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Church of England Section CC

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

A C Cont H Cont N Cont S Cont
Abel Albert Henry Clarke Kenneth Hope Albert Newman Joseph Staveley Rosine Rebecca
Albury Hilary Sarah Clarke Unknown Hope Isabella Florence Newman Susannah Steed Elizabeth
Albury Susan Clayton Phoebe Eliza Howard Henry Robert Newman William Steed James
Albury William Clennett Elizabeth Hannah Howell Alfred Basil Nichols Annie Aline Stevenson Eric
Allen Amy Amelia Clennett Harold Guy Howell Ethel Emily Nichols David Francis Stevenson John
Allen Cecil T Clennett John Andrew Hudson Ethel May Nichols Ella May Stevenson Lavina Margaret
Allen Frederick Henry Clennett William Longstaff Hudson William Frederick Nichols Francis David Street Leslie Arthur
Anderson Caroline Collins Muriel Marjorie Hughes C B Nichols Jane Swan Henry James
Anderson Jane Cooper Mary Newcomen   Nichols Nita C S Swan Jean Mary
Anderson John Peter Cooper Philip Newcomen J Nichols Susan Isobel Swan Louisa Elsie
Anderson William Robert Cooper Thomas Newcomen Johnston John Edward Nichols Thomas H N Swan Neil Cameron
Austin Florence Myra Corfield Grace Elizabeth Johnston Sophia Elizabeth   Swan Robert Ashton
Austin Sydney George Coverdale Julia H Judge Arthur Samuels O Syme Robert Montague
  Crowe Eliza Henrietta Judge Catherine Ogden Emma Etta  
B Crowe George A   Ogden James Ernest T
Bain Ellen Crowe Leslie George K Oldham Alan Norman Tegue Rowland Keith
Baker Hilda May Cuthbertson Alfred William Keighley H Oldham Dorothy Alice Tegue Unknown
Baker Kathleen Jean Cuthbertson Margaret Knight A V Oldham Norman Francis Terry Mona Lintorn
Baker Keith Raymond   Kupsch Charlotte Elizabeth   Thurley Alan James
Baker Oliver D Kupsch Christina Louisa P Thurley James Alan
Balfe P D Deakes Edwin George   Paynter James Thurley Millicent Evelyn
Bantick Robert Deakes Gladys Winifred L Paynter Mary Jane Thurley Mona
Bantick Rose Deakes Honora Lucy Langford John Henry Pearce Allan CC16 Treanor Adelayde
Barwick Albert Deas-Thompson Beryl Lakeland Langford John Thomas Pearce John Thomas Treanor William Edward
Barwick Algy Debman Eliza Ethel Laughton Blanche Nashville Pearce Keith Turner Hursey Edward
Barwick Christina Debman Frank W Laughton Dorothy E Pearce Violet Annie Tyndall Betty
Barwick Kate Debnam Edgar Felix Laughton Esther Perry P J Tyndall Edward
Bates Annie Elizabeth Dilger Mary Laughton Kathleen Peterson Albert L Tyndall Maud Cecilia
Batt Elvia May Drake Henry Clarence Laughton Lionel John Peterson Andrew  
Batt Emily Eden Drake L M N Laughton Sydney Thomas Peterson Andrew C U
Batt Harry C L Dreke Pauline Ethel Laughton Sydney Thomas Jnr Peterson Andrew L Unknown 1
Batt Henry Neall Duggan Dora Lawson Annie Pilcher Alice Maria Unknown 2
Batt Kenneth Ernest Duggan M Lawson George Pilcher John Frederick Unknown 3
Batt Myrtle Agnes   Lawson George Herbert Pitman Ida Jessie  
Batt W P F Lawson Nellie Martha Pitman Thomas Alfred V
Belstead Muriel Fazackerley Thomas Linton Mary Jane Pitt Francis William Vincent Miles T
Benson Ena Mina Fennell Ellen Linton Thomas James Porter Eva  
Benson Lucy C Fennell Harry Luttrell Arthur Leopold Porter John Alfred W
Benson Walter Fitzgerald C Luttrell Margret Rose Pratt Courtney Waite David
Bevis Thomas Forster W F   Pratt Priscilla Waite Eliza
Bidgood Clarrie   M Pratt Zenda Joy Wallace Amelia Mav Annette
Bidgood Eva G Madden Donald George Prero John Wallace Walter
Boucher Charles Herbert Geer James Madden Malcolm Prero Louisa Watson Eliza
Boyes Blamey Edward Genders James Patrick Makepeace Eden Lois Prero William E Wells Barbara Joy
Boyes Emily Jane Genders Mabel Annie Makepeace George William   Westbrook Elise C
Bradford E W Genders Thora May McClelland M Victoria R Westbrook Frances Emma
Bradford Mabyn Ethel Goldsmith Florence McIntosh Albert John Radcliffe Julia Westbrook Percy Norman
Briggs Leonard James Goldsmith Leslie McIntosh Clare Eve Radcliffe William Medcalf Westcott Isabel Agnes
Bros Selina Jane Green Alfred Withers McIntosh Donald Sherwood Ray Ada Louisa Westcott William John
Brown Elizabeth Green Ann McIntosh George A Ray Francis Weston Alice Maud
Brundle Miriam Ada Dora Green Gershom Withers McIntosh Olivine Joan Reid Janet Clare Weston William
Brundle Unknown Green Robert McWilliams William James Roberts Henry James Harry Weston William H
Burke Edward Gren Laurence Thomas Merchant Albert Edward Roberts Marion Whitney J
Burrows Harold Griggs James Thomas Merchant Henry Mark Roberts Sarah Madge Wild J
Burrows Olive Grueber Barbara Marguerite Merchant Robert Edward Rogue Katherine Williamsom Richard
Butler Joyce Annabelle Grueber Thomas Eugene Meredith G M Rogue Mabel Williamson Bill
Butters Dulcie May Grueber Thomas William Meredith J C Rollings C L Wilson Donald Seymour
Butters Henry George Guy Artie Meredith John Campbell   Wilson Doreen Lempriere
Butters Violet Evelyn Guy Reta Meredith Louisa May S Wood Lily
Butterworth Jack David   Minton-Taylor Geoffrey Sheen Alfred John Wood Selina Louisa
Butterworth Peter H Minton-Taylor Jane Sheen Florence Wood Thomas A
  Hall Martin Thomas Mollineaux Daisy Shillingworth W C Wood Victor A
C Hall Thomas Mollineaux Herb Smith Beatrice Maud Woolley Esther Sophia
Cadle I W Harvey Manning H Monkhouse Elsie Clarice Smith Edwin C Woolley Percy E
Cantwell Elsie May Harvey Ruby Hilda Moy Lennard Allen Smith Edwin Peter Wrathall Herbert
Cantwell Harry Hawkes Catherine Munnings Adeline Smith Ernest W  
Cantwell Henry John Hawkes William Alfred Munnings Bernard Errol Alan Smith Henry Herbert Y
Cantwell Keziah Heather George Munnings Michael Joseph Smith John Clifford Young Ellen
Cantwell Richard Leslie Hern Edgar Stanley Murphy E C Smith M A  
Careless Cecily R Heron Grace Wilhelmina   Smith Malcolm McDonald  
Carrick Emily Emmie Heron Unknown N Smith Sarah Ann  
Carter Ada Herpich Alice Jane Negus N J Smith William  
Carter Edward James Herpich Henry Newitt Frank Walter  Smith Winifred Hannah  
Carter Margaret Ada Hether Isabel Maud Mira Newman Bessie Emily Sefton Stacey Helen  
Chalu Frederick William Hibbard Wanda Newman Charles Frank Stacey Trevor Joseph  
Chalu Lyell Percy Hicks C E T Newman Ethel May Staveley Edward Charles  
Chandler Robert Bayley Hincks Catherine Ellen Newman Henry Staveley Herbert Charles  



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