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Church Of England Section A 

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Abel Unknown Clara A29 Garnett Ada A61 Macmichael Ida Reynolds Edward Taylor Emma
Able Violet Clara Lavinia A29 Giblin Arthur Leslie Macmichael Susan Elizabeth Reynolds Frederick Taylor Frederick
Ahrens Edith May A7 Giblin Catherine Augusta Macmichael William Gatehouse Reynolds George Taylor Joseph Thomas
Ahrens Frederick William A7 Giblin Edward Owen Macmichael William Nicholas Reynolds Harriett Tenniswood Grace Harley
Aldridge Joseph A5 Giblin Elizabeth Marsden Albert Ernest Reynolds Sarah Tenniswood Marianne
Aldridge Joseph Charles Glastone A5 Giblin Mary Ann Marsden Edward Alexander Reynolds Thomas Augustus Tenniswood William
Aldridge Sarah Ann A5 Giblin Muriel Gertrude Marsden Emma Reynolds Unknown Thompson Elsie
Anderson Charles Henry A54 Giblin Nyra Ross Marsden Margaret Richards Edward M A86 Thompson Emma
Anderson Linda Evelyn A54 Giblin Ronald Worthy Marsden Rosanna Richards Eleanor Elizabeth A86 Thompson Richard
Anderson Mary Ann A99 Giblin Thomas Marsden Thomas Roblin Ann A98 Thorp Albert
Ash Coward A24 Giblin Thomas 1 Marsden Thomas Richard Roblin Arthur A98 Thorpe Francis Harold
Ash Frances Grace A24 Giblin Wilfred W Marshall Amanda Catherine Roblin Frank A98 Thorpe Mary Ann
Ash Martha A24 Gibson Sarah A92 Marshall Catherine Roblin Thomas2 A98 Thorpe Robert
Atchison Hannah A15 Gibson William A92 Marshall Cecilia May Roblin Thomas A98 Thorpe Walter Nelson
Atkinson Julia Mary Green Frances A106 Marshall John Roe Edward Blackmore A65 Toby Charles A75
Austin Alice Evelyn A46 Green George A106 Marshall Sarah Elizabeth Roe Edward Rowland A65 Travers Jane
Austin Doris Jean A46 Green James Frecker A98 Marshall Tasman John Roffey John Turner Arndel Ernest
Austin Hannah A46 Gregory James Mason Agnes Rumner Amy Gertrude Turner Mary Ann
Austin Stanley Thomas A46 Gregory Mary Ann Mason Alfred S Turner Sarah Elizabeth
Austin Thomas A46 Grencell George Mason Annie Grace Seager Charles Turner Thomas Henry
  Grencell George2 Mason Emily Clara Seager Edgar Harias  
B Grencell George 1 Mason Frances M Seager Frederick Robert U
Bailey George H A Grencell Mary Mason Gertrude Emily Seager Jane Unknown 1
Bailey Isabell A Grencell Mary Ann Mason John Lancelot Moore Seager Louisa Mary Unknown 2
Barker Albert Grey Sarah Jane A100 Mason Kathleen Agnes Seager Rita Ann Gertrude Unknown 3
Barker Doris Gweneth A   Mason Mary Evelyn Seal Alice Unknown 4
Battin Charles A87 H Mason Nina Helen Seal Beatrice Emma Unknown 5
Battin Louisa Margaret A59 Hare George A41 Mason Thomas Louis Johnson Seal Charles Unknown 6
Bealey Albert M A7 Hare Maria A41 McKinlay Stella Mary Seal Eric (In New Zealand) Unknown 7
Bealey David Rome A7 Harris Mary McNeil Alice Seal Jessie Unknown 8
Bealey May A7 Harris Thomas A86 McNeil Andrew Seal Leonard Presley Unknown 9
Bealey William A7 Harris William A86 McNeil Unknown Seal Marion Unknown 10
Beswick MaryA83 Harvey Octavus W Rob A52 McPherson Robert Seal Matthew Unknown 11
Billinghurst Ann A45 Harvey William Robert A49 Meredith Cytra Nora Seal Matthew 1 Unknown Henry Vincent
Billinghurst Henry A45 Hawkesford Mary Ann Meredith George C Seal Phyllis Unknown Rose
Billinghurst William A45 Hawkesford Mary Ann 1 Meredith Janet Colouhoun Seal Vault listed on plaques  
Blake Frank A67 Hawkesford William Miller Frances Emma A57 Seal William V
Blake Isaac A67 Henry Adelaide A11 Miller Frederick Royden Searl Frank Vickers Isobel
Blake Rebecca A67 Henry Arthur A11 Miller Joseph Shawe Annie Cleopatria  
Blyth Alice Celia Maud A89 Henry Ethel Mary A11 Miller Thomas Shawe Beatrice Butler McMichael W
Bossward Joseph A18 Henry Isaac A11 Moffatt John Gerald Shawe Charles Fleetwood Walker Lizzie
Brooke Isoline A A Henry Walter Isaac A11 Moore Errol Vere Walch Shawe Charles Fleetwood (Capt) Walker Unknown
Brooke Moyna Moorhouse A Hibbard Arthur Raymond A26 Moore Ethel Martha Shawe Francis F Waller Edith Margaret
Brooke Sarh Ann Beaumont A Hibbard John A26 Moore Harriett Martha Shawe William B F Walters Anne
Brooke Vivian Cyril A Hindes Joseph Mousley A43 Moore Leslie Walch Shepherd Amy Louia Walton Ann
  Holmes Edith Moore Martha Maria Shepherd George Frederick Walton James Henry
C Holmes Edith2 Moore Percival Walch Short Emily Walton Lockyer
Cane Jane A44 Holmes Frederick Moore Robert Short William Walton Violet Eveline
Castray Luke Richard A12 Holmes Frederick2 Moore Ronald Francis Simpson Henry Ward Agatha Wavel
Castray Mary A12 Hooper George A21 Morris Elizabeth Julia Simpson Mary Ward Frances Emma
Cearns Bridget A10 Hooper Georgina A21 Morris Harry Simpson Sarah Ann Ward George Henry
Cearns Charles James A10 Hope Henry Morris Janet Elizabeth Sims Ebenezer Ward George Henry 1
Cearns Charles John A10 Hope John Conley Morris Marion Phyllis Slouch Catherine Eliza A54 Ward Joseph Fry
Cheverton Amy A75 Hughes Maria Eleanor Murray Arther Slouch William A54 Ward Martha
Cheverton Elizabeth A75 Hughes Stephen Murray Helen Smith Amy Florence Ward Richard James Clyde
Chilvers Charles A Hughes Stephen Henry Murray Unknown Smith Ann Ward Rosina Isabel Emily
Chilvers Margaret Helen A   Murray William Wallace Fullerton Smith Catherine Wardlaw Kitty
Chisholm Catherine A2 J   Smith Charles Wardlaw Minnie
Chisholm Florence Louisa A55 Jenkins Fanny N Smith Eliza Ware Alice Maud
Chisholm James A2 Jenkins John Newman Elizabeth Smith Hannah Lottie Ware Isobel Sarah
Cleary George A94 Jenkins Letitia A Newman Francis Smith Henry Watson Alice
Cleary Rita Adelaide A14 Jenkins Lettie Nicholson Harry Smith Henry 1 Watson Alice May
Cleburne Eleanor Holdsworth A Johnston Ethel Beatrice Nicholson Maria Amanda Smith James S Watson Amy Isabelle
Cleburne Emily Isabel A Johnston Isabell A26 Nicholson Mary Ellen Smith Jane Watson Catherine Eliza
Cleburne James Martin A Johnston Mary Ann Nicholson Richard Smith John James Emanuel Watson Charles
Cleburne Margaret Sarah A Johnstone Frank H Noetling Ethel Marion Smith Joseph Watson David
Coates Elizabeth May Johnstone Gilbert M   Smith Maria May Watson Florence Catherine
Coates Margaret Ann Johnstone James V O Smith Mary Ann Watson Henry
Coats Maud McPherson Johnstone Marion Camille Oates Edwin James Smith Pamela Watson James Colin
Cooper Elsie A42 Johnstone Mary Elizabth Oates George Smith Robert Corsnip Watson Samuel
Cooper Mary Ann A42 Johnstone Rose Oates George Irwin Smith William Watson Sarah
Cooper Randall Johnstone Samuel Kirkland Oates Norah May Smith William Joseph Watson William
Cooper Rebecca Johnstone Susan Jane Oates Ruby Smyth Phyllis (In England) Watts Thomas
Cooper Roy Jorden Charles Oates Thomas E Spurling Ansley Beaumont Wayn Gwendolen Beatrice
Cooper Unknown Jorden Charles John Oldham Doris Marjory Spurling Jessie Elizabeth Beaumont Weaver William George
Cooper Unknown 1 Jorden Charlotte Oldham Nora Emily Spurling Jessy Webster Cecil
Cooper Unknown 2 Jorden Janet Oldham Ruby Emma Spurling Sarah Harriette Webster Katherine Louisa
Cooper Unknown 3   Oswald Vivian Spurlng Ansley Webster Walter
Cooper William K   Stephens Alfred C Wester Hubert Alfred
Cooper William 1 Kennedy Angus P Stephens Jane Wharmby Martha
Could Doris Maud Kennedy Clavey Parsons Samuel Stephens Madge Louise Wheeler James
Coulstone Charles William Kennedy Florinda Pearce Arthur Stephens Rose Whitington Mary Agnes
Cross Emma Isabelle Margaret A46 Kennedy Helen Pearce Charles Henry Stephens William Whyte Elizabeth
  Kennedy John Pearce Charles Stevenson Stephens William Francis Whyte James
D Kennedy John 1 Pearce Eliza Emma Sterio Tenis Whyte Julia Helen
Dale Beatrice Josephine A58 Kennedy Robert Pearce Frank Walter Stevenson Gertrude Wiliam Beryl
Dale Leslie Derwent A58 Kennedy Robert 1 Pearce Henry Stops Alice Dockerill Wilkinson Henry
Davey Florence Louisa A84 Kirby George Pearce Henry 1 Stops Alison Beatrice Wilkinson Julia Sarah
Davey Lara Jane A84 Kirby Maria Pearce Jane Stops Blanche Faith Williams Henrietta Kate
Davies Maria   Pearce Mary Ann Stops Charles Hobart Williams Jane
Davies Rowland Lyttleton A L Perry Arthur Stops Elizabeth Williams John
Davies Rowland Robert Langworthy Frances E Perry George Cameron Stops Emily Williams Reginald
D'Emden Julia Hudson A62 Langworthy Malcolm T E Perry Herbert Charles Raven Stops Frederick Williams William Bertie
Dodds George A108 Langworthy Richard L Perry Jane Stops Frederick 1 Willing Ellen
Dodds James A108 Langworthy Walter D Perry Laura Kate Stops Frederick Rolfe Willing Richard
  Laws Joan Stirling Lillian Perry Mary Stops Grace Rosemond Willis Albert William
E Le Rossignol Edward Phillips Charles T H Stops Henry Willis Alfred James
Ebdon Alice Maud A87 Le Rossignol Marianne J E Phillips Priscilla Prudence Street Ellen Willis Joshua David
Ebdon Hannah A87 Lethbridge Muriel Nancy Phillips Thomas Street James Willis Rachel
  Liptrot Emma Sarah Plaister Alice Street Martha Wizenburg Alice May
F Liptrot John Bailey   Street Mary Jane Wizenburg Harriett
Finigan Evelyn A73 Liptrot Roger Temple R Swan Arthur Wizenburg Henry
Finigan John A73 Liptrot Sue Raven Mary Ann Swan Charles Cameron Wood Hilda Alice
Finigan Unknown Florence A Liptrot Thomas George Rex George Woodcock Swan Edward Daniel Woreey Alexander
Fisher Annie Emily A50A Lovett Mary Sophia Rex Hilda Ruth Swan Eliza Woreey Annie
Fletcher Isabella Victorine A68 Lovett William Rex John Henry Swan George James Woreey Ethel
Fletcher William A68 Lovett William 2 Rex Muriel Vera Swan Harriet Worthy William
Fraser Elizabeth A18 Lucas John Rex Rita Selina Swan Herbert Cameron  
  Lucas Sophia Rex Selina Jane Swan Jane Y
  Luckstone Albert Reynolds Charlotte Swan John Young Andrew John
  Luckstone John Reynolds Charlotte E Swan John 1 Young Evelyn Amy
  Lyttleton Anne Reynolds Dinah Swan Julie Susan Young Marion
      Swan Mary Ann  

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