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Church of England Section AA

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Blackwood Alice AA11 Hall Eric Lewis Lilly AA1 Perry Archibald James Walker
Blackwood Archibald Charles Hall Norman Lewis Lina Henrietta AA1   Walker Alan Cameron
Butler Doris Cameron AA5 Hamilton Louisa Beatrice Lewis Margaret Elsie AA1 R Walker Eliza Isabel
Butler Ian Colin Cameron Harbottle Charles Lewis Margaret Louise Rice Dermot Briner Walker Jessie Beresford
  Harbottle Eliza Ann Lewis Marguerita Isabel AA1 Russell Ruby Evelyn Walker John Cameron
C Harvey Kate Lewis Maria AA1   Walker Robert
Chodzko Francis AA2 Hungerford Lurline AA1 Lewis Marienne Henrietta AA1 S Walker Robert Leslie
Chodzko Jane AA2   Lewis Marion Frances AA1 Sedbon Louisa Sophia AA1 Warren Elizabeth AA1
Crooks Alfred AA12 J Lewis Mary Frances AA1 Smith Ella Eileen Watson Harold AA1
Crooks Donald Alfred AA12 Jenking George Lewis Neil AA1 Smith Ernest Harold Watson Isabella Mary AA1
Crooks Emily V AA12 Jenking Kate Lewis Neil Elliott AA1 Smith Harold Thomas Williams Alfred AA6
    Lewis Richard2 AA1 Smith Sheila Williams Elizabeth AA6
D L Lewis Richard AA1 Stephens Isabella AA1 Williams Robert Henry Leslie AA6
Dowbiggin Frances AA2 Lewis Arndell Neil AA1 Lewis Richard Neil AA1 Stephens Lizzie Emily Mona AA1 Wilton Henry Willis Reames AA1
Dowbiggin Isabella AA2 Lewis Amy Stewart AA1 Lewis Thomas AA1   Wise Annie Jane AA9
Drake Marjorie Cameron AA4 Lewis Caroline AA1 Loring Horace James   Wise Frederick Henry AA9
  Lewis Charles Benjamin Loring Walter Charles T Wise Harold Wallis AA9
E Lewis David2 AA1 Lundon Annie Isabel Teniswood Barbara Cameron Wise Henry Joshua AA9
Elliott Alice Catherine AA14 Lewis David AA1   Teniswood Wilfred Victor Wise Jane Annie AA9
Elliott George Audley AA14 Lewis David Clarence AA1 M Turner Joseph George Wise Margaret AA9
Emery Jane AA33 Lewis David Cyril AA1 Macdonald Frederick Charles Turner Lucy Rosetta Wise William AA9
Emery William Frances AA33 Lewis Duncan Alfred AA1 Macdonald John Ernest    
  Lewis Evelyn Macdonald Sara Ann U Y
F Lewis Frances AA1 Macdonald Sara Anne Unknown 2 Youl Charles AA10
Foster AA2 Lewis Frances Estelle AA1 McChristie Alexander Stewart Unknown 3 Youl Lochlina Charlotte AA10
Foster Ann AA2 Lewis George Richard AA1 McChristie Eleanor Harriet Unknown 4  
Foster Francis Henry AA2 Lewis George Stephens AA1 McChristie Henry Briner Unknown Alfred  
Foster Jane AA2 Lewis Hubert Charles AA1 McChristie Llewellyn H Unknown Annie Elizabeth  
Foster Jeanne Blanche AA2 Lewis Isabella AA1 McChristie Myra Evelyn Unknown Herbert James Cox-Taylor  
Foster John AA2 Lewis Jane Maria AA1 McChristie Thomas Young Unknown Mabel  
Foster John Askin AA2 Lewis Len McChristie Thomas Young2    
Foster John Henry AA2 Lewis Leonard Charles McMahon Mary Louisa AA1    
Foster Patricia Ainslie AA2 Lewis Lillian Morrison Askin    
  Lewis Lillias Sophia2 AA1      
G Lewis Lillias Sophia AA1 N    
Gavitt Ezekiel AA21   Nairn Ada Sophia    
Gavitt Joseph Courtland   Nairn Charles Cameron    
Gavitt Louisa AA21   Nairn Robert    


Thank you Lyn for the following information

Unknown Herbert James

First names: Herbert James, Surname: COX-TAYLOR, Age :  63, Date of death:,  Record no: 1B 32902,  Service type: Burial, Service date: 7-Feb-1936, Last residence: TOWN, Grave location - Cemetery :Cornelian Bay,   Area or denomination: Church of England,  Section: AA,  Site number:  Number 27,




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