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Church of England Section CJ

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Adams Fraser James Darvell Dorothy Ilene Hollis Elizabeth Mary Quarrell Thelma Madeline Unknown
Adams Ida Winifred Darvell Stanley Collins Hollis William Aloysious   Unknown 1
Allikas Alexander Dennis Matthew Marshall Holyman Oscar William R Unknown 2
Andrews Victor G Dent Launa Perrenetta Joan Holyman Rhoda Rita Rainbird Geoffrey Claude Upton D G
Arnott Harold Edwin George Devine Charlotte Eliza Hughes Gladys Fay Ray A  
  Dineen Nancy Myrtle Lillian Hughes Stanley Reardon Kathleen Martha V
B Dobson David Roger   Reardon Lisle Clarence Voss Cyril
Bailey Lorna Fay Dobson Henry George I Reason Alice Eden  
Baker Annie Violet Doyle Ernest Albert Ings Leah Kathleen Reason William H Strahan W
Baker Ruth Amie Doyle Gwenda Olive Isles Eric John Reid Graham Paul Wakefield Edith Olive
Baker Sydney Gilbert Doyle Olive Mary Isles Eva Amy Reilly Beatrice Vera May Wakefield Ernest Thomas James
Balcombe Allan Leslie Drury Arthur Edward   Reilly Elizabeth Irene Warne Robert
Balcombe Ruby Victoria   J Reilly N J Warren Adeline Millicent
Bannister James Thomas E Jacobs Ernest Reilly Newman John Warren Thomas George
Barnard Royalanda Wellington Elson Cyril James Jacobs Violet Richardson T W Watchorn A
Barnes Ernest Bert Elson Mavis Cynthia Jarvis Lyndon Riseley Archibald Charles Webb Cyril Jack
Barnes Mavis Jean Etherington Helen Nancy Jarvis Martha Margaret Riseley Marion Webb Elizabeth
Barwick Cyril Keith Evans George Thomas Jolley Frederick Roberts Charles Bertram Wheatley Ernest James
Barwick Daphne Pearl   Jones Joyce Beatrice Roberts Mary Harriet Wheatley Horace
Barwick Edeline Kate F Jones Norman Alexander Robertson Frazer Thomas Wheatley Kathleen
Barwick Joseph William Fenner Sadie Mary Juvakka Jouko K Robertson Mildred Alice Wheatley Maude E
Barwick Linda Margaret Fenner William Henry   Robertson Robert Wickham D P
Barwick Raymond Joseph Filby Winsome Audrey K Rodwell Doris Irene Wickham Margaret Jean
Barwick Ronald Douglas Fitzgerald Maud Kavanagh Jean Rodwell Leonard Emerson Wilkinson Gerald Arthur
Batchelor Raymond James Richard Flack Clyde Clarence Cecil Keady E G Rowlands Hilda Louisa Wilkinson Ruby Gertrude
Batten Madeleine Victoria Beatrice Flynn John Joseph Kean Ivy May Rowlands Horace CJ-137 Williams Amy Clara
Bayes Amy Ford Joan Beryl Kean Samuel Vernon Russell Eileen Lavinia Williams James A
Bayes Ernest Franklin Ford Lionel Albert Kile Charles Russell Jessie Williams Lola Zoe
Bennett Julie Ann Forsyth Henry A Kile Gladys Pearl Russell Melmothe Owen Williams Ronald Henry
Beresford Basil Owen Forsyth Vera Henrietta Korn L   Williams William John
Beresford Emily Zena Foulkes June Korn Murray Leonard S Woolley Herbert John
Berry Christopher George Fox Eileen Kupsch Herbert Christian Sanson Edith Aileen Woolley Mavis Clare
Berry G A Frankcombe E E   Sanson William Wright Alfred Edward
Berry L St C Frankcombe Jessie Florence Jane L Sargent Eric Raymond Wright Ellen
Bigwood Gordon Franklin Dawn Maree Lord J Sawford Beryl Gwendoline  
Bird Roy Free Wallace Kevin Loring Baden James Sawford Geoffrey Sydney  
Blake Gilbert Royden Fyfe Albert John Loring Cassie Agnes Seabrook Alice  
Blake Ida May Fyfe Amy Eliza Lucas Joan Seale Milton Henry  
Boucher Jack Fyfe George Peter Lucas S A Shieds Patricia Mary  
Boucher Lily Irene Fyfe Lillian May   Shields Raymond Douglas  
Boxall Donald Rupert Fyfe Malcolm George M Shorthouse Charlotte  
Boxall Edith Pearl   Makitalo Armos Marjatta Shorthouse George Gardner  
Braithwaite Georgina Mary G Makitalo Aune Lahja Skinner Gordon Vinning  
Braithwaite Ronald Gangell William George Maling Frances Mary Smallhorn Irene Elsie  
Bratt Gladys Thelma Gillam Benjamin Mason Augustus Smith Daisy Beryl  
Bratt Harry Benjamin Gilley Albert Edward Mason Lillian Beaumont Smith Elsie Lillian  
Bricknell Harry Percival Gilley Olive Adelaide Mason Mabel Rose Smith Henry  
Broughton Cecelia Gillie Emily Mason Victor James Smith Lois Dora  
Broughton May Lillian Gillie Harold Mayne Cornelius Herbert Edward Smith Margaret  
Brown Leonard Gillie J W Mayne Enid Mary Smith Olive Victoria  
Brown Willard Stanley Gillie Lavina Isobel McClymont Lorna Smith Richard Alexander  
Browning Barbara Kathleen Gleeson Ellen Grace McGuinness Arthur Edward Smith Samuel  
Bryan Clara Goodrick Nellie McGuinness Laurel Honor Smith William George  
Bryan Cyril Fraser Goodrick Perc McInerney Phyllis June Smyth Harry  
Burn Eric Dudley Goodrick Percival John McIntosh R T Spiller Hilda Everall  
Burn Lola Gladys Goodwin Harold McKenzie Reginald S Sproule Ellen Louise  
Burt Alfred Goodwin William Mills Kenneth Douglas Sproule Gordon Clifton  
Butterworth Raymond John Goodwin William Henry Mitchelmore James Sproule Laurence Victor  
  Gould Marjorie Molloy H A Sproule Lilla May  
C Gray John Thomas Molloy Violet Stanfield Jessie May  
Cameron Baden Greenlaw Malcom Spencer William Moore Olive Eveline Stanfield Vince Roy  
Cameron Carolyn Grose Thomas Joseph Moore Raymond M Stephens Basil James  
Campbell Beatrice May Grubb Allan McLeod Morris David John Stephens E W H  
Campbell Clyde Royden Grubb Ruby Florence Morrison Harry Stephens Pansy Vena  
Cannell George Foster   Morton Thomas Austin Stephens Thora Lambert  
Cartledge John Samuel CJ77 H Mott Ruth Harriet Stevens Leslie Roy  
Cashion Amy Ethel Hall Ernest Leslie Mott William Stevens Stanley John  
Chaffey Ada Ellen Hall Gertrude Isabel   Street Raymond Sydney  
Challenger Ruth Hall Lauriel Josephine N Suckling Clyde Ashley  
Challis Bernard Frederick Hall Mary Maud Nightingale Earl Frederick Suckling Dorothy Beryl  
Chambers Eliza E Hall Walter Nutting Anthony Richard Sutcliffe Fraser John  
Chambers James Hamilton Clive Pedder Nutting Kathlyn Sweeney Lyndon John  
Chandler Elvie Florence Hamilton Ernest Vernon Nutting W H    
Chandler William Henry Hamilton Kathleen Clarice   T  
Chivers Claude Samuel Harding Elvie Evelyn O Tate Jan Ellis  
Churchill Albert Edward Harding George John O'Neal Judith Gwendoline Tate Joseph William  
Clark Ada Jane Harding Grace Hope Catherine Orbell Blanche Gwendoline Taylor Ben  
Clark Edward Robert Harding William Joseph Orbell H C Taylor Elsie Ellen  
Clark Mary Hardman Elsie Jean Osborne Leonard Harold Taylor Ethel  
Clark Robert John Hardman Roy Clive   Taylor William Percy  
Clifton F M Harley George Henry James P Templeman Ruth  
Collidge E A Harley Olive Evelyn Palmer Jean Tennant Marie Isabell  
Collidge G P Harrex Burbury Muriel Gray Palmer Murray John Terry Geoffrey John  
Collidge Grace Helen Harrex Percy Charles Paynter Dorothy Mabel Thompson Arthur James Earley  
Conley Edith Evelyn Harris Alfred William Paynter William Thompson Sarah May  
Conrades Josephine Harris Monty William Peacock Doris Fanny Mary Tilley Alfred Ernest  
Conrades Ronald Leslie Hart Robert James Peacock Eric John Tilley Doris Irene  
Cooper Albert John Harwood Vera Stella Pepper S A Townsend Mary Jane  
Cooper Edna Mona Harwood William Pickett Elsie May Triffitt Augustus  
Cordwell Francis Henry Hayes Jessie May Pickett Frederick Douglas Triffitt Clara Elsie  
Courthope Ruby Isabel Hello Brenda Polaski Allen Ralph Turner Cecil George  
Cowen E J Hello Peter James Poulton Albert William Turner Leslie Henry  
Cowen Ivy Zillah Henderson Mavis Lillian Pregnell Gregory Ralph Turner Minnie Bell  
Cowley Ernest John Henley Edith Pregnell John Tuscan Isobel Maria  
Crabtree Ella May Henri Ivan Luchien Pregnell Stella    
Crabtree James Henry Hickman Viola Pearl Pregnell Tony Wayne    
Crawford B E Higgins Thomas Price Sadie    
Crawford Lynette Mabyn   Price Thomas Walter    
Crawford Mabyn May   Pryor Glen William    
    Pryor Keith Noel    
    Pryor Shane Leah    




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