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Broadmarsh St Augustine

Z ST Augustine.JPG (1471939 bytes)In 1846 the Rev. James Chambers was appointed Government Chaplain at Broadmarsh which centre was afterwards attached to the Brighton Parish. 

Land for the site of the church was donated by Lieutenant Gunn and St. Augustine’s was opened for worship in June 1847. 

It is an early sandstone church with a gabled roof with gable parapets at either end with buttresses to the sides and tall lancet windows.  There is a small vestibule at one end and a chancel at the other of a smaller scale than the body of the church.


Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 30 June 2004





Bannister Alex Dare Horace Charles Johnson Geoffrey William Rayner Hilda F
Bannister David Dare Neita Isobel Mary Jones Aaron Reynolds Oswald Bayley
Bannister Frederick Walter Davis Frances Amelia Jones Henry Llewellyn Riley Frederick
Bannister Lavinia Davis Sydney Raymond Rolls Edith Irene
Bannister May Davis Walter Randolph


Rolls John William
Bannister William T Davis William Walter King John Frederick Rolls Thomas W
Barham William John   Rolls Isabella Emma
Barham William



Bayley Charles James Espie Mary Ellen Mann  
Bayley Charles Walter Espie Mary McCaulay John A  
Bayley Henrietta Meech Sigma Myrle  
Bayley Minnie Jane




Bennett Marlene Gail Ferguson Allen James


Stowe Mary Ann 
Bleathman Ann Finn Roy Tasman Nichols Albert   
Bleathman Darcy James   Nichols Arthur R


Bleathman George


Nichols Annie Thomas Craig Reginald
Brown Kathleen Grace Gray Alan Leslie Nichols David Thomas Irene May
Brown Walter John Donald Gray Charles Walter Nichols Eileen J Thomas R Hindes
Bruce Alexander W Gray Edith May Nichols George  
Bruce James Gray Ella M Nichols Irene


Bruce Jemima L Gray James Nichols Keith George Watson Charlotte May
Bruce Wynd J Gray Ronald Charles Nichols Mervyn D Watson Jack
Burr Neita Mary Gray Ruth Nichols Neil Maxwell Whitbread Thomas
Burr Reginald Thomas Gray Samuel Nichols Rose Ann Whitbread Charles Lee
Burris Harold Gray Sarah Nichols Frank Williams Thomas
Burris John James Gunn Brett Nichols Victor H Williams Mary
Burris Mary  Jane M   Nichols Walter Lewis  Wilson Elizabeth Annie


Nichols Charlotte May Wrigley Robert


H M A    
Calvert Nora Frances Hawes Ernest James


Chaplin Edward Hawes John W Paul Gladys Eileen  There are 11 unknowns in this
Chaplin Elizabeth Hawes Kathleen May Paul Laura Ruby


Chaplin Emily Hawes Martha Pogue Jane  
Chaplin Margaret Hawes William John    
Clark Douglas James Hindes Annie T R    
Cooley Robert Basil Hindes Florence    
Cooley Ruby Laviva Fay Hindes Sydney    
Cornish Harold V Holmstrom Jane J    
Cox Alma Maria Hughes Caroline    
Cox Ella Caroline      
Cox Fane      

Unknown Graves

Gillard Henry Edward died 12th Feb 1955 aged 87 (Information Supplied by Gail Shorthouse)



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