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Church of England Section CH

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Abrahams Geoffrey Alwyn Cooper Olive May Grierson Dorothy Mather Aileen Vivian Shepperd Charles Edward
Abslom F P Cooper Pearl Grierson John Mays Leslie George Shreeve Ivy Invermay
Abslom V E Cooper Robert Charles Guest Coral Edith Mays Olive Isabel Shreeve William Henry
Adams Jane Corbon Ernest Percy Guest John William McCullum M D Smith Athol Ira
Adams William Corbon Olive Mary   McDermott Francis Smith Graham Stanley
Aherne Roy C Creese Henry H McGuire Mabel Florence Smith Myrtle J
Allie Jean Catherine Creese Maude Marion Hales C H McGuire Maxwell Clement Smith Robert James
Amos Percival Bingham Cresswell Elvie Doris Hall Celia May Meehan Mary Jane Smith W J R
Amos Bingham Percival Cresswell Roy Mervyn Hall William Charles Menzie Mary Sonners Eric Hilary
Amos Esther Lillian Crow Malclm R Harrison Ina Louisa Mercer Charles William Selby Sonners Lillian Dear
Armstrong Charles Robert Crow Malcolm R Hawkes John Hill Mercer Susannah Maud Sonners Thomas Samuel
Armstrong Mabel Florence Curtis Alfred David Hawkes Tasman Middleton Frederick Hugh Spinks Eliza Agnes
Ashby Edith Charlotte   Hawkins H D Middleton Gillian Beth Steele Herbert Henry
Ashby Henry George D Hawkins Halley Douglas Middleton Hilda Steele Sarah Matilda
Askey-Doran Bill Dale Thomas S Hawkins Irene Lillian Miles K G Steer Mabel Ethel
Askey-Doran Flossie Caroline Daly Dora Evelyn Hawkins John Rupert Miller Frederick Stewart Dan
Ayers Sybil Daly Herbert John Henry Ella Miller May Elizabeth Stewart Ethel Rose
  Dance Bertie Henry Vivian Charles Mogford Alan Norman Sweetman Erica
B Dance Ivy Ernesteen Hepburn Ruby Isabel Mogford Anthony Alan Synitt Arthur
Bantick Irene Davidson John Hickman Edith Joy Mollross Jack Synitt Gertrude Lillian
Barker Doris Davidson Sarah Hickman Emma Eliza Mollross John Tasman  
Barker Elsie Eileen Dennis Clement Charles Hickman John Mollross Marjorie Doris T
Barker J S Dennis Joyce Pearl Hill A W T Moody Allen Eric Taylor Arthur
Barker William George Dennis Rodney Walter Holland Harriet Lilian Moody Sophia Phyllis Taylor Edith Myrtle
Barwick Emily May Donaldson Edith Pritoria Hornsey Ellen Florence Morgan Amy E M Templeton Elizabeth Ettie
Barwick Lorraine Helen Donaldson Samuel Hornsey Victor Wills Morgan Andrew Gregory Templeton Robert
Batchelor Arthur George Douglas William Henry Humphrey Alice Morgan Charles William Theodore Pamela Julie
Batchelor Elsie Minerva Downie E M Humphrey Henry Charles Morrison E C Thorne Edward Joseph Charles
Batt Clyde Wilfred Downie Herbert Purcell Hurd Gwen Florence Morrison Gladys G Thyer Evelyn Priscilla
Batt Miriam Downie May Hurd Lily Belle Morrison James Towns Ethel Alma
Baxter Dulcie Drew Albert C Hutcheon Oscar James Morrison Lila Frances Triffitt William John
Baxter G L Drew Albert G   Muir M M Tumney Leslie Allan
Baxter Gordon Lenard Drew Ethel E I Murphy Joan Elizabeth Tumney Thomas Maxwell
Bealey Clarence Rome Drew Unknown Roy Isles Harriet Elizabeth Myers Dinah Tyler Louisa Madge
Beamish Charles Hungerford Driver A R   Nelson Hobart  
Beamish Ellen Isabel Driver Alice Leila J Nevin Albert Edward U
Becker Thelma May Dutch Edith Jackman Florence Edith Nevin Emily Maud Unknown 1
Blackwell Annie Doris Dutch Oliver Jackson George Alfred Nibbs Leslie Robert Unknown 2
Blackwell George Alfred   Jackson Myrtle Minerva Roselie Nicholson Jack Unknown 3
Bone William E Jacobson Ellen May Nicholson Mabel Unknown 4
Boniwell Gladys Vera Norma Eaves Elizabeth May Jacobson George Norris Irene Merle Upton Kevin Edward
Boniwell Norman Lewis Eaves James Thomas Jensen Dulcie Leille    
Booth Karleen June Eaves Tracey Mary Jensen Sydney Walter O W
Booth Lynda Violet Edwards Betty Pearl Johnston Alexander O'Brien Beryl M M Walker Donald Osric
Bowden Horace M Edwards Cecil Chester Johnston Mabel Rose O'Brien Edward Walker George William John
Bowden Lucille Gracie Elliss Allan George Johnston Noel Leslie O'Brien Emily Mary Walker Gladys
Bowersmith Athol Ira Elliss Olive Pearl Jones Lily May Zeehan O'Brien Keith Ronald Ware S M
Bradley Alice Enever Annie L Jones Maxwell Esslie O'Brien R J Ware Sylvia M
Bradshaw Alma Christina Evans Rhoda May Jones Sarah Elizabeth O'Brien William Watkins Frank
Bradshaw Willis Excell Mabel Irene Joyce Selina Agnes   Watkins Madge
Breen Peter James Excell Norman Henry   P Way Ellen
Broadby Martha Rosina   K Parker Agnes Elizabeth Way Henry
Broadby Ross F Kelly Lucy Margaret Parker Walter Edwin Way Joseph
Broughton Mona Letitia Fehlberg Rosie May Kelly Walter Parkinson-Gumine Charles Ross Webb Ellena May
Broughton Raymond Keith Fehlberg Walter H Kendrick Arthur William Parry Helen Beatrice Webb Ronald Thomas
Brown Sarah Ann Fenner Elizabeth Kenna Annie Selina Payne Clarence S Webster Lorna Ellen
Brown William Flakemore Kathleen Mary Kingston Elizabeth Payne Rachel Florence Westbury Ernest Max
Butterworth Mary May Ella Flower Maggie Knight Clara Payne Ruby Westcott Sarah Julia Anne
Butterworth Alfred Emanuel Flower William Loftus Knowles John Boy Jack Pitstock Emily White Beatrice Mary
  Fogarty R H Koeppen Ann Maree Porter Amelia Charlotte White Gerald Cameron
C Fogarty Richard Henry Koeppen Emily Ann Porthouse Clarence Albert White William James Sydney
Cantwell Arthur Ernest Foster Francis William Kube Alfred Porthouse Gladys Belle Whitecombe Edward F
Carter Elsie May Fowles Amy Kube Charlotte Poultney George Thomas Whitton Alfred John
Carter Grace Fowles Charles Larkins Elwin Charles Poultney William George Williams Albert
Carter Sheila Francis Alexander Isaac Larkins Mary Winifred Prescott Marjorie May Williams Albert John
Carter Vivian P Francis Amelda May Lawler John Prestage Edward Arthur Williams Albert John 1
Cartledge Frederick John Frank Ada Maria Lawler Margaret Prestage Ena May Williams Amy Matilda
Cashion Evelyn Elsie Frank George H Leale Florence Probin Florence May Williams Annie Louisa
Cashion Lionel Franklin Eric John Lehner Edna Daisey Probin Samuel Charles Williams Annie Victoria
Chadwick Beatrice May Fulton G W Lehner Phillip Radclife Ida Beryl Williams Beryl Gertrude
Chaffey Donald Basil   Leonard C Radcliffe John Tasman Williams Edward Harold
Chaffey Ida Irene G Leonard W J Rainford Ida Evelyn Williams George T F
Chambers Bertha Gall Muriel Ellen Lilley Caroline Louisa Rainsford Henry George Williams Gladys Louisa May
Chambers H Geard Charles Herbert Linton Samuel Henry Reading Edward James Williams Irene Margaret
Chambers Leslie Geard Kerry Verdun Linton Thelma Marjorie Reading Linda Williams John Ernest
Chambers Mabel Ada Geard Mary Jean LLyod Meena Redman Emily Williams Roy
Chapman Gladys May Geard Mildred Kathleen Lockwood Arthur James Redman William Williams Sheila Mary
Chivers Alfred Joseph Gearman Elsie Lockwood Dorothy Ellen Riley May Williams Walter Wilfred
Chivers Andrew Lawrence Gearman Stella Alice Lockwood Joan Riley Sydney Gordon Wilson Bertie
Chivers Athol Norman Giles J G Lockwood John Riseley Alice May Wise Harry Seymour
Chivers Dora Mary Gilley Grace Long Charles Henry Roberts Arthur Edward Wise Lola Agnes
Chivers Jessie Rose Gilley Walter Lambert Long Violet Constance Roberts Edith Louisa Wise Mary
Chivers Russell Thomas Gittus Ada J Lowe Kate Rose Roberts Emma Isabel Wlliams John William
Chivers Thomas Griffiths Gittus Albert L Lowe Leslie Rome Grace Amanda Wolnizer Benjamin A F
Christie Norton Henry Gittus George Lowenstein M E Round Cyril Woodruff Alissa
Churchill Daisy Lorna Gittus Ruby Amy Lowenstein Unknown Mildred Round Dorothy  
Cleaver Margaret Hannah Goodrick Vivian Ernest Lucas Charles Henry Rourke James Ernest Y
Cleaver Walter Edmond Gordon Clyde William Lucas Gloria Winifred Rowe Mary Young Arthur James
Clennett Lucy Mabel Gordon Ernest Percy   Rowe Oswald Young Gladys Irene
Clennett Mary Theresa Gordon Myra Helen M    
Clennett William Longstaff Gordon Olive Mary Manson George Broughton S  
Collins Alice Gorringe Alice Maud Manson Harold Douglas Scanlon Reginald  
Collins Walter George Miguel Gorringe Frederick John Manson William David Scott Mary Ann  
Cooper Alice Maud Gould A R Marsh Eva Lydia Seymour Harold John  
Cooper Daphne Irene Green Benjamin George Marsh William Henry Seymour Thella Clarice  
Cooper James E Green Thella Agnes Mason William F Shaddock Sylvia  
      Sheen Kathleen Violet  
      Sheen Reginald Frederick  




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