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Church of England Section CD

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

A C Cont H Cont O S Cont
Absolom Gladys Cook Maxwell Allan Hickman Fanny Marjorie Oakden J R Steele William Harold
Absolom Walter Cook Peter Thomas Hickman Leonard O'Brien Charles John Stephens Dais
Allwright Randall Sydney Cooper Harry Hillberg Katherine Ann O'Brien Charles William Stephens David
Almond Algy Cooper Viola May Hines Stella Edith O'Brien Ida Clara Stephens Diane
Armstrong Florence Clara County Florence Hooper Beatrice Irene Eliza Ohlson Alfred Stephens Horace George
  County Harold Hooper George Ozelzitis Liene Stankis Stephens Sue
B Cowie James Jamieson Humphery Henry   Stirling Arthur John
Bailey Alexander Bertram Cowie Madeline Ann Humphrey Ellen Louisa P Stirling Ruby May
Bain Colin Francis Cowles Ernest Herbert Hutchins Archie Baden Padman Graeme Maxwell Stone Catherine H
Bain Colin Francis 1 Cowles Lillian Jean Hutchins Dulcie Mary Parker Arthur James Studley A B
Bain Myrtle Crane William Hutchins Gwendolyn Rose Parker Ella E A Studley Florence A
Baker Albert Edward Crowe Annie C Hutton W Parnell Samuel Studley John Albert
Baker Mary Crowe George   Parnell Unknown Stump Sandra
Banks Albert Edward Curtis L J Parsell Richard James Sturgess Merton Lindsay
Banks Ethel   Jager CatherineJ K Parsell Richard James 1 Sweeney Florence
Bantick Linda Rose D Johnson A M E Margaret Parsell Richard Leopold  
Barnett Ernest Judd Dable Ada Elizabeth Johnston George Francis Pearson Amos Robert T
Barnett Lillias Sara Dalgleish Fred Johnston Olga Grace Pearson Britannia Mildred Tacey Arthur
Bartels Carl Dalgleish Jean Joseph William Alfred Pedder Byron Audrey Tacey Hilda Maria
Bartels Mary May Day David   Pedder Edith Muriel Tapner Olga Joan
Bates Phyllis Day Hannah K Peet Frederick George Tapner Olive Rhoda
Bates William Alfred Dent Vera May Kalbfell Helen Lydia Peet May Tapner William Charles
Bayles Joseph Eustace Arthur Dent William Henry Kalbfell Oscar George Pickett Ivy Thorp Susan G
Bealey Agnes Dineen Harold Charles Kalbfell Oscar Theodore Pickett William James Thorton Kevin Dale
Bealey Thomas Wilson Doran Ida Lillian May Kershaw Charles W N Pocock Caroline Anne Tilyard Arthur Harold
Bearman Henry James Doran Walter Joseph Kershaw Emily Selina Pocock Robert William Townsend Nellie
Bearman Mary Dowling Emily Kettle Frances Mary Powell Clarence Ernest Turner Arthur Harold
Bell Spencer Coombes Dransfield Charles Thomas Kregor Kathleen A Priest Valerie Mary Turner Edward Thomas
Bellette Frank J Dransfield Mary Jean Kregor Tas P   Turner Mary Louisa
Benbow Charles Arthur   Kunzelmann Gustav Richard Q Turner Mary May
Benbow Emily Alice E   Quayle Henrietta Turton Annie
Bennett Georgina Ellis Charles Burnet L Quayle Noel Keith Turton Clarence Marsh
Bennett Grace Ellis Ruby Clarice Lahl Florence Martha Quill Martha Mary Turton William
Bennett James Etchell John Raymond Lahl Thomas Edward Quinn Valma Jean Tyler Frank Gordon
Bennett William Thomas Etchell Mary Dorothy Lampkin Beryl Maud Quipp John Alfred Charles  
Boden John Stuckley Etchell Raymond Lampkin Esther Quipp Sarah Ann Lenora U
Bolton Elsie   Lampkin Henry Ernest   Underwood Joe
Bolton Malcolm Thomas F Lampkin Herbert Harold R Underwood Tom
Bowe Lillian May Fahey Daisy Lance R G Rainbird Sidney Unknown
Bowe Richard Walter Fahey E J Lance Robert L H Randall George William Unknown1
Bradshaw Harold Farrow John Langford Mabel Mary Randall George William 1 Unknown 2
Bradshaw Lydia Faith Filleul P C Langford William Edward Randall Leonard John Unknown 3
Briggs Mabel May Foster Walter Joseph Larter William George Randell Sarah Jane Unsworth Sidney
Brittain Edward Albert   Latham Hilda Kathleen Randell William R  
Brittain Trevor Bruce G Latham P A Ratcliffe Fanny Louisa W
Brittain Viva Daphne Garwood Frank Elvyn Levis Ethel Magdalene Ratcliffe William Henry Wallace Nellie E
Bromfield Cissie May Garwood Peter Levis John Young Rigby Annie Sarah Watchorn Ethel Maud
Bromfield Unknown Garwood Rita Maisie Lewis Alfred Edgar Rigby Samuel Frederick Watchorn Mary Ethel
Brooks Gladys Thelma Olive Glennon Gwendoline Amelia Lewis Alfred Ernest Riseley Ernest Edgar Watt Alice Eileen
Brooks Hector Ernest Glennon Harold William Lewis Amelia Emma Riseley Nancy June Watt James Edward
Brown Albert Henry Godard Thomas Herbert Lewis Lucy Ann Riseley Nellie Elizabeth Webster Myrtle
Burgess Marion Hudson Goddard Dagmar Lewis Myrtle Irene Riseley Robert Weeding Tasman CD13
Burt Herbert John Godfrey Annie Elizabeth Lorkin Sarah Millicent Riseley Wilhelmina Weeding Vincent CD13
Burt Louise Harriet Godfrey Ernest Lorkin William George Ritchie Dorothy Ivy White Irene
Butler Almo Goodman J T D Lowe Charles Arthur Ritchie William White Robert Harold
Butler William Frederick Goodman John Lowe Emily Louisa Roberts Marjorie Wiggins Alfred William
Butterworth Florence Ruth Goodman Susannah Elvie Lucas Edna Mary Roberts Walter Ernest Wiggins Amy Lavinia
Butterworth Thomas P Groombridge Maxwell   Rogers E T J Wiggins Betty Ruby
  Groombridge Olive Blanche M Rogers Frances Elsie Ada Wiggins Charles Thomas Read
C   Mackey Florence Evelyn Rush Edith Wiggins Ruby Grace
Caine John Edward H Mackey Robert Tasman Rush Percival James Wilks Molly
Chappell Arthur Hall Alexander MacLaine Archibald Allan   Wilks Reginald Dixon
Chappell Lottie Hall Kathleen May MacLaine Madge Marguerite S Williams Amy Jane
Charl Harrison Albert MacMillan Frederick James Sapin-Jaloustre Jean Williams Eileen Charlotte
Cheeseman Stella May Harrison Harold James MacMillan Lillian May Sapin-Jaloustre June Williams Gertrude Nella
Chepmell C H D Harrison Helen May Maher Lynden Claude Sargison John Lowes Williams James Garfield
Clann Walter James Harrison Lily May Maher Marion Sargison Mary Williams Rex
Clark Clara May Harvey Doris Sylvia Marney John Henry Seipen Kathleen Phyllis Williams William A
Clark Marjorie Jean Harvey Harold Leslie McIndoe Harry Angus Seymour Cyril Earnest Williams William Arthur
Clarke Sydney Albert Harvey Leslie George McIndoe Lorna R Eileen Seymour Muriel Wilson Albert E
Clayton Marie Veronica Harvey Mavis Lillian McKay Ruby Myrtle Shelton Clyde Audley Wilson Jack Alwyn
Clayton William Headlam Eileen McKay Vincent Augustus Shelton Myrtle May Wison Olive Alma
Clifford Harold Keith Headlam George A B Michaelson William Keith Shorter Archibald Smith Wittison Doris
Clifford John C R Heather Clyde Ernest Michelsons Herta Shorter Ruby Matilda Wittison Gordon R
Clifford Theresa Olive Heather Ella Margaret   Smith Annie Wood Charles Edward
Clifford Victor H J Hedberg Trevor N Smith Edith Emma Wood Martha Elizabeth
Connors S Heffernan Ethel Nichols Hilda S Sparks Alice Margaret Wood Wilfred John
Cook Arthur Frederick Hewitt John Norman Elda Sparks Walter Woodleigh Alfred Gilbert
Cook Barbara Joan Hewitt Mary Ann Norman Ethel Mary Spencer Eleanor Grace Woodleigh Amy Louisa
Cook Clive Esmond Heyward Allan Wills Norman Leslie Spencer Walter Gerrand Woodleigh Maxwell Clyde
Cook George Frederick Heyward Stella   Steele Alice Maude Woodleigh Reginald Alfred
        Woolnough Stephen Rickard
        Wright Bernard H
        Wylie Daisy Lillian
        Wylie James Charles




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