Innes Isabel Gertrude Newitt Coralie Smith John Wills Mary Ann
Cotton Ruth Newitt Douglas Spaulding Willie Woodham Rhuben
J Newitt Edith2 Steele Richard Woods Magdaline Wade
D Jackson Ronald Newitt Edith Struthers Bertha Alice Woods Rev E L
Dabby Evelyn Ann Jenkins Anna Newitt Eliza Sophia Swan Elizabeth Wooley Madge
Daniels Winifred Florence Jenkins Hannah Newitt Elizabeth2 Swan James Wooley Neil Harris
Dare Alice May Jenkins Robert G Newitt Elizabeth Swan Marcia Louise Wright Arthur George
Dare Arthur C Johnson Alice Newitt Ephraim2   Wright Arthur
Dare Herbert Charles Johnson Basil Joseph Newitt Ephraim3 T Wright Elizabeth
Davidson Don Johnson Roy Baird Newitt Ephraim Victor Targett Dulcie F Wright Frances Zilla
Davis Amos Gerald T Jones Albert Norman Newitt Ephraim Targett Horace Gordon Wright Herbert & Elizabeth
Davis Arthur Edward Jones Archer Charles Newitt Gavin Stanley Tarling Eliza Wright Herbert E
Davis Geoff Jones Charles Wilkinson Newitt George2 Taylor Alwyn Kay Wright Johanna Theresa
Davis Jane Jones Clarice Newitt George Taylor Cecil Andrew Wright Thomas
Davis Lillian Charlotte Jones Elizabeth Maud Newitt Harriet A Taylor Charles Howe Wright Wesley George
Davis Marjorie Jones Harry Newitt Harriett Taylor Horace William  
Davis Neil Brian Jones Leonard James Newitt Ilma Lisle2 Taylor James Y
Davis Unknown Allen Jones Maud Isabell Newitt Ilma Lisle Taylor Lewis James Yates Agatha Mary
Davis Walter Jones Nita Clare Newitt Leith Davis Taylor Louisa Yates Hannah E
Denholm Clement Christie Jones Richard Newitt Maria Taylor Naida Necia Yates James
Denholm Doris Irene Jones Terence James Newitt Mary Taylor Sarah Mabel Young Florence
Denholm John Henry Joseph Richard Edward Newitt Phoebe Thomas Andrew Charles Young Robert
        Young Thomas John
        Zelley Benjamin
        Zelley Eliza
        Ziegler Anna
        Ziegler Wilhelm

There are 17 Unknown graves

The 3 names in yellow have been clarified by Stuart Glennon as being 3 of the unknown graves in this cemetery.

Glennon Patrick died December 1888 Glennon Fanny Maria in December 1918.

Glennon Anne died 30 November1884.

For further contact on these people email





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