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Church of England Section C

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

A C Cont I P T
Addison Barry Wentworth Carter Maria Irvine Patrick Peacock Edith Tapping Caleb
Addison Charles Wentworth Carter William Joseph   Peacock Ernest Alfred Tapping Caleb Pryor
Addison D'Arcy Wentworth Chamberlain James J Peacock Jack Ernest Tapping Caleb Pryor 1
Addison D'Arcy Wentwoth Chamberlain Susan James Dinah Petterd Richard Forester Tapping Desmond Walker
Addison Elizabeth Chancellor Edward James Emily Louisa Petterd Sarah Tapping Herbert Caleb
Addison Elizabeth Sophia Chancellor Elizabeth James Gladys L Pitt Annie May Tapping Kitty Ann
Addison Emily Chancellor Fredrick Edgar James Henry George Jennings Pitt Ellen Mary Tapping Mary Ann
Addison Emily K Wentworth Chancellor Harold Montague James Henry John Pringle David Tapping Mary Ann 1
Addison Hugh Chancellor Hubert Douglas James Margaret Wood Pringle Edward Tapping Mary Estelle
Addison Hugh D'Arcy Chancellor Mabel Emily James May Pugh Violet Winifred Tapping Mary Jane
Addison Hugh D'Arcy 1 Chancellor Mary Ann Harriet James Thomas Alfred   Tapping Maxine Joy
Addison John Darcey Wentworth Chancellor Sydney Thomas Jameson David Napier R Tapping Randolph
Addison John Elliot Cheverton Charles Jameson Elizabeth Riley Lewis Tapping Walter Thomas
Addison John Elliott Cheverton Emma Jennings Annie Ring Albert E Tapping Zilva Mary
Addison Marion Wentworth Cheverton Emma Will Jennings Annie Louisa Ring Arthur N Taylor I
Addison Mary Anne Wentworth Cheverton George Jennings Thomas Dewhurst Ring Bertram Thomas Taylor M A
Addison Mary Anne Wentworth 1 Cheverton Hariet Johnson John Unknown Ring Edward S Taylor Rene Elsie
Addison Muriel Wentworth Cheverton William Jones Archibald Ring Florence Travers Archibald Lindsay 1
Addison Stephen Clark Alexander Joseph Lillian E Ring Henry Travers Cecil
Addison Stephen1 Clark Elizabeth Mann Joyner Alan Vaughan Ring Henry C Travers Isobel D
Addison Stephen 2 Cole Rebecca Maud Joyner Joan Constance Ring Jean Travers Janet Ingram
Addison Stephen McComish Conlan Bertie Leslie   Ring Mary Travers Louisa
Anderson E S Conlan Mary Ann K Ring Mary Ann Travers Mary Blackmore
Anderson James Conlan Michael Kelly Harry Sherbourne Ring Nicholas E Travers Robert Ingram
Anderson Mary   Kelly Selina Alice Ring Norman N Travers Samuel Smith
Andrews Arthur Norman D   Ring Sarah  
Andrews Eleanor Jane Dawson Arthur L Ring Stenip N W
Andrews Elsa Lillian Dowling Alice Mary Latham Alfred Ring Thomas Walkeden Unice Kitty
Andrews Ethel Mary   Latham Alice M Ring Thomas B Warner Blanche Marion
Andrews William E Latham Alice Matilda Ring William Casking Warner Jack D
  Eady Albert Charles Latham Alice Opasnia Ring William H Warner John William
B Eady Charles Latham Clarence Max Risley Emma Warner Rhena Elsie Blanche
Basstian Christopher Eady Charles Golding Latham Ernest   Warner Trevor D
Basstian Eliza Eady Elizabeth Latham Ethel Mary S Webb Bryant
Basstian Henry W Eady Elizabeth Ann Latham Frederick Sherrin Eliza Webb Clarissa
Basstian John Berg Eady George Latham John Sherrin Emma Elizabeth Webb Elizabeth
Basstian Mary Ann Theresa Eady Harriette Latham John Allen Sherrin Ernest Edward William Webb Godson C W
Basstian Mary Ann Theresa 1 Eady Jane Sarah Latham Louisa Sherrin Francis Henry Webb John
Basstian Neils Eady Madeline Lorise Latham Nellie Sherrin Francis Henry 1 Webb Sarah Ann
Basstian Neils 1 Ellis Jessie Margaret Latham Percy George Sherrin Myrtle Weston Francis Glendower
Basstian Unknown Elms John White Latham Rowena Sherrin William Weston Jessie Eva
Beach Lucy Annie   Lawton George Simpson Alice Mary Weston Margaret Ann
Beach Milson G Lawton John H Simpson Andrew John Weston Samuel Edmund
Belbin Herbert Edward Gadsby Frederic Lawton Mary Ann Simpson Eliza Dianna Weston Victor Edmund
Belbin Winfred May Gadsby Jane M E Lawton Sarah Ann Simpson Henry Whitney Grace
Berry Grace Olive Golding Alice Sarah Lisbey Oscar Norman Simpson Jane Widoeson Phyllis
Berry William Jacob Golding William Henry Lisbey W R Simpson L S Wilkinson David T
Bezett Alice Harriet Gray James Lord Allan David Simpson Selby Wilkinson Henrietta Rosaline
Bezett Charles Gray Mary Newton Lord Edward Robert Sloane John Neil Willett Elizabeth M A
Bezett Leslie John   Lord Fanny Sloane Marjorie Willett William
Bezette Dolci H Lord Fanny Carr Smith Augustus Williams Beria
Bezette George Haines Charles Albert Lord Gladys Mary Carr Smith Ebenezer T Williams William
Bezette George 1 Hammond Frank William Pitt Lord Grace Virginia Smith Henry Alfred Wilson Ann
Bezette Jane Hammond Jessie Christine Pitt Lord Ida Smith Henry Unknown Wilson Arthur Albert
Boardman Jane Hammond Mary Jane Lord Irene Kate Carr Smith Mary Ann Wilson Emma E
Bowden Elsie Myrtle Hammond William Simmons Lord James Smith Peter Wilson Fanny Cecilia
Bowden George Frederick Harris Vera Pearl Lord James 1 Smith Peter 1 Wilson George
Burgess Eliza Harvey Edward Lord John Carr Stevenson Alice Mary Wilson Madeline Kerr
Burgess Thomas Harward Kate Lord Laura Caroline Stevenson Ann Wilson Mary Kerr
Burgess William Hawkes Amy Louise Lord Lort Stevenson Frances Amy Wilson Minnie
Butler Ada Frances Hawkes George Lord Mary Stevenson Mary Sarah Wilson Sarah
Butler Camaliel Henry Hawkes James Jasper Lord Olive Eliza Carr Stevenson William Wilson Thomas John
Butler Derek Croom Hawkes Joseph Lovatt Jane Boardman Stump Ada M Wilson William
Butler Eileen Hawkes Lucy Elizabeth   Stump Agnes Margaret Wlson Clarendon William
Butler Ethel Julia Hawkes Mary J M Stump Arthur George Wood Sarah C10
Butler Gilbert Edward Hawkes Philotta McArthur George Rennie Stump Bery Beatrice Wood Thomas C10
Butler Marion Brock Hawkes William Richard McArthur Jane Landridge Stump Gwendoline Maud  
Butler Unknown Hawkins Alfred McArthur John Scott Stump Herbert H  
  Hawkins Jane Beria McArthur Kelvin Winn Scott Stump Laura Beatrice  
C Hawley Phillis Isobel Carr McArthur Mary Stump Margaret  
Campbell George Hemsley Charles McArthur Mary 1 Stump Maria  
Campbell George Colin Hemsley Mary Ann McArthur Milford Chamberlain Stump Mark  
Campbell Jane Hill Alfred Arthur Menzie Charles Stump Susan  
Campbell Lillian Beatrice Hill Arthur John Menzie Hannah Stump Thomas  
Campbell Lillian Edna Hill Mary Elizabeth Menzie William Stump Thomas 1  
Campbell Mary Hutchins C L C Meredith Emily L Stump Willie Thomas  
Carter Caroline Amelia Hutchins Charles Meredith Mervyn L A    
Carter Caroline Mary Louisa Hutchins Clarence W Middleton Jessie Rowena    
Carter Charles Hutchins Jack Bradley Miller Albert    
Carter George Hutchins Jessie Moore Harry    
Carter Helen Hutchins Margaret Moore John Thomas    
Carter Joseph Hutchins Richard Charles Moore Sarah    
  Hutchins Wilfred Morgan Harriet    




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