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Church of England Section J

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Alderton Bertha Virginia Dunn Amelia Holbrook George James Moore Sarita Fay Salter Elizabeth
Alderton Sarah Ellen   Holebrook Eleanor S Morgan Corolena Martha Salter Walter
Alderton W E Holebrook Elizabeth Morgan Elizabeth Shaw Albert Edward
  Edwards Esther Hopwood Walter Alfred Chivers Morgan Elliott Stanley Shaw Clara Esther
B Edwards Richard James Houston Hugh Morgan George Shaw Eliza Esther
Ball Benjamin Elder Minnie Winifred Howell Alfred S Morgan John Thomas Shaw Frederick
Ball Bertha Adeline   Howell Jeremiah Frederick Morgan LLewellyn Leslie Sims Ambrose Andrew
Ball Ella Gertrude F Howell Rebecca Muirhead Michael Alexander Sims Lillus Ida
Ball Florence L H Finnis Augusta Felicia Howell Tasman A   Sims Mary Elizabeth
Banks Jane Finnis Herbert Arthur Howell William Hilton N Sims Thomas Sampson
Bartel George Unknown Fitch Frederick R Hulls Charles Mortimer Nalty William V Sims Thomas Sampson 1
Beaugarde Elizabeth Fitch Sarah Dorothea Humby Maria Terry Needham James Henry Skeels Arthur
Bickford Susan Amelia Fraser Henrietta Rebecca   Needham Millie Skeels Lucy
Bickford Thomas Southwood Fraser Henry John I   Small Eliza
Bleach John   Inns Catherine O Small Joseph Manton
Braithwaite Frederick G Inns Henry Oldham Dorothy Smith David
Braithwaite Mona Bell Goddard Charles Parkin   Oldham Peter Smith Margaret Jane
Braithwaite Phoebe Goddard William Parkin J Oldham Selina Anne Smith Mary Ann Ethel
Braithwaite Richard Palmer Gordon Fletcher 1 Jakobsen Lauritz   Smith Samuel
Braithwaite William Robert Gordon Mary   P Smith Thomas
Brindley James Samuel Gordon Unknown K Packer Augusta  
Buchanan Alfred E Graebe Peter Henry Kelly F C Packer Frederick Alexander U
Buchanan Archibald C Gray Emily Louise Kelly H L Packer Isabel Unknown 1
Buchanan Eva Isabel Gray Eric Victor Athol Cedric Kelly Henry O P Parker Jabez Unknown 2
Buchanan John Gray Hilda Pearl Gloria Kelly Matilda A Pearson John  
Buchanan Mary Ann Gray William Henry   Pearson William V
  Green Phoebe L Porthouse Mabel Isobel Vincent Paul Washington
C   Leale Albert George James Poulett-Harris Eleanor Mary  
Carrick Elsie May H Lee Millie Poulett-Harris Lily W
Carrick William Haden H W Lewis Eugene Poulett-Harris Richard Deodatus Walker Thomas
Carrick William Robert Hare John James Little Willie Pregnall Edward Albert Ward Amelia
Cartlidge George Hare John James 1   Pregnall Elizabeth Ward Charles
Cartlidge Harold Hare Lily M Pregnall Jane Ward John
Chaffey A Amelia Harrison Gerald Layman Hill Manning Ann Pregnall Thomas W Watson Daphne R
Chaffey Walter Harrison Jessie Cow Luke Markby John Pulsford Edith Eveline Watson Elizabeth M A
Cowburn William Headlam Arthur Leslie Mervyn Markby Mary Pulsford Sarah Watson Gladys Marguerite
Cullen George Hodgins Adam Middleton Alfred St George   Webster Gladys Myrtle
Cullen George Ernest Hodgins Amy H Minty Clarence Edward Jacob R Welsh James Eric Arthur
Currie Amelia Hodgins Ellen Minty Jacob Levi Russell Edward Whiteborn Willaim Henry
Currie Edward Hodgins William Stirling Minty Sarah Russell Emma Wigmore Julia Margaret
        Winzenberg Evelyn
        Wiseman Nellie
        Wiseman William Thomas




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