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Church of England Section E

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott May F Elliot Anna Martha MacMillan Andrew Howie Rait Basil William Templeman Donald
Abbott Mollie Elliot Edward Herdman MacMillan Dorothy May Rait Minna Isabel Mary Templeman Helena Louise Nell
Abbott Sydney Ernest Elliot Jean Tweedie Marshall Martha Emily Rait William John Templeman Mildred
Allport Cecil   Marshall William Eli Ray Arthur Frederick Henry Todd John
Allport Claudine Marion F Masterton Janet Park Ray Arthur Nicholas Todd John Stokell
Allport Curzona F L Fuller Emma Masterton John Ray Emily Rachael Turner Amy
Allport Elizabeth   McCarthy Charles Ray Ismay Hilda Turner J
Allport Eva Mary G McCarthy Janet Ray Vera May  
Allport Henry Gorringe Nancy Jean McCarthy Milford Linton Reid A L U
    McIntyre Adeline Janetta Reid Blanche Isabel Unknown 1
B H Munro Rebecca S Reid Cecilia  
Beamish Annette Henriette Hean Briner Angus Allanby Munro William George Reid Ernest Alexander W
Beamish Gordon Richard Hean Myra Faith Murdoch Barabara Simmons Reid Helen Whitesides Charles Beaugarde
Beamish John William Heathorn Herbert Charles Murdoch Dorothy Edna Reid Mary Elisabeth Whitesides E J C
Beamish Marmion Richard   Murdoch Elvie Reid Rupert Ernest Whitesides Florence Dorothy
Beamish May Rosalind I Murdoch James Rentoul James Buchan Munro Whitesides Sara
Beddome Mabel Inglis Christiana   Reynolds Grace Whitesides Vera Lindsay
Beddome William Inglis Donald N Robb Elizabeth A Wilkinson Ann
Bidencope Alan Inglis John Nichols Ada Robb James Wilkinson Frederick Brooks
Bidencope Charlotte C Inglis John 1 Nichols Catherine Roberts Alice Harward Wilkinson Frederick Percival
Bidencope Emily   Nichols Frederick J Roberts Barbara May Wilkinson Gerald Brooks
Bidencope Joseph J Nichols Mary A Roberts Cordelia Wilkinson Margaret
Bidencope Joseph Zelly Jeffery Unknown Gladys Nichols William Roberts Gerald Alleyne Wilkinson Rose Amelia
Bidencope Joseph Zelly 1 Jeffrey Ada B   Roberts Henry LLewelyn Wilkinson W J
Bidencope Violet Josephine Jeffrey Claude Henry O Roberts Henry LLewelyn 1 Wilson Eva Elizabeth
Bidencope Zelly Roy Jeffrey Grace Millicent Oakes Helen May Roberts Ida  
Boden Emma Mary Jeffrey John   Roberts John LLewelyn  
Boden Robert John Jeffrey John Cameron P Roberts Judith  
Boyles Margaret W Jeffrey Leah Palmer Henry Edward Ernest Roberts Lanoma  
Browning Ronald Joseph Jeffrey Unknown 1 Palmer Phillip Roberts Mary Grant  
Bryce William   Paton Arthur C Roberts Robert Henry LLewelyn  
  K Paton Cecily Rachel Roberts Tulloch LLewelyn  
C Kennedy Amy Naomi Paton Clifford Arthur Roberts William Arthur  
Cox Christine Rosanne Kennedy Colin Paton Clyde Craig Rogers Elizabeth Cockburn  
Curtis Agnes Knight Clarence Rudolph Eagle Paton Eliza Rogers Elsie Phyllis  
Curtis Harry A Knight Edith Paton Harold William Rogers Frank Stoprier  
  Knight Edith 1 Paton James Craig Rogers Richard Galloway  
D Knight Edith Lucille Paton Jean    
Davies Charles Ellis Knight Enid Irene Paton John Glendower S  
Davies Charles Ellis 1 Knight Josiah Charles Eagle Paton Linda Simson Minnie  
Davies John Knight Lilith Estelle Paton Mary Lewin Smale Frederick  
Davies Nellie Grace   Paton Phoebe Evanceline Eva Smale Myrtle Trevor  
Davies Sophia Margretta L Paton Rebecca Sutton Elizabeth Ann  
Davis Alice Edith Laing Janet Paton Thomas Sutton George Vollum  
Davis Charles Laing John Paton Thomas John Sutton Percival V H  
Davis Doreen Lyne James      
Davis Laura Beatrice Lyne Lizzie Emmely      
Davis Martha        
Davis Noel Bertrand        




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