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Church of England Section ID

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Alam Nur Chivers Lindsay Gordon Heberlein Mary Lillian Millhouse Terence Heath Schuptar Christopher Ilia
Andrews Irene Catherine Clifford C M Heron Margaret Lillian Moore Geoffrey Ernest Sharman Colin Hector
Andrews Terence Henry Clift David Hutton Mary Jane Moore Peggy Shepheard Dorothy Mary
Axton Guy Charles Clift Maude Hyland Eric Joseph Murnane Michael John Shepheard William Ernest
  Coleman Darrell James   Murphy Elvie Smith Frederick
B Coleman Leonard George J   Smith Robert Sudar
Barber Peter Maxwell Crawford Leslie Cecil James Sylvia Bernice O Smith Vera Ann
Barter Joan   Jones Maxwell John O'Brien M N B Spong Walter Edward Nash
Berry Charles D Joseph Annette Muriel O'Reilly Gladys Eileen Amy Spratt E G
Berry Thelma Pearl Danovan D   Owen Joyce May Starling Percival Arthur
Bewley Hilda Davis Lawrence David K Ozniak Clemens Stevens Thelma
Bond Douglas Hugo De Jersey Florence May Kaniewske M   Stewart Roy Jack
Bond Mary Cecilia Dean Ron Keogh Lindon Lyell P  
Bone Ernest Albert Devereaux Peter William Kwong Kam Seng Chan Parker Alexander John T
Bosworth George Joseph Dransfield Jeffrey Brian   Parker Harriett Kate Tohill William Joseph
Bowerman Dorothy Maude Dransfield Wayne David L Pauly Leo Peter Tommasini Michael John Lanskey
Bradley Wallace D'Silva Elsie Leach Tasman Richard Peel Edmund Townsend Mathew Henry George
Brodribb Kerry Gordon   Lincoln Eunice Rhomlda Petras John Peter Tzelilis Sarantis
Brooks Ellen Kathleen F Lincoln Leslie John Pluck Phyllis Muriel  
Brooks Leslie John Fisher Phillip John   Prendergast Valda Mary W
Brown David C Fisher R Peter M Price Maxwell James Walsh John Henry
Bryan Elizabeth Mary Franklin Hazel Irene Mansfield Phyllis Margaret Price Reginald Ransford Walsh Monica Joyce
Bryan Richard Franklin Raymond Norman Mayne Graham John Price Sheilah Francis West Anthony Keith
Burton Beryl Olive Grace Franklin Sirgeston Claude Harold McCarthy Peter   Williams Albert Jack
Burton Clement Alexander   McGuire Jean Ethel R Williams Vera
Bystron Danny G McGuire Oscar Riley Brenda Rosa Wood Colleen
  Gatty Graeme R McKenzie Amy Round Denis Trevor Woodhead Patricia Joan
C George Mary Ellen McWilliams Norman George Round Gladys Jean Woolley Michael ID30
Campbell Harold Edwin Gillie Carleen Midson Elvie May Round L D  
Campbell Lillian Amy Gordon Eric James Midson Vernon Henry    
Carmichael Dora Emily Guzman A      





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