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Church of England Section CF

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

A D Cont H Cont M Cont S  Cont
Aitchinson Cyril Davidson Bertie E Holbrook Hannah Amelia Moore William George Sward Herbert Huon
Alomes Rose Mary Davidson Nora Hope Elizabeth Morgan Elizabeth C Sweeney Claris
Alomes Walter Ernest Davies Alice Harriet Howard Hilda Morgan George E Sweeney Cyril Clifford
Anderson Alice Mabel Davies Alice Maud Howard William Ernest Morris Alice Sweeney Cyril Victor
Anderson James Davies Eli Hughes Phyllis Kathleen Morris Deidre Ann Morris Sweeney Dulcie Mary
Atkins Charles Davies Linda Harriett Hughes Robert Arthur Morris Harold Price Sweeney Kenneth Patrick
Atkins Ethel Maude Davies Norman Rowland Hughes William James Mudge Leonard Robert  
  Delaney Lialeeta Hunt Mannie Francis   T
B Dickenson Judith Anne Hurd Jessie N Townsend Francis George
Ball Theodore F M Dobson Ethel Everal   Nattey Frederick C S Townsend Margaret Emmeline
Barwick Myrtle Olive Dobson William I Newman Emily Cecilia Tringrove Anthony James
Barwick William Joseph Donovan Florence Isobel Ingram Geoffrey Noel Newman Harold Alfred Tringrove Glenda Ruth
Batchelor Alma Donovan Percival W Ingram Leslie Raymond Nicholson William Jack Tringrove Rodney Roy
Batchelor Frank Donovan Percival William Isaac Leita Florence North Catherine Tringrove Roydon James
Batchelor Henrietta Georgena Driscoll Celia Violet Isaac Ruby North William Henry Turnbull William
Bedelph Alice Mary Dunn Dulcie Isaac Terence   Turner Tasman G
Bedelph Henry Dunn Garrick Conrad   P  
Behrens Bertram John Dunn Theodore J Park Albert Victor U
Behrens George Henry Dunning Anne Kathleen Jackman K L Park Mabel Lillian Uhr-Henry Ethel Emma
Behrens Madge Dunsford James Ernest Jackson Charlotte Mahala Patmore Valarie Uhr-Henry Harry George
Behrens Maud Rosalie   Jackson Harold Arthur Patterson George Charles Upton Raymond John
Behrens Noel St Clair E Jeffrey Brian Thomas Payne Thomas Alexander  
Belbin Gerald England Amy Rebecca Johnson Alfred H Pearson Vicki Anne V
Bender Annie Caroline England Edward Johnstone Laura Jane Pearson William Arthur Vaile Dorothea Elvira
Bender Arthur Leonard England Thomas Johnstone Rose Phillips Arthur Vaile Hilton Elmslie
Bender Lila Alice England Vaughan Edelene Jones Coral Jean Phillips Maud  
Bennett Beatrice Coralie Evans Leo Luke Jones Eileen May Porthouse Arthur Oswald W
Bennett Frances John Everett G K Jones Florence Louisa Porthouse Catherine Susannah Pearce CF234 Wagner Ethel May
Berry Mervyn Donald George   Jones Maxwell Clyde Porthouse Ivy Elizabeth Wagner Morris William
Best Bertha Victoria Mary F Jones Percy Walter Priest Francis Derwent Wagner William P C
Best Kenneth Neville Fahey Ethel May Jones Sheila Harriett Propsting Edith J Walker-Hawkins Charles
Bluett Dorothy Maud Fahey R Jones Vernon Edward Propsting Leslie George Walker-Hawkins Lyla
Bluett Linley Bertram Fenton Annie Alice   Pryor Juanita Wansbrough Amy May
Bluett Maxwell B Fenton John Samuel K Pryor Nellie Wansbrough James Robert
Bond Andrew Edward Fleming Ada Catherine Kean Herbert Henry Pryor William Wansbrough Robert Morris
Bond Garfield Vincent Fleming Frank Howard Kelly Jack F Purton Kathleen Warburton Douglas Llewellyn
Boon Edwin Charles Ford Alice Mary Kelly Rose Eliza   Warburton Emily Jane
Boon Howard Cyril Frawley J W Kirfoot Richard Henry R Waters Henry Stanley
Bowerman Allan Lancelot Frawley John William Knott Sydney Victor Randall Greta Ethel Watson Lancelot Tasman
Bowerman Amy Selina Frawley Shannon Lee   Randell Robert Webb Ethel May
Bowerman James William Frazer Jean Amelia L Ray Norah Margaret Webb George James
Boxall Garry William Frazer John James Joseph Langford James Walter Rayner Lennard A Weeding Neil Arthur CF229
Bradley Emily Freeman Amy Langford Nancy Jean Rayner Walter A Welsh Mabel Margaret
Branch Cyril James Freeman Edmund Wilson Langridge Clarence Rhyce-Owen Reeve Amelia Welsh Robert Walter
Branch Linda Ruby Fyfe Geoffrey Albert Langridge Hilda Reeve Ronald George West Alice Maude
Brazell Janet   Langridge Leonard James Reid Elizabeth Jane White Cordelia Ruby
Broderick Mary Anne G Langridge Pearl Beatrice Reid Herbert Stephenson White Florence Isabel
Broderick William James Gaff Alice Bay Larkin J Reid Mary Paton Whitton Ernest Albert
Brooks L E Gaff Robert Osmond Larkins Rosanne Fay Reid William Alexander Whitton Gladys Kate
Brown Irene May Geard Baden Willis Leale William Albert Rhodes Alexander Wiggins Robert Barter
Bryan Claude William Geard Johnn Samuel LeRossignol Charles Raymond Richardson A H Wilkinson Alice Mary
Bryan Edith Margaret Geard Leonard Lawrence LeRossignol Evelyn Rider Ada Susan Wilkinson Arthur William
Bryan Maida Pearl Geard Mary Ann LeRossignol Ruby M Rider Frederick William Wilkinson Clyde Ernest
Bryan William Geard R J I Lewis Madeline Myrtle Rider Louis Edmond Wilkinson Kenneth C
Bryant-Hines William Edward George Cyril Leo Lewis William Ernest Robertson Bertha Wilkinson Ray
Bucirde Arthur Henry George Gertrude Mary Lindley Nellie Robertson William John Williams Clifford George
Bucirde Iris Victoire Gibson Gwendoline St Clair Ling John Edward Round Amy Pearl Williams Edina May
Burgess Helen Godfrey Millie Linton Marie Joan Round Edward Rupert Ivan Williams John Albert
Burgess Sydney Clement Godfrey Winfrid Harold Littlejohn Allan Lindley Russell Reginald Arthur Williams Maude Annie Elizabeth
Burns Margaret Godwin George Andrew Long Hilda Rose Russelll Lucy L M Wilson Helen May
Burns Oscar Clarence Godwin John Payton Long Willie Richard Ryan William Charles Wilson Wilfred
Burrows May V M Golder Raymond Charles Looney Allen Charles   Wilson William
Butters Ronald Goldsmith Drenda Lowe Lionel S Wise Donald Ormsby
  Goldsmith Harold Lutrell A W J W Sadler Amelia Caroline Wise George Tasman
C Goode Elizabeth   Salter Rose Lilian M Witzerman Amy Alice
Cammell Jennifer Goodwin Harold David M Salter The Rev J C Witzerman Richard H J
Cannan Lucy Mahallah Goodwin Vera Rose Males Ada Winifred Sattler Jean Wolsey Jessie Evelyn
Cannon Harry Raymond Goss G G Males Alfred John Sattler Victor George Wolsey Robert
Cannon Rose Elizabeth Gough Nancy Daphne Males Eileen Esther Sault James Leslie Wood Stanley Middelton
Cantrell Cyril Gough William Walter Malona Isabel Sault Violet May Woodhall Billie
Cantrell Dorne Theresa Goyen Beatrice Olnone Martin Dorene June Scotney John Woodhall Mabel
Chadwick Norma Alice Goyen H K Mays Harold Leslie Scotney Pearl Ismay Woodhall Wellington Charles
Charlton Mary Ellen Green Frederick Henry Mays Isabella Searl Harry Archibald Wright A F
Cooke Robert Andrew Green Grace McClure James Robert Searl Ina St. John  
Cooley Hedley Charles Grimsey George Stephen Mcguinness Gwen Lorraine Sharp Annie May Y
Cooper Frank William Grimsey Katie Rosina McGuinness Maureen Sharp Francis Trickett Young Alec
Cooper Rita Elvie Grundy Hannah Jane McGurk Alice Shaw Kathleen Edith Young Nancy
Coppleman S C Grundy Thomas William McGurk John Henry Shaw Leslie Walter Young Phillis Ruby
Cott Matilda Bertha   McIver Royce John Shepheard Ellen Elizabeth Young Rayma
Cox Charles William H McKenna Ivy May Sheppard L F Young Raymond
Cox Eric Selwyn Hall George Albert McKenna Sidney Peter Sheppard Myrtle Irene  
Cox Ethel May Hamilton Amelia McVilley Stanley Raymond Signer Catherine Brook  
Cox Thelma Mary Hawkesford Frederick Henry Meredith Myra Fay Skeels Leonard  
Crespan Lino Hawkesford Joan Meredith William Boyer Skeels Olive Irene  
Croft Daisy Wannah Hickman Mary Mitchell George Smith Hazel Doreen  
Croft William George Hickman Robert Mitchell George Henry Smith Lesley Gwendoline  
Cunningham Lawrence Hill Ernest Mitchell Henrietta L Smith Shirley Dawn  
  Hill Gyda Mary Mitchell Lenna May Smithurst Vivian Rex  
D Hills Clement Francis Mogford John Hector Spaulding Elsie May  
Dale Olive Winifred Hills Clement Francis2 Mogford Thelma Bernice Stoner Catherine Brook Kaye  
Dale Rupert Herman Hills Phyllis Margaret Moody John Stoner Helen May  
Dance Eliza Violetta Hodgetts Mollie G Moody Ruth Ella Street Sophia Jane  
Darvell Mabel E Hodgetts Reuben Thomas Moore Harriett Adeline Street Sydney Thomas  
Darvell Percival Francis Hodgkinson Jonathon Peter Moore William Frederick George Sward Edith Helen  

There has been 2 names and photos removed at families request.


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