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If you could spare a few dollars to help with the running costs of this website would be very much appreciated.

Thank you from Gravesites of Tasmania.

Over the past 20 years we have acquired lots of different information which we would like to share with everyone.

Back in 2002 Kay, Sue and Linda started delving into their family history and started visiting the cemeteries. There was nothing much on the internet at that time.

After heading to Oatlands many times to find that missing piece of the puzzle (which you can most times find on a headstone) we decided to take all the photos and share with everyone that could not make it to them. Our aim was to photograph every headstone in Tasmania and make them available and free for everyone to use for their genealogy. This job has been bigger than Ben Hur.

Libraries Australia wrote to us asking permission for them to copy our website and store on Pandora for future generations in case something happened to us. We were over the moon to think that we had made a tool that they think that is valuable enough to keep there.

Many sites on the internet have come and tried to do the mammoth job we have and then disappeared because it is such a big job.

It is with great sadness that Sue Guinan and Kay Newman have passed away and it is now up to Linda McKenzie to keep their dream alive.

If there are any broken links please let us know as the link may have been over looked.

Many thanks to all those people who are sending in emails to help us name some of the unknown headstones.

The help is greatly appreciated and does not go un-noticed.



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