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Church of England Section B

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website  (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

A C Cont H Cont P T
Anderson Catherine B52 Cole Clara Annette Elsie B16 Hutchinson Henry John B55 Paterson Frederick Taylor Charles Joseph
Anderson Joseph B52 Creswell Annie B14 Hutchinson John 1 B55 Plowman Unknown Taylor Elizabeth Louisa
Anderson William B7 Creswell William George B14 Hutchinson John B55 Priest Ann Taylor Florence May Dore
Anning Amelia Frances B62 Cross George B57 Hutchinson Joseph B55 Priest Henry Taylor George
Anning Elizabeth Belgium Cross Sarah B57 Hutchinson Mary B55 Priest Thomas Taylor Jane
Anning Frederick Henry Curphey Anna B31 Huttly Alfred B121 Pringdon Jane Taylor Joseph
Anning Maria Louisa B64 Curphey Edward B31   Prior Jane Taylor Lucy Hannah
Anning Mary Ann B62   I Prior Louis C Taylor Sarah
Anning Susan Lewis B62 D Ibbotson Ellen B78   Taylor Thomas Edward
Anning Thomas George B64 Davenport Frederick B102 Ibbotson William George 1 B78 Q Taylor William J
Anning Thomas Sillifient1 B64 Davis Ellen B96 Ibbotson William George B78 Quested James Turner Annie
Anning Thomas Sillifient B64 Day Charles B26 Issell Thomas E B Quested James H Turner Frederick J
Anning Thomas William B64 Day Daniel B26   Quested Jane Turner Helen Louisa
Anning William Sillifient B62 Day Elizabeth B26 J   Turner Henry
Archer Richard Henry B116 Day Samuel B26 Johnston Arthur Albert R Turner Henry Thomas
Arthur Edith J L M B Day Thomas B26 Johnston Sarah Jane Rice Daniel Sutherland Turner John Arthur
Arthur Milford C M B Dixon Joseph Black B108 Johnstone Esther Maria Rice Sophia Turner Maria
Austin Marianne B Dowling Joseph S B80 Johstone William Rollins Levi Turner Robert
  Duggan Cecil Harry B79 Jones Henry Rosendale Eliza  
B Duggan Elizabeth Mary Ann B79   Rosendale Eliza 1 U
Bakewell Elizabeth B118 Duggan Michael B79 K Rosendale William Tapsell Unknown 1
Bakewell Thomas B118 Duggan Oswald Rollins B79 Kerr Mary Rule David Benton Unknown 2
Bartlett Ann B10 Dwyer James B75 Knapper Stephen Rule James Unknown 3
Bartlett Helen Ann B10 Dwyer Mary B75   Rule Sarah Ann Unknown 4
Bartlett William Ann B10   L   Unknown 5
Bateman Charles B81 F Large Elizabeth S Unknown 6
Bateman Isaac B81 Farncomb John B2 Large Elizabeth2 Sales Celia Ellen B96 Unknown 7
Bateman Sarah B81 Fuller Charles B25 Large Robert Scott Scott Unknown Edward Hald
Bateman William B81 Fuller Harriett B25 Lewis Frederick William Seals John B80 Unknown Kenneth J
Beaumont Elizabeth Virginia B82   Lewis William Sharpe Johnson B15  
Beaumont George B82 G Loring James C Sharpe Thomas Henry Joseph W
Beaumont James Yeoman B82 Geary Robert B75 Loring Samuel John C Smith Amy Ware Alice Maude
Beaumont Maria Emily B82 Geary Sarah B75 Loring Unknown 1 Smith Elizabeth Ann Ware Hannah
Beaumont Sarah Ann B82 Glasson Samuel Quick B114 S1 Loring Unknown 2 Smith Frederick Ware Henry
Beaumont William George 1 B82 Gray Allen B88 Lovett Charles Smith Harold Ware Mary
Beaumont William George B82 Gray Maria B88 Lovett Esther Smith Henry Samuel Ware Mary Ann
Bell George B7 Gray Rose B88 Lovett Rosina Smith Hilda Weir James
Bell Jane Sarah B7 Green Charles B Lovett Rosina Ann Smith James Weir Louisa
Bentley Margaret1 B1 Green Sarah B Lovett Thomas George Smith Mary Wickens Horace Frank
Bentley Margaret B1 Green Sophia B Lumsden Abraham John Smith Mary2 Williams Edmund Thomas
Bentley Thomas 1 B1 Green Thomas B Lumsden Alice Smith Mary Amelia Williams Frances
Bentley Thomas  B1 Grove Jane B37 Lumsden Charles Francis Smith Percival Augustas Wilson William
Bevis Agnes Jane B63 Grove Linal Sailor B37 Lyons Celia Elizabeth B96 Smith Robert Finlay Wright Bentley Isaac
Bevis Henry B63 Grove Unknown B37   Smith Samuel Wright Cyril Vivian
Bevis Mary B63   M Smith Susan Wright Elizabeth B116
Blackmore Eleanor Quick B114 H McCaughan John Smith Unknown Wright Ernest Arthur
Blackmore Richard B114 S1 Hathrell James B34 McCaughan Mary Smith Violet Isabel Wright George
Bowring Rupert Seymour B67 Hill Elizabeth Anne B77 McGinnes Ada Louisa Smith William Wright George Bentley
Brooke Henry Earnest B101 Hill Elizabeth B77 S1 McGinnes Anne Emily Smith William Joseph Wright Henry B116
Brooke Martha B101 Hill Thomas B77 S1 McGinnes John Snow Henry Wright Maud Rosina
Broughton Anthony B7 Hood Frederick B100 McGinnes John 1 Snow Sophia Wright Rosina Ballantyne
Broughton Elizabeth B7 Hood Herbert Arthur B100   Snow Wiliam  
Broughton John2 B7 Hood Isabel S J B100 N Stabb Alma Y
Broughton John B7 Hood LLyod B100 Nend Sarah B7 Stabb Elizabeth Young Henry
Broughton Robert B7 Hood Robin LLyod B100 Newman Ann B36 Stabb Elizabeth Annie Young Jane Louisa
  Hood Robin Vaughan B100 Newman John David B36 Stabb John William Young John Henry
C Howell Sarah Ann Agnes B85 Nicholas Martha Stabb Lucy Lota  
Carter Margaret B86 Hunter John Ridley B8 Nicholson Elizabeth L Stabb Robert N  
Church Charles Bright B36 Hurford Agnes M B14 Nicholson James Stabb Susan Louisa  
Clarke Ada Emily B Hurford Arthur E B14 Noah Thomas Stabb Susan Louisa 1  
Clarke Charles B Hurford Beatrice Ellen B14   Stabb Unknown 3  
Clarke Fanny N B Hurford John B14   Stephens John Edward  
Clements George B15 Hurford John T B14   Stephens Maisy Ann  
Clements Maria B15 Hurford Mary A B14   Stephens Mary Ann  
      Stewart Frances Mary  




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