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Church of England Section  GG

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott James William Daley Eliza Hewitt Arnold John Nailer Arthur Smith Norman Sydney
Abbott Jessie Elizabeth Daley James Hewitt John William Nailer Hannah Speed David
Ackerley Arthur Dalwood Elsie Jane Heywood Herbert Charles Nailer Harry Speed Edward Joseph
Ackerley Charlotte Dalwood Florence Eliza Heywood Lillian Maud Nailer James Augustus Speed Lorna Lillias
Adams Alfred Andrew Dalwood William Alfred Heywood Lois Mabel Neall Mary Stanton Algy Herbert
Adams Florence Sarah Davidson John William Heywood Thomas Henry Neall William Bertram Stanton Beryl Gwendoline
Alcock Florence Ruth Davis Ernest Walter Hill Elsie Blanche New Joyce Staples Martha
Alcock Osman Albert de Little William Vernon Hill Hilda Caroline Newell Alice May Staples Stancell Griffiths
Alexander Esther Dennison James Hill Thomas A G Newland Arthur William Sullivan Nona
Allsebrook William John Dennison Selina Hill Walter O Newton Jonathon I Sward Alma Annie Elizabeth
Allwright Margreat Rita Devitt Ruby Constance Hood Eric Preston Nichols Gladys Martha Sward John E
Allwright Thomas Edwin Docking Luckyer Robert Hopkins Eleanor R Norris Florence Sward John Edward
Anderton George Fielding Dodge May Hopwood Mary Anabell Norris George Arthur Sweet Francis Tasman
Andrew Anne Ada Dodge Ralph Henry Horsfall Mary Norris Lola Sweet Susannah May
Andrews Frank Doherty Lascar Howells Humphrey John   Sykes Edward Francis
Andrews Keith Flintham Doring Arthur Hughes Elizabeth O Sykes Maud Elizabeth
Andrews Linda May Doring Wilhelmina Humler Mary O'Brien Emily Rebecca  
Appleby Aubrey William Dossett Alice Maud Hummler Franz Herman Otto Grace Dorothea T
Armstrong Hugh Dossett Walter John Hurst Eliza Sarah Otto Henry Edward Tafamera Laura Helen
Armstrong Isabel Douglas Evelyn Agnes Hurst Thirza Chipman  Owen Charles E Tait Mavis
Ayers Alice Esther Douglas William Hurst Thomas George Arthur Owen Flora Hellen Taylor Dulcie Blanche
  Duke Rebecca Hurst Thomas C Owens Kenneth Leon Thomas Ray Donald
B Duke William Benjamen Hutchins Ellen Isabell Owens Robert James Leon Thomas William Henry
Bailey John H   Hutchison Isabella Smith   Thomas Winifred Ruth
Baker Eva Ellen E I P Thompson Frederick George
Baker William Ernest Edwards Henry William Irwan Isabel Page Henry Thompson Richard John
Baldwin Frank W S Edwards Hilda Isoline Irwan John James Page Robina E Thornbury Alice Jane
Baldwin Myra Beatrice Edwards Hilda Kate   Palmer Elizabeth Thorne George Francis
Baldwin Valma Grace Edwards Margaret A F J Palmer Ethel May Tibbs Charles E
Ball J D Eiszele Henry August Jacques William Palmer George Stephen Tibbs Guinevere Riddel
Bantick Thomas Edwin Eiszele Maynie Johnson Francis Henry Parsons Charlotte Tibbs Isabel Mary
Bax Esther Jane GG232 Eiszele Nancy Mary Johnson Leonard Colin Parsons John Tibbs Ismay Benita Riddel
Beckitt Charles Alfred Elliott Florence May Johnson Louisa Pearsell Kate Tillack Emmeline Eleanor
Beckitt Martha Francesca Elliott Walter Douglas Johnston Charles L Peterson Caroline Emma Tillack Henry Charles
Bennett Walter Edwin Elliston Vivian D Johnstone Annie E Peterson Lauritz Tillack Unknown Charles
Bevis George Elmer Arthur Edward Jock Johnstone John Pitman Harry Aubin Tilley Jack Arthur
Bevis Minnie Emery Joseph Jones Amy Marion Pitman Henrietta Tyler Erskine Arthur
Blake Annie Isabel England Hannah Jones Edward Pitman Lenard A Tyler Margaret May
Blake George England Hannah 1 Jones John Alexander Pitman Lona Jean  
Blake L M England Henry L   Pitt Ida U
Boden Edward England Henry Lewis K Pitt Olive Leila Unknown 1
Boden Mary England Iris Alston Kelly Arthur William Poole Thomas Unknown 2
Boon Edwin England Iris Alston 2 Kelly Hope Poole Thomas Prescott Unknown 4
Boon Gweneth Evelyn   Kenneally Lillian Porter Arthur Ernest Unknown 5
Boon Robert Edmund E Kirby Sister Margaret Eleanor Porter Edith Louisa Unknown 6
Boon Sarah Jane Evans Alice Gwen Knowles Joan Margaret Porter Rhoda Elizabeth Unknown 7
Bourne Edward Henry   Konstantindis Vasiliki Porthouse Francis Charles Unknown 8
Bradley Anna F F Kphtikov Kaaaiothe Porthouse J Frances Unknown 9
Bradley Elsie Helen Falkinder Harriet Bush   Preece James Unknown Frank
Bradley George Falkinder John Stanley L Preece Rose Ann  
Bradley Kinnear Farthing Charles Tasman Langford Etta Elizabeth Prescott Elizabeth  
Bradley Martha J Faulkner Enid Langford George David Pritchard Grace V
Brammall Pan Faulkner William Langford George John Pritchard Thomas Verrell George
Brammell Harry Fazackerly Susan Lawson Jacob Probin Audrey Joan Vincent Margaret
Brewster Colin Campbell Fennell Frederick Browne Lawton Mary A Probin Elizabeth Ethel  
Brewster Elizabeth Frances Filby Alfred Henry Leaman Emma Probin Percy D W
Brewster George Frederick Filby Ida Jessamine Leaman George   Waller Charles
Brient Frederick William Freestone Jemima Lee Mary Q Waller Louisa
Brient Laurel Viola Freestone John Thomas Leonard Grace Florence Quarrell Charles Henry Warner Alice Mary
Briggs Elizabeth Ann Fulton Amy Beatrice Lilla Levis Emma Quarrell Rosa Jane Warner Percival Tasman
Broughton Violet G Levis William   Watkins Elsie May
Brown Alicia Vonhomerie Garlick Clara Mildred Lewis Frances Sarah R Wells Albert Edward
Brown Arthur Lawrence Garlick Edmund G Lillye Elizabeth Radcliff Bernard Hamilton Wells Basil Albert Mortelock
Brown Charlotte Elizabeth Gatehouse Edward Leonard Lillye John Radcliff Ruby Gertrude Wells Blanche Adelaide
Brown Donald Gearman Evelyn Julia Lillye Victoria Radzio Emil Wells Elizabeth
Brown Edward Gellie Evelyn Lipscombe Emily Randall Dinah Elaine Wells Harry Edward
Brown Frederick Bradley Gibbons Doris Gertrude Lipscombe Theodore Steer Randell Ernest Gordon Wells Winifred Alice
Brown John Gibbons Edith May Lockley Elizabeth Jane Ray Ellen Westcott Matilda Mary
Brown Leila Esther Gibbons Tasman Lovett Clara M M Ray Ernest Denny Whitchurch Robert David
Brown Sarah Ann Gillies John Cecil Lowe Edith Muriel Rees Alfred Arthur White Alice Maude
Browse Alice Goldsmith Kenneth Tasman Lowe Henry Reynolds Barry Ross White Horace Bertram
Browse Charles Goodluck Johsian Jack Lowe Muriel Edith Reynolds Martha Elizabeth Wickens Eliza
Brundle Charles Henry Goodluck Louisa Lucas Lillias Priscilla Richards Amy Jeannette Wickens Ellen
Buchanan Henry James Goodluck William Henry Lumsden Andrew Charles Robertson Charles Stuart Williams Alice
Buchanan Lucy Down Goodwin Alfred Lumsden Andrew Charles 1 Rodway Leonard Williams Alice 1
Buckney Albert Edward Goodwin Amy Olive Lumsden Annie Rodway Olive Williams Harold
Buckney Amy Maud Goodwin George Henry Lumsden Walter Edwin Ross Elizabeth F Williams Marie Lila
Burton Abergail Clarke Gough Frank Luttrell Audrey L Rourke Robert Henry Williams Marion Moore
Burton Lillian Gough Mary Ann Luttrell Frances Linda Rowley May Williams Mary Ann
Burton Marjorie Edith Gould Janet May   Rowley William Charles Willing Charles
Burton Sadie Lillian Graham Augusta M Russell Frances Louisa Willing Ella Josephine
Burton Samuel S Graham Montrose Macbeth Alfred Russell Harriett Willing Marie Ellen
Butler Beryl Lillian Green George Macbeth Mary Ann Eliza Russell Jessie Wilson Joseph
Butler James Frederick Green Irene K MacGowan Ernest Thorburn Russell Joseph George Wilson Zoe Anabell
Butler Mary Green Leonard William F F MacGwan Unknown   Wood Annie
  Green Trixie MacLeod Louden Hector S Wood Blanche
C Grubb Dulcie Jean MacNaught Charles Havelock Saunders Charles Francis Wood Charles Anthony
Campbell James Maxwell Grubb Frederick MacNaught Donald Charles Schott Hilda Wood Ethel May
Carn Fanny M Grubb Frederick 1 MacNaught Elsie May Schott Vivian George Wood Frederick George
Carpener Alan Dennis Grubb Gertrude C Manson David Henry Scott Ethel Wood George Edward L
Carpenter Dennis Raymond Grubb Grace Eva Marsden Rosanna Searle Florence Wood George Hubert
Carroll James Percy Grubb James Thomas McGee Ruby Florence Sellers Arthur James Wood George P B
Carroll Mary Ellen Guesdon Elizabeth McIntyre Florence Sellers Eva Charlotte Wood John Barwick
Causley Ethel Mary   McLagan Ethel Maude Sellers Helene Fay Wood Selma May Jackman
Causley Samuel H McLagan James Reid Seymour Eileen Ruby Wood Sister Willes
Challender Hulbert Hallam Una Ethel McLagan Ruth Seymour Russell James Wright Arthur
Chapman Allan Arthur Hamilton Isabel Clunnies I A McPhee Amelia Shaw Frederick Stanley Wright Euphemiac
Chapman Constance Amelia Myee Hamilton Mallan Vere McPhee James Shaw Hilda Margaret Moore Wright Olive Ellen
Chapman Minnie Harcourt Colin Gerald McPhee Ronald Matthew Shea Charles William Wright William
Chappel Sarah Ann Hardinge Catherine Middleton Isabella Shea Lillian Wright William George
Cook Elizabeth Sarah Hardinge Frances Cecil Middleton Montressor Shelley Gosford  
Cook Vernon Norman Hardy Alan Wentworth Mills Annie Gladys Shelley Zetta Louisa Y
Cooley Eva Hardy Marian Lucy Mills Hubert Simpson Thomas Boustead Young Henry George
Cracknell John Harris Fanny Mills Marjorie Gladys Sims Agnes Louisa Young James Forbes
Crane Joseph Richard Harris Jack Arthur Mitchell Elizabeth Sims Charles Wigmore Young Julian Forbes
Crane Lucy Emily Harris Raymond William Mitchell William Fielder Slater Gertrude Mary Young Muriel May
Crane Lucy Eveline Harris Robert Moat Arthur Slater Lochard Young Robert Forbes
Cripps Charles Evett Harrison Albert Moat Ethelwyn Slater William Henry Young Selina Kate
Cromer Donald Cameron Harvey Elsie May Moat Victoria Slevia Curzona Frances Young Unknown
Cromer Kathleen Harvey Harriett Moore Francis Slevia Edward Francis  
Crooks James William Maryon Harvey Ian Robert Moore Jean Sophia Small Elsie Doris  
Crouch Laurence Ralph Harvey Lancelot Moore Laura May Smith Anna D  
Crouch Ralph Witticombe Harvey Winifred Makepeace Moore Wallace Smith Dorothy Clare  
Crowe Bertie Hawkins Violet Ruby Moore William John Smith Eileen Edith  
Crowe Lily Hayton Eliza Anne Morley Alice E Smith Gladys Estelle Mary  
Crowe Mary Hayton Howard Chester Mullen Alma Hope Smith Jack Mansfield  
Cruickshank Alexander Beaumont Heather Amy Grace Mullen John Edward Smith Mary Jane  
Cruickshank Amina Annie Heather Grace Mary Mullen Leslie M Smith Naomi Marguerite  
Cunningham Sydney Heather Henry Munday Caroline Ester Smith Norman Douglas  
  Hewitt Agnes Munday Edmund Thomas    
    Murray Mary Wallace    

Thank you to Lyn Carruthers for information on Selina Dennison & Crooks James William Maryon



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