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Church of England Section DD

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

A E J P S Cont
Abel Sophia Edward Alfred S M   Pacey William Victor Swan Charles John Cameron 1
Adcock Albert C Edwards Minnie Johnston Emily Patmore Arthur Swan Edith Allen
Adcock Alice Elliott Aletha Johnston Maud Mary Patmore Catherine Swan Ethel Georgina
Adcock Maurice Gilbert Elliott Ambrose John Johnston Robert Charles Patmore Frances Swan Gertrude Amy
Alderton Alice Emma Elliott Matilda Johnston William Patmore George Swan Gertude Amy
Alderton Emma Elliott Winetta Jones Charlotte Mary Patmore Joshua James Swan Hannah Mary
Alderton Emma Jane Ellis Harry W J Jones David Patmore Kitty Swan Laurence Reid
Alderton William Richard Ellis May Jones Elizabeth Patmore Lily Swan Louisa Jane
Allen Henry Edward Evans Jemima Ann Jones Thomas Arthur Patmore Martha Swan Morton Henry
Allen Isabella Evans Luke Jones Thomas Arthur 1 Patmore William Richard Swan Nicholas William
Allen T Evans Nuriel Ivor Joseph James E Payne Jean Phyllis Swan Winifred Mary
Allen Winifred Amy Evans Powell Joseph Jane Paynter George Samuel  
Allender Annie Exley Emma   Paynter Georgie T
Allender Thomas Exley Joseph K Paynter James Tabor Sarah Maria
Almond Henry John   Kay John Alison Paynter Ken Tame Sophia
Almond Mabel F Kean Emily Paynter Minnie May Tame Sophia L
Almond Robert Falkinder Charles Kean Frederick George Paynter Pateena Gertrude Tate Rose Ann
Almond Robert Alfred Finch Beatrice Susan Kennally Amelia Pearce Francis George Tate Thomas David
Almond Sophia Finch Joseph Amos Kennally John J Pearce Lillie DD231 Tavaridis John
Appledorff Charles Christopher Fooks Dora Louisa Kennedy Sydney Pearce Susan Tavlaridis Hiraclis
Appledorff Olive B Fooks Ernest Samuel King John Pearce Unknown Taylor Agnes Elizabeth
Arnol Unknown Fooks Frances Coralie Kitchener Mimi Pearce William Warburton Frederick Taylor Alfred
Avery Annie Susan Fooks Helen Knight Amy Isabell Pearson Edward Mullee Taylor Arthur Agustis
Avery John Fordham George Knights George Frederick Peterson Dora May Taylor Edward
Avery Rachael Ismay     Peterson Ethel Taylor Harriett
  G L Peterson William Henry Taylor James
B Gard Eliza Langridge Elizabeth Betty Phillips Dora Maud Bonnie Taylor Leonard James
Bantick Andrew William Garlick William Wood Langridge Maud Helen Piesse Amelia Taylor Margaret
Bantick Elizabeth Harriett Gates Ellen Langridge William Henry Piesse Clara Taylor Margaret Ann
Bantick Evelyn Estelle Gates Ellen Mary Langworthy Emma Jane Piesse Francis Charles Taylor Mary Anne
Bantick John Gates Eva Langworthy Fay Piesse Francis Henry Taylor Roy James
Bantick Wiliam Gates Tasman Langworthy Leslie William Saul Piesse George Edward Terry Aralea
Barber Neil Gates William Le Rossignol Charles C Piesse Margaret Stanfield Thompson Clarence
Barnes Elias Gates William A Le Rossignol Mary E   Thompson Ernest Henry
Barwick Enid Freeman Gibson Alice Maud Lester Basil Eric Pirty Caralin Lyda Thompson James
Barwick Trevor Gibson Fanny M Lester Minnie May Pitcairn Florence Thompson James Bruce
Basselot-Hall Ethel E Gibson Martha Lester Raymond Stuart Pitman Charles Bignell Thompson Jean Minna
Bay Frances Warren Gilham Violet Levack William Joseph Pitman Jane Eleanor Thompson Louisa Ellen
Bay Robert Godfrey George Lewis Alfred Pitt Edward Walter Thorne Annie Yize Purcell
Baynton Elisha James Godfrey Isabella Lewis Alfred Jack Pitt Victore Marian Thorpe Robert Henry
Baynton Elsie Gordon Arthur Edward Lewis Dorothy Adelaide Pocock Frances Ann Tilyard Mary Annie
Baynton Horace James Gordon Lily May Littler Gwendoline Dora Pocock Frederick Bryan Tudor Emily Mary
Baynton Jane Gore Thomas LLyod Alice Sylvia Ponsonby George A Tudor Owen
Baynton Leslie Robert Gorman Elizabeth LLyod Frank Porthouse Ada Emily Turner Alice
Baynton Mary Ann Gorman Ivy LLyod Herbert Henry Porthouse Albert Claude Turner Sarah Ann
Baynton Vera Muriel Gorman Ivy Ada London Edith Ethel Winifred Porthouse Marianne Turner Thomas
Beatty Mary Winifred Goss Amy Lovegrove Violet Victoria Porthouse Thomas Turner Thomas William
Beck George Goss Daniel Lovegrove William Henry Porthouse Thomas Henry U
Bentley Godfrey Vaughan Goss Owen Lovegrove William Henry 1 Porthouse W E Unknown
Bentley Honoria Susanna Grahame Charles Lovett Minnie Porthouse Walter Unknown1
Bentley Isabella Grahame Laura Luckman Alfreda Frances Prescott Elizabeth Katherine Unknown 2
Bentley James Vaughan Grahame Percy Stanley Luckman Lewis Charles Prescott Josephine Margaret Harcourt Unknown 3
Best Emily Roberta Grant Elizabeth Luckman Lewis James Pretty Edward Alfred Unknown 4
Bester Dennis Charles Grant Emily Luckman Lucy Pretty Louisa Ann Unknown 5
Bester Marie Gray John Luttrell Frances Isabel   Unknown 6
Billings Margret G Green Elsie May Luttrell Laurie Victoria R Unknown 7
Blacklow Alfred Green Kathleen Charlotte Luttrell Percival Woodhouse Rae Ellen Unknown 8
Blacklow George Henry Green Robert M Rae John Unknown 9
Blacklow William Edwin Grimmond John Thomson March Susannah Rait Jack Unknown 10
Boden Herbert Herb Grimmond Unknown Martin Annie Randall Frances Ann Unknown 11
Boden Unknown Grueber Harriett Martin Charles Joseph Randell Alfred Unknown 12
Boort Mary Elizabeth Grueber Theresa Harriett Martin George Ray Eric Ashbury Unknown 13
Bowden Alice Anna Grueber Thomas W Martin George Richard Ray George Thomas Unknown 14
Bowden Ethel Florence Guest Arthur Martin Mary Josephine Ray Susan Unknown 15
Bowden Isabella Guest Desmond Ian McConnon Ann Elizabeth Reid Adelaide Unknown 16
Bowden Louis Warren Guest John McConnon Edward Todd Reid Norman H B Unknown 17
Bradley Ada Eileen Guest Reginald Eric McCutcheon Anne Reid William Henry Unknown Albert Ernest Smith
Bradley Amy Louisa   McCutcheon Ivy Isabel Reynolds Thomas Unknown Annie
Brain Letitia H McCutcheon James Rigby Rhodes Agnes Unknown Catherine
Brain William Hackett Charles McCutcheon Peter Rhodes Charles Unknown Elizabeth
Braithwaite Alice Maud Hackett Charles Percival McDonald Louisa Roberts Catherine Nichols Unknown Gladys Gwendoline Hanson
Braithwaite Blanche Hackett Mary McDonald Mabel Roberts Katherine Mary Unknown Harry
Braithwaite Elizabeth Hackett William John McEvoy Edward Roberts Matthew John Nichols Unknown John Gilbert Brain
Braithwaite Emily C Haig James McEvoy Herbert Stanley Rollins Clara Victoria Unknown Maud
Branch Charles Hales Henry William McEvoy Mary Rooke Emma Harriett Unknown Sarah May Smith
Brittain George Hall Florence McGinness Henry Rooke Louis Henry  
Brown Zethra Hall George E Flexmore McGinness Joan Jean   V
Browne Flora C Hall George Edward McGiveron Henry Willfred S Verrell Audrey Violet France
Browne Henry Edward Hall Jane McGiveron John Henry Thomas Samson Sophia Verrell Elizabeth Ellen
Burt Frances Hall Keith Albert McGiveron John James Sanderson Amy Edith Verrell Ernest Edward
Burt Marjorie Hall William Charles McGiveron Winifred Sanderson Charles Verrell Jack Rex Lionel
Burt Norman Hallam Alice Maude McGuire Emma Sanderson Douglas Ronald Vimpany A
Burton Ada Isabel Hallet Mildred McGuire George Sargent Vernon Chester Vince Daisy May
Burton Edna May Hallett Charles McGuire Nellie Louisa Savage Percy  
Burton Edward Charles Hamilton Adeline Marion McKenzie Elsie Scanlon William John W
Burton George Jeffrey Hamilton Margaret Emily McNeil Edith Blanche Scarr Aileen Hazel Walbourn Albert
Butcher Emily E Hanlon Emily Elsie McNeil Herbert Keith Scarr Clare Walbourn Mary
Butcher William Fredrick Harbottle Edward McNeil Herbert W Scarr Eliza Vaux Walker Edward Hampson
Buxton Emily Mabel Harbottle Frank McNeil Margaret Ellen Scarr George Lambert Walker Hannah Elizabeth
Bygrove Ellen Florence Harbottle Lillian McNeil Wallace Scarr Keith Walker James Parkes
Bygrove Herbert Owen Hardy Joseph McVilly Clarence Charles Schaedel George John Henry Walker Rebecca Theresa
  Hardy Joseph 1 Meaburn John Eliot Schaedel Jessie Wallace Minnie Rose
C Hardy Margaret Mead Elizabeth Betsy Schuetz Constance Hermine Louise Wallace William Henry
Campbell Duncan Hardy Rebecca Meadowcraft Sydney Scollick Archibald Newell Waller Alice
Carnes Alfred Robert Wesleyn Harper Ann Jane Meadowcroft Sydney Scollick Matilda Waller George
Carnes Martha Elizabeth Harper Grace Doris Mennie Leonard Stanley Scollick Samuel Walter George
Carnes Robert Wesley Harper Neil Menzies Ernest Arthur Scott Lorna Campbell Walter Unknown
Castrissos Basil Harper Thomas Menzies Robert Sculley Charles Edward Walter Winifred Pearl
Cavanagh Jessie Harrex Beryl Evelyn Milburn Ada Charlotte Sculley James Edward Walton Jane Maretta
Cavanagh Joseph Harrex David Montague Milburn Charlotte Seager Alfred George Walton Unknown
Chandler Robert Henry Harris Annie Isabell Milburn Richard Sharp Harriett Ward Albert John
Chandler Unknown Harris Charles Milburn William Henry Sharp Johnson Ward Elizabeth
Clark Albert W Harrison Alby Miles Isabella Eva Sharp Mary Ward Harry
Clark Alice Harvey Charles Miller Bertram Sherwood Jane Keziah Ward Jessie
Clark Elsie Clara Harvey Helen Clayton Miller Edward Sherwood Margaret Jane Ward Sydney Kennedy
Clark Irene Alice Harvey Henry Edward Miller Edward 1 Sherwood William Francis Warren Mary Ann
Clark Margarete Harvey Louisa Martha Miller Elizabeth Sibley Alma Gwendoline Weber Adolph
Clark Robert Charles Harvey Mabel Emma Louise Miller Frances Sibley Harry Hamilton Weber Julia
Clarke Katherine Mary Harvey Walter Anstice Miller Thomas Sibley Mabel Lillian Weber Theodore
Clarke William Harvey William Clayton Moorcroft Arthur William Sibley William Harry Webster Winifred Pearl
Cloak James Henry Haustein Caroline Sophie Moorcroft May Louise Simmons Elsie Mabel White Ethel W
Cloak Roselin Jane Haustin Alwyn J Moorcroft William Simmons Fletcher William Whitham Elizabeth
Cook Joseph Hawkes Alfred Moore Emily Simmons Mary Ann Whitham Lawrence Yates
Cookney Albert Hawkes Catherine Moore Emma Simmons William Whitman Ellen
Cookney Charles Hawkes Joseph Moore Henry Sims Arthur E Whitney Alfred
Corney Charlotte Hawkes Maud Moore Joshua Sims Ellen Whitney Lucy Maria
Corney Henry Hayes Joshua John Moore Leslie Edward Sly Alfred Benjamin Whitney Mary Ann
Cotton Myrtle Hayton Lorna Gwendoline Moore Stanley H Sly Alice Edna May Wickins George
Couch Rosetta Hebblethwaite James Morgan Charles Henry Sly Joseph Charles Wigmore Susan B
Couch William Hebblethwaite Lucy Mundy Annie Smith Amelia Minnie Wilkes Isabelle E
Cox Jack Ronald Heyward Graham Mundy Edward Smith Charles L Will Jessie Virginia
Cox Jessie Florence Higgins James   Smith Emma L Williamson Henry
Cox Lewis William  Higgins Jennie N Smith Henry Wise Eileen Florence
Crawford Higgins Kathleen Maud Newall Thomas Smith John Wise Francis Seymour
Crawford Daphne Prudence Higgins Unknown Newitt Alice Isabel Smith Joseph Wise Frederick George
Crawford Doris Jean Hilder Charles Henry Newitt Gertrude Annie Smith Letitia Wise Maud Myra
Crawford Harriet Elizabeth Hilder Elizabeth Alice Newitt Getrude Annie Smith Sarah Rebecca Wise Max
Crawford Max Ivor Hilder Eric Gordon Newitt Isabel Smith William Wise Vida
Crawford Robert Hobden Basil Newitt Julia Ann Sparks Martha Wood Alfred
Creagh Robin Glynn Hobden Flora Newitt Leslie Charles Sparks Mary Ann Wood Catherine A
Creasey Laura Miriam Hobden Francis Xavier Newitt William Sparks Maurice Wood Rebecca
Creasey Robert George Mackie Hodgman Louie Isabel Clarence Newman Alfred Hilton Sparks Thomas Richard Woodward Charles William
Cresswell Elizabeth Hodgman Wilfred Newman Frank Barker Sparks William Woodward Louisa
Crooks Marguerite Violet Hodgman William Michael Newman Louisa Kathleen Spong A L B Woollery Caroline
Crowther Douglas Hogan James Newman Montague Joseph Stafford Nellie Woolnough Charles
Crowther Emily Caroline Hollbrook Unknown Newman Susannah Stafford William Edward Woolnough Charles E
Crowther Henry Lucas Holt Isabel Adelaide Newton Albert Wilfred Stalker Annie Watkins Bennett Woolnough Harold E
Crowther Victore Marian Hooper Edith Eleanor Jane Newton Doris Irene Stalker Eaton Stankmore Woolnough Stella
Cullen Irene Florence Isobel Hooper William Newton James Newton Stalker James Worsley Tasman
Currie Andrew Hopwood Glory Phyllis Newton Kate Stalker Marjorie Sheila  
Currie Dove Hornsby Jane Johanna Newton William Standaloft Basil Y
Curtis Alfred Houghton Rebecca Newton William Elwell Standaloft Doris Irene Young Catherine
Curtis Alfred William Howard Albert Nichols Richard Standaloft Miriam Young Gilbert Stanley Bert
Curtis Charlotte Louise Howard Ivy Nicholson George L Standaloft Samuel Young Henry
Curtis Clare Evelyn Howard Matthew John Nicholson Mary Ethel Stevens Annie Louisa Young Selina
Curtis Mary Joan Howard Sarah Ann Nichols-Roberts Catherine Stevens Thomas Young Tasman
Curtis Owen Alfred Howard William Nichols-Roberts Matthew John Stewart Ethel Ann Young Thomas Henry
  Howe George Humphrey Nichols-Roberts Uknown Street Alice Maud DD394  
D Howe Margaret Norman Cecil Lewis Street Arthur Thomas  
Dale Alfred Howell Bertram Claude Norman May Street Arthur Thomas 1  
Dale Earnest Howell Bertram Hurst   Street Dorothy Maria  
Dale Elsie May Howell Florence Kate O Street Louisa  
Dale Frederick Howell Ida Violet Olney Catherine Street Marjorie Ellen  
Dale George T Hurn Elizabeth Olney Cordelia Kate Strutynski Lisa  
Dale Susan Alice Hurn Henry Albert Olney George Stuart Athol O  
Daniels Edward Hurn Richard Giles O'Neill Maria Stuart Ernest Conyngham  
Davis Annie   O'Neill Maxwell Colin Stuart George Joseph  
Davis William U J O'Neill Phyllis Jean Suckling John Clyde  
Dawson Evelyn Jackson Irene May Osborne Aletha Elliott Suckling John Phillip  
Dawson Sophia Johnson Alice Osborne Luther Suckling Sarah Jane  
Dellandrea Mary Jane Johnson Edward Osbourne Luther Sullivan John  
Dellandrea Michael Johnson Elizabeth Owen Sutcliffe Cecilia Mary  
Dickenson Susan Alice Johnson Eva Rose Owen Eliza Sutcliffe Ernest James  
Dingle C T Johnson George Henry Owen John Ritchie Sutcliffe Luke  
Dobson John Johnson Henry Owen John Theodore Swan Amy Isobel  
Duncan Unknown Johnson Jane   Swan Archibald Charles  
Dunn Alfreda Muriel Johnson Matilda   Swan Charles John Cameron  
Dunn Robert Edward Johnson Robert      
Duthoit Rita May        

Thankyou Roger Clifford for letting us know about one of our unknown headstones. Unknown William Joseph is Levack William Joseph & his wife Levack Amanda Elizabeth.

Thank you Lyn for the information on Albert Ernest & Sarah May Unknown as being Smith. Information below


Unknown Albert Ernest & Sarah May

First names :  Albert Ernest, Surname :  SMITH, Age :71, Record no. :  1B 46190,  Service type :  Burial, Service date :  29-Sep-1949, Last residence : HOBART, Grave location -Cemetery :  Cornelian Bay, Area or denomination :  Church of England,Section : DD, Site number :  Number 296,   

First names :  Sarah May, Surname :  SMITH, Age :    43, Record no. :  1B 23569,  Service type :  Burial, Service date :  14-Apr-1923, Last residence :    ST, Grave location -  Cemetery : Cornelian Bay, Area or denomination :  Church of England,  Section : DD,  Site number :  Number 296,  

Unknown John Gilbert

John Gilbert A.I.F. actually not buried here just a memorial inscription on his parents grave. 

BRAIN, JOHN GILBERT, Regimental number 475, School Private School, Religion Church of England, Occupation Grazier, Address Brisbane, Queensland, Marital status Single, Age at embarkation 41

Next of kin Mother, Mrs Letitia Brain, Richmond, Tasmania Enlistment date 10 June 1916 Rank on enlistment Private Unit name Machine Gun Company 12, Reinforcement 7 AWM Embarkation Roll number 24/17/3 Embarkation details Unit embarked from Melbourne, Victoria, on board HMAT, A38 Ulysses on 26 October 1916

Other details from Roll of Honour Circular Member of the Richmond Rifle Club, Tasmania.

Fate Killed in Action 9 August 1917, Place of death or wounding Messines, Belgium Age at death 43 Age at death from cemetery records 43 Place of burial No known grave Commemoration details The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial (Panel 31), Belgium Panel number, Roll of Honour, Australian War Memorial 177

Miscellaneous information from cemetery records Parents: William Edward and Letitia BRAIN. Native of Richmond, Tasmania Other details War service: Western Front, Medals: British War Medal, Victory Medal 

Digger - Tasmanian Pioneer Index 1803-1899 

Surname: BRAIN, Given Names: JOHN GILBERT, Event: Birth, Father/Spouse Surname: WILLIAM, Mother/Spouse Given Names: LAMB LETITIA, Day: 23, Month: 7, Year: 1874, Registration Place: RICHMOND, Registration Number: 1608/1874, Reference: RGD 33

Unknown Gladys Gwendoline

First names :  Gladys Gwendolyn 

Surname :  HANSON 

Age :    52 

Date of death :   

 Record no. :  1B 47998

 Service type :  Burial 

Service date :  26-Jun-1951 

Last residence :     

Grave location - 

Cemetery :  Cornelian Bay 

Area or denomination :  Church of England 

Section : DD 

Site number :  Number 107,  



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