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Church of England Section  D

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott Amy Daldy Eliza Ann Jones Edward O'Brien Harriet Eileen Walker Charlotte
Abbott Clarice Elsie Darchy Susan Jones George F O'Brien Kathleen Eva Christasin Walker Emma
Abbott Edward Davis Arthur Johnston Jones Henry Ostrovietis Fridrichs Walker Florence Hannah
Abbott Francis Davis Isabella Hannah Jones Myrtle Otter John Henry Walker Joseph Henry
Abbott Georgina Somita Jane Dawson Mary   Owens Frances Walker Peter
Abbott Jane Dawson William K Owens John Geren Walker Rebecca Louisa
Abbott John William Donald Harriet Kellerman Sarah   Walsh Henry Charles
Abbott Mary Ann Dudgeon Elizabeth King Albert Edward P Ware George Henry Alfred
Allwright Chester Albert Dudgeon John Thomas King Isabel Paget Albert Thomas Ware Henry Richard Alfred
Andrews Isabella Dudgeon Mary King Richard Paget Annie M Ware Phoebe
Andrews William John Flintham Dudgeon Peter Kirby Gertrude M Paget Christopher Watkins Albert
Armstrong Henry George   Kuplis Auguste Paget John Watkins Alfred Ernest
Armstrong Martha Annie E Kuplis Rosalie Paget John James Watkins Alfred Joseph
Arnold Mary A M Eady Charles Guesdon   Paget Mary Ann Watkins Daniel Wellington
  Eady Charles John L Parker Angus Rutherford Watkins Ellen Honora
B Eady Florence Isabel Laffer Emlier Isabel Parker Elizabeth Ann Watkins Ellen Margaret
Ballantyne Sarah Ruth Eady Florence Isobel Laffer James Parker Henry Watkins Elsie May Elizabeth
Ballantyne Unknown Easton Sarah Ann Lampkin George J Parkinson Robert Watkins James Alexandra
Barnett Charles Elliston Henry Robert Lampkin Sarah P Petterd Amelia Watkins Rhuebin W E
Barnett Elizabeth Elliston Lydia Elizabeth Lazarus Alfred Petterd Charlotte Watkins Rosanna
Barnett Joseph Elliston Mary Lazarus Frances Petterd Charlotte 1 Watkins Rosanna 1
Barnett Lydia Elliston Unknown Henry Lazarus Lillian Petterd Mary Ann Watkins William
Barnett Margaret Elliston Walter Frederick Lazarus Rheubin Petterd Sarah Ann Watkins William Edison
Barnett William Elliston William Cope Lewis Lavinia Petterd William Watt M
Baynton Eliza Emsell John Lewis Mary Ann Petterd William 1 Webb Elizabeth
Baynton Henry Emsell Mary Lewis Septimus Charles Phipps Samuel Westerbrook George
Beaumont Charlotte Virginia Ensor Nea Weston Lewis William Evan Pozerts Anna Westgarth Elizabeth
Belbin Annie R Ensor Tom Douglas Lilley Edward Mulhearn Pozerts Karlis Weston Charles Francis Avery
Belbin Arthur Edwin   Lilley Herbert Purkiss James Powell Weston Ernest Guthrie
Belbin Constance Isabel F Lock Elizabeth   Weston M Elizabeth
Belbin Elizabeth Emily Flanagan Hannah Lord Adye Alberta Batt R Weston Maurice
Belbin Henry Percival Flassman Caroline E Lord Alfred Edwin Reed James Weston Maurice Halden
Belbin Isabel Maria Flassman Lillian Lord Alfred Edwin 1 Rheuben Louisa Weymiss Elizabeth
Belbin James Fleming Frances Lord Alice Dorothy Rheuben Solomon White Henry
Belbin Margaret Frith John Lord Augusta Louisa Rickett Nea Wilkins Amos
Belbin Rebecca   Lord Charles Walter Roberts Amy Emily Mary Wilkins Ellen
Belbin William G Lord Chester Roberts Edward Algenon Wilkins Ellen Elizabeth
Belbin William Charles Gangell Eleanor Lord David Roberts Marie Josephine Williams Alexander Lachlan
Bennett Saide Gangell John James Lord David2 Roberts Mary Williams Alfred
Bock Thomas Gibbons John Lord David Chester Roberts Mary Isabel Williams Brittania Evelyn
Bock Thomas William Kelsa Gillham Frank Ernest Lord Eleanor Elise Roberts Russell Wells Williams Eliza
Bresnahan John Gillham Unknown Lord Eliza Isobel Roberts Samuel Wells Williams Eliza2
Broad William Gregory Charles Henry Lord Eliza Parnell Ruddock Kate Williams Elizabeth
Brodribb Anne Gregory Elizabeth Lord Elizabeth Amy Ruddock Walter Williams Ethel Mary
Brodribb Henry James Gregory George Lord Emma Ruddock Walter Armstrong Williams Harold Lodewyk
Brodribb James Gregory Harriette E Lord Ethel Heather   Williams Herbert Edward
Brodribb Mary Guesdon Charles Lord Florence Marion S Williams Louisa
Brodribb William Guesdon Florence C I Lord Frances Lindsay Samuels Olive Williams Matilda
Brown Elizabeth Hartam Guesdon Jack Beresford Lord Frederick Augustas Sayer L Williams Phillip Mortimer
Butler A A   Lord Graham Harry Scott-Hall Eleanor Williams Presley Hilmer
Butler Alfred Leonard H Lord Hannah Sherwin Beatrice Ethel May Williams Rebecca
Butler Elizabeth Hartam Charles Lord Hannah2 Sherwin Caroline Williams Robert
Butler Elsie Hartam Hilda Blanch Lord Hannah May Sherwin John Williams Sarah Ann
  Hartam Mary Ann Lord Hilda F C Sherwin John 1 Williams Thomas
C Hartam-Bayes Lily Florence Lord James Sherwin William John Williams Thomas 1
Campbell Elizabeth Hartam-Bayes Thomas William Lord James Windermere Short Ann Williams Tibather
Campbell Mollie Hartam-Ellis Clutha Isobel Lord John Short Ann 1 Williams Unknown
Cartwright Adela Louisa Henn Earnest William Lord John 1 Short Anna Jane Williams Walter Thomas
Cartwright Charlotte Ann Hewett Charlotte Lord John Martin Short Elizabeth Williams William
Cartwright Emily Louisa Hewett Claude Benjamin Lord Louisa Short Harriet Wiltshire May
Cartwright George Walter Hewett John Robert Lord Mavis Emma Short Hector Woodin Amelia
Cartwright John Walter Hewett Robert John James Lord Raymond Harry Short Jane Woodin Edward
Cartwright Mary Hewett Ada Florence Elizabeth Lord Richard David Short Jane Mary Woodin Eliza B
Cartwright Sarah Ann Hewitt John Lord Richard David Chester Short William Woodin Jane
Clark Adam Hewitt Hewitt Robert Lord Richard Keith Smith Lydia Ann Woodin William A
Clark Alexander James Hewitt Sarah Lord Rita Maisie Smith Maria Wright Ernest Charles
Clark Alexandra Amelia Hewitt Unknown Lord Ronald Cecil Stabb T J Wright Kate Amelia
Clark Charles A J Hollinsdale Charles Lord Roy Percival Stewart Henrietta  
Clark Emma Louise Hollinsdale Margaret Lord W D Stewart William James  
Clark Joseph Holman Amos Samuel Lord William Henry Stone John  
Clark Joseph Cyril Holman Hannah Jemima   Stone Mary Anne  
Clark Meilinda E Holman John Angle M Street Elizabeth  
Clark Sarah Bennett Holman Samuel Bellamy Martin Samuel Street Emily Jane  
Clark Sarah Louise Holman Thomas Samuel Martin Sarah Street James Jnr  
Collier Samson Richard Holman William Henry Mayhead Clarice Olive Street John Tasman  
Cook Alfred Hood M L McGregor Pettit George Street Martha  
Cook Clara Grace Hosking Eliza McGuiness Elizabeth Street William  
Cook Eliza Sarah Hudson Francis Janet McLaughlan Mary Elizabeth Sarah Sweeney Isabella  
Cook Florence Edith Hurburgh Annie Constance Mead Henry    
Cook Henry   Mead John T  
Cook Kate Rosina I Mead Mary Tapping Annie Rosena  
Cook Mary Ann Isaac Caroline Roberta Mead Mary Ann Tapping Eva Rosena  
Cook Roland L Isherwood Catherine Mead Teresa Tapping Thomas  
Cook Sarah Isherwood James Mead Thomas Taylor Emily Matilda  
Cook Thela Isherwood Mary Midwood Josephine Lavinia Taylor Mary Ann  
Cook Thomas Francis   Midwood Vernon Turner Bowden Isabella Elizabeth  
Cowles Unknown Glover J Miller James Turner Joseph  
Crawley Unknown Jewell Eliza Murray Emma Turner Josephine Isabella Lydia  
Crawley William Johnson Benjamin      
Creswell Amelia Johnson Joseph Smallwood N U  
Creswell Maria Johnson Mariah Nichols Ellen Minnie Unknown William  
Creswell William Johnson Mary Ann      
Cross Benjamin Henry Johnson Mary Ann 1   V  
Cross Bessie Frances Johnson William   Valentine John  





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