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Church of England Section F

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott Charles F113 Chapman Helen Munro Heron Hilda Marion F144 MacFarlane James Thompson Albert Lyell
Abbott Harriet Allen F113 Chapman Joan Olive Isabel Heron Roy F144 MacFarlane Lucy Thompson Alexander
Allport Alice Mary F41 Chapman Katherine Maria Hope Gwenda Marshall Caroline Thorne Edward Eardley
Allport Evett Gordon F41 Chapman Sarah Isabel Hudspeth Brian Reginald F102 Marshall Frederick William Thorne Fanny Ann
Allport Joseph F31 Chapman Susan Mary Munro Hudspeth Francis F102 Marshall George Steed Tofft Alfred George
Allport Mary Morton F31 Chapman Thomas Daniel Hudspeth Francis Rowland Maule F102 Marshall Harry Edward Tofft Florence Ada
Allport Morton 1 F31 Clark Charles F116 Hudspeth Geoffrey Francis F102 Marshall Jane Caroline Tofft Harriet
Allport Morton F31 Clark Elizabeth F116 Hudspeth Helen Kathleen F102 Marshall John  
Ashworth Juliet F53 Clark Harriet Matilda F116 Hudspeth Joan Fitzgerald F102 Marshall Louisa Ann U
Ashworth O F53 Clark Jane E F115 Hudspeth Laurence Keate F102 Mitchell James Balshay Unknown
Atkinson Alison Mary F118 Clark William F116 Hudspeth Lucy Mills F102 Morriss Ada Beatrice Unknown 1
Atkinson Edith Ella F118 Cook Amy Isabel F34 Hudspeth Ronald Keate F102 Morriss Dudley  
Atkinson Thomas Reiby F118 Cowell Agnes Forrest Hammerton Hudspeth Wilfred Hugh F102 Morriss E A W
  Cowell Emily Margaret Hume Ada Margaret Morriss Ernest Aston Wayn Arthur
B Crosby Anna Maria Hume Frederick William Morriss John Aston Field Wherett Arthur William
Barker Mabel Mary F32 Crosby Catherine Watt Hume Keith Morriss M E Wherrett Alice
Barker Mary F32 Crosby Charles Hume Kenneth Mulcahy Marjorie Babette Field Wherrett Arthur Hobart
Barker Walter Henry F32 Crosby Ellen Frances Hume Ruby Louisa   Whyte Alfred E
Barsham Susanna F9 Crosby Jane   P Whyte Annie
Bayley Amy Stuart F35 Crosby Richard J Peacock Frederick Whyte James Wilkinson
Bayley Ella Augusta F35 Crosby Richard Fenwick Jones Emily Marion Peacock Jessie Wolfhagen Clara Theresa
Bayley Henry William F35 Crosby William 1 Jones L Percy Herbert E Wolfhagen Laura Margaret
Bean Edwin F43 Crosby William Jones Robert   Wright Bernard Howard
Bean Lucy Madeline F43 Cruickshank Constance F111 Jones Unknown R Wright Marian Lucy
Bean Madeline Jessie F43 Cruickshank James Henry Robert Jones Unknown 1 Raines M Young Frances Gertrude
Bone Harriett F142A Cruickshank Mary Edith F111 Jones Unknown 2 Read Joyce Young Francis Joseph
Bone Percy F142A     Read Louis Young Frederic Mortimer
Bradley Elizabeth F12 D K Reynolds Edwin Young Wilhelmina Wilson
Bradley John F12 Dawson Lydia F134 Kelly Unknown Reynolds Mary Ann Matilda  
Browne Unknown Dawson W H F134 Kelly Unknown 2 Russell Frederick Manners  
Butler Charles Dawson William Samuel Kelly Unknown 3 Russell William  
Butler Francis Leicester Doran Alfred John Kelly Unknown 4    
Butler Georgina Jane Doran Lucy Clara Kirk Elizabeth Sarah Ann S  
Butler Leila   Kirk Eric Seager Florence Phillis  
Butler Maria F Kirk Frederick Henry Smart Agnes Newall  
Butler Montagu Howard Falconer Ella Rose 142A Kirk Hilda Smart Thos Christie  
Butler Unknown Falconer William Rose 142A Kirk William H Smith Ellen Augusta  
  Fisher Amy Knight Edna Minnie Smith Henry Turnball  
C Fisher Unknown Knight Maurice St Hill Windle Hill  
Carey Henrietta Martha F23 Fisher Unknown 2 Knight Maurice Gibbons Eagle Steele Mary Marguerite  
Carey John Knight Blackton F23 Flexmore Albert Somerville Knight Minnie Steele Thomas Edward Joseph  
Carey John Knight F23 Flexmore Archie Youl   Steele Unknown  
Carey Letitia Elizabeth Sophia Louisa F23 Flexmore Jeanie Louisa Marian L    
Carey Martha F23   Lane Marion Fanny F9    
Chapman Geoffrey Thomas Frederick G Lee Charles E C    
Chapman George Robin Gillon Bertrand Leslie Leverton Herbert    
Chapman George Stevenson Gillon Evelyn Mary Leverton Jane    
  Gillon Jane Luttrell Alfred Ernest    
  Gillon Katie Eleanor Luttrell Mary Elizabeth    
  Gillon Thomas      
  Gillon Thomas Henry      
  Grant Alice M      



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